Gwen Stefani & Gavin Rossdale Welcome Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale!

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale welcomed their second child, a son, on Thursday in LA. Rumors that they had welcomed their second child had been swirling earlier today.

Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale was born at 12:46 p.m. and weighed 8 1/2 lbs. He joins the couple’s other son Kingston, 2.

“Kingston, Gwen and Gavin Rossdale welcomed the newest member of their family,” they said in a statement. “Mother, baby and family are all happy and healthy.

Gwen, 38, who is one of four children herself, has spoken openly about her hope for more children. “I’m in a race to have another,” she told InStyle last year before announcing her pregnancy.

Gwen also shared that Gavin is “super into being a dad.”

Gavin, 42, also told People magazine that the couple planned to follow friends’ advice and get a gift for Kingston so he didn’t feel left out when his new sibling arrived. “Apparently when the baby comes home, you’ve got to bring a really good present for Kingston,” he said.

Gavin told People magazine of parenthood, “It’s terrifying and exciting and brilliant.”


UPDATE: “It’s very good news,” Gavin’s father, Dr. Douglas Rossdale, told People magazine from his London home. “We are very pleased for them.”

Gavin, 42, called his family Thursday night from the hospital. “He sounded great,” said Gavin’s father. “Very happy.”



  1. Zbella says

    What a horrible name – all three, really. But Zuma is the one this poor little boy will have saddled on him for years to come. He’ll probably change it to Bob when he’s old enough. It thought girl too. Kingston is such a great name, from that to Zuma, wow, those pregnancy hormones did a number on her this time. But yeah, to each her own… Rock on…

  2. LOLA says

    KKK’s mom, please don’t listen to this loser!! you are a great person and mom!! i don’t know you but i’ve seen your page, and if i judge you from it, i know you are smart, and nice and you don’t need to get sucked into this immature argument!! stay sweet!!!!!

  3. says

    Like I said # ‘s 51, 52, and 56 (same person), “dumbass” is spelled with a b. How ironic that the person calling someone else a dumbass can’t even correctly spell the word!! 🙂 Uh- huh…I said it!

    I think you just like yacking and running your mouth! Your message doesn’t make any sense. I know who I am, and I DO own it, contrary to what you were accusing. I don’t give anyone a bad name. I don’t know who the “others” are that you’re referring to, but all I know is that I’ve heard time and again how inspirational and influential I’ve been in other people’s lives….advocating and encouraging the positive endeavors of others who need a mentor….to me, that’s the opposite of giving “them” a bad name. So who should I believe? The people who love me and know me personally, or a faceless person on a public forum?? Obvious answer.

  4. says

    since when does the color of your skin and where you come from decides what you can name your baby. why is she a fool or dumb for naming her baby after a man who, after being shot, went to sing a concert to bring unity to his country. A man who believed in peace and equality for all people of every color. and as for zuma, well its their right as parents to name there kid what ever they want. its better than pilot inspektor and moon unit


  5. jamies mom says

    since when does the color of your skin and where you come from decides what you can name your baby. why is she a fool or dumb for naming her baby after a man who, after being shot, went to sing a concert to bring unity to his country. A man who believed in peace and equality for all people of every color. and as for zuma, well its their right as parents to name there kid what ever they want. its better than pilot inspektor and moon unit

  6. Dear KKK's ??? says

    I guess you are so superior that you no longer see a joke. Dumass. “You” give “others” a bad name whether you think so or not (read between the lines – yep that’s it, EXACTLY what you are thinking). Truth hurts. Own it. You bug a TON of people on this site. YOU are not the authority on… 🙁

    The smartest person in the room learns nothing.


  7. says

    Oh well..It isn’t up to you people..whether you like the name or not..that is what she named her kid..Can I say that she feel the same what about Decrimilization of Mary?? I see that she loves bob marley, and I can’t blame her for that! I can say that she isn’t R A C I S T

  8. Blair says

    I agree with Kimorah, Kariah, and Kajanae’s mommy. i dislike the baby’s name as well, but enough with all the labeling. come on people, seriously…

  9. says

    I don’t care for the name, but could we please stop with the comments about how a white girl from Anaheim can’t name her babies what she wants to!? Stop trying to categorize people based on their skin color…all of this labeling is sickening. If it’s what she likes, she’s not trying to be anything that she’s not…simple as that!

  10. Comment says

    MOMX3, same thing I said. I love that game. Now when I play it I’ll think of Gwens baby! Spitting balls at other balls. Hahaha. This is soooo laughable!!

  11. Naija babe says

    Alternately, they named their child after the monolith of a very similar moniker in North-Central Nigeria. Zuma Rock is located in Niger State, just north of the Federal Capitol of Abuja. I for one think this is quite a nice little nod to the lovely geographic diversity of the great country of Nigeria. Why they wanted to make this particular nod is beyond me, but hey…Maybe it will help us win the Olympic gold medal in soccer tonight!! 🙂

  12. Blair says

    That is about the stupidest name I have ever heard in my entire life. What is wrong with them? However, I am sure it will be a cute baby…Kingston is just about the most adorable little guy ever! Congrats to them.

  13. theresa says

    Zuma Beach is a great spot for surfing but when was the last time either of these two went surfing? I agree it’s an idiotic name for a kid. Poor thing.

  14. FYI says

    Bob Marley’s middle name is Nesta. Robert Nesta Marley. Give up on the Rasta names Rossdales. Try something like Brad or William – keepin it real. You are so far from what you are trying to portray that it’s laughable. White girls from Anaheim, California name their kids Ethan or Jacob or Jack. Just an FYI for ya Gwenie. Your shenanigans are entertaining though – I’ll give you that… But everyone likes to watch a wreck.

  15. Kay says

    No doubt No. 17 will check back here and read all the comments about the silly name, so in reality No. 17 has no life either and is just as stupid as the rest of us!

  16. 2teens says

    Zuma sounds more feminine to me, as does Nesta because they both end with the a. Zuma is not too bad for a name, but I don’t care for Nesta. I like Rock.

  17. Carrie says

    I’m so happy that she finally had the baby! Seems like we have been waiting forever! Zuma is no worse than Suri in shock value…remember what everyone said about Suri and now we are all used to it??

  18. laila says

    congrats to to the family it seemed she was pregnant forever!!!
    Why on earth do celebs give their children ridiculous names like this? When this kid goes to school he is going to be ridiculed!!
    I wish celebs would realize that when they label their kids with these strange names!

  19. Beth says

    I immediately thought Zuma was a girls name.
    It seems like celebrities pick the names so their kids can stand out like they do (as celebs)
    The truth is once you get past the initial shock of how different the names when these kids are born it IS the kids that have to live with the odd names forever. Just my feeling on it and I would imagine some of them (atleast some)won’t be too wild to be that different.
    But best wishes to them all I am sure the baby is beautiful.

  20. accalia says

    Congrats to their family. I don’t like any of the three names but its their choice for their baby.I hope he looks like his brother 🙂

  21. says

    I surprisingly like the name…I love Kingston’s name too! It could have been chocolate butterfly..I think that is a little more terrible then Zuma…who really cares?!? I’m glad everyone is doing well.

  22. Peppers says

    Another dumb name in Hollywood but if he looks anything like his brother, he’s going to be a looker!

  23. lola 223 says

    i just wanna say zuma is a strange but if they lyk it thts all tht matters!! its not ur babii its theres!!!

  24. Maus says

    They named the baby after: a computer game
    Zuma is a fast-paced puzzle game developed by PopCap Games. It can be played for free online at several Web sites, and can be purchased for a number of platforms, including PDAs, mobile phones, and the iPod

  25. Nikki says

    *******FINALLY!!! YAY, I have been checking this site everyday for updates on Gwen throughout this pregnancy. I LOVE her and this family. I think they seem to be wonderful doting parents. NOW, as for everyone bagging out the name, for goodness sake, it’s not YOUR baby, they can name him what ever they like. After all a name is just a sound!! How strange would the name Jessica have sounded way back when it was first introduced!!!???? Kingston is also a great name, I love it. Good on them for being individuals and loving parens. CONGRATS to them I say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ************I bet he is a little spunk just like Kingston!

  26. dncups says

    It is a strange name, i would never name one of my children that but to each his own,some people may not like my kids name.

  27. Analise says

    Well I think to be accurate, frances, THEY are fools is more like it. I’m sure Gwen didn’t just pick the name on her own.

  28. Nicki says

    Zuma is a good name. I like it. At least no one in his grade will be named the same name. I bet 20 other kids will be named that soon aftef him. Zuma is a famus surf spot. I bet Matt Mc wished he thought of the name, la;lthough Levi is a great name, I bet a place like Zuma would have been his first pick. Zuma is a great azme.

  29. frances says

    Oh God, please spare me. What a ridiculous name. What’s wrong with these people? Do they think choosing a silly name like that will make them oh so different from everyone else. Give me a break! SHe’s a fool.

  30. NSGirl says

    once again another bone head name for a celebrity child…come on Gwen!! I thought it would be a better name than that!! Zuma. Lame-o!!

  31. mslewis says

    It’s amazing to me that people waste their time commenting on a baby’s name!! What’s it to you what these people name their children. That child will grow up pampered and wealthy, with pampered, wealthy friends who will definitely NOT care what his first name is. So, why should any of you care? Stupid people!! Get a life.

    Congrats to Gwen and Gavin on another healthy baby boy!!! I’m sure he will be has beautiful as Kingston.

  32. ummm says

    No suprise that odd looking Gwen Stefani has the worst taste in names. I think she should hold the top spot for giving her children such terrible names. Poor babies. I would rather have a Pilot, Apple or Rumor anyday over a Zuma Nesta Rock or a Kingston. Just terrible.

  33. I love Bob too, but... says

    It’s pretty laughable that a white girl from California and a white guy from England are THAT into Reggae/Rasta music, that they would name both their children after it. It’s soooo funny as in poser funny. YOU ARE WHITE PEOPLE WHO ARE OF NO RELATION TO BOB MARLEY OR JAMAICA. Why didn’t you just name him Robert or Bob? Freaks. Congrats on the baby, silly – silly people.

  34. Analise says

    The important thing, of course, is healthy baby and Mom. But, wow. Kingston is such a cool name and he shares Gavin’s middle name. What on earth would make them choose such a terrible name for this baby? Sure they are world famous rock stars, but Gwen and Gavin seem to be quite normal compared to most celeb couples. I certainly didn’t see this..unique… name coming. Especially from them.

  35. phnxgirl says

    I think it is a law in Hollywood that you are not allowed to name your child a “normal” name. I guess whatever normal is nowadays.

  36. heidi says

    I like gwen but come on zuma poor little boy what a name i like the name kingston could they of picked something better

  37. Lurker says

    Finally!!! 🙂

    Congrats to them! The name, well, not for me..but happy they had a healthy baby!

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