Princess Mary & Children In Tasmania

Enjoying a ten-day break with her family in Tasmania, Denmark’s Princess Mary, 36, was snapped on Tuesday as she took her children; 15-month-old Princess Isabella and 2-year-old Prince Christian to the local park.




  1. Chloe says

    The look on Mary’s face just says it all, I agree, I look up some pics of Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise, no fun at all, it looked as though taking her daughter to the park was a chore for Katie, maybe she was just tired. But how ever Mary is defiantly happy to be back in Australia, I am from Australia and I find going to other countries hard, because I just love my country and the Aussie outback. 🙂

  2. Emer says

    I agree, she always looks so happy with her babies… not like misery guts Katie Holmes.. Posh Spice etc

  3. Ruby Jackson says

    This is what people should look like when they are swinging in the park… not like those glum faces of Katie and Suri.

  4. mslewis says

    Mary looks so happy to be back in her home country. It must be difficult to be so far from home, even if you are going to be Queen.

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