Katie Holmes & Suri Leaving Their NYC Apartment

Suri is too adorable with her doll!

Splash News Online


  1. Em says

    Hahaha well obviously it is directed to those that are tired of seeing pictures of Suri or a bored with them. I am not hear to be rude, I just think its funny that people criticize pictures and people or get tired of hearing about people, when obviously they are interested enough to come to this site, and leave a comment!

  2. Em says

    Just out of curiosity…if you don’t want to see pictures of Suri, why do you even look at this site? This is a website of celebrities and their babies, therefor there are going to be pictures of Suri…and they are just like everyone else pictures at the park, or running an errand etc…anyway’s I thing Suri looks precious it’s crazy how she looks so much like Tom but is going to have her mom’s height and great hair!

  3. LOLA says

    hey and don’t forget…here’s surry drinking a bottle!! blah blah…..leave the poor kid alone

  4. Just me says

    Here’s Suri heading to the playground. Here’s Suri at the playground on a slide. Here’s Suri at the playground on a swing. Here’s a TIRED Suri leaving the playground.

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