Katie Holmes & Suri At The Chelsea Piers Indoor Playground

Katie Holmes and Suri were snapped at the Chelsea Piers Indoor Playground in NYC. After spending over an hour inside the indoor playground Katie carried a sleepy looking Suri out and headed home.

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  1. JIll says

    Well it seemed like it was toward me because I said “Suri is saying, and then you immediately retaliated with “No, Suri is saying…” How was I supposed to take that? You’d take it the same way. Anywho, don’t get your panties in a bunch- all I needed was some clarification.

  2. chloe says

    “You better not be calling me a moron, you, you, you moron! Even though I said nothing that would warrent to be called a moron and we are on the same side and we have the same opinion, but you still better not be calling me a moron, even though it would make no sense for you to be calling me a moron……and your comments were not directed towards me and you were not calling me a moron…..but still…..”

    Why do I feel like watching Rain Man right now….

  3. chloe says

    Jill you have a good grasp of comprehension. I was not talking about your comment, which I knew was not negative, I was talking and directing it towards the people (wait for it…) wait, wait, who are nasty to them, thus they, not you sweetie would be the morons. I guess I went slightly over your head with my comments.

    And I did not say that everyone on this site was a moron, I said that people who spend their time bashing a 2-year-old is a complete moron.

    Take the time to try, and I mean try just a little, bitty, bit, to understand a post before hitting the keys on the big, bad keyboard that sits in front of you.

    Comprehension is so rare these days….

  4. amomtoo says

    So where’s daddy? How come Katie is always alone ? I feel sorry for the child. I never see playmates, dolls, toys or for that matter play clothes. She’s always with Mom, and wearing a dress or those horrible gold shoes. Lot’s to be said for a normal childhood.

  5. bambamswife says

    What a beautiful little girl. The best dressed baby. I love to see pictures of this family. At least they are with their child. So much better than having a nanny for each one of your 6 children. I sure hope that you know who shameless clan, stops having and getting children for awhile and concentrate on the ones they have. If they should think of adopting another child, what about a disabled child from the US.

  6. Eli says

    Suri is very pretty…but something tells the values being instilled by Katie & Tom will produce a SPOILED BRAT!

  7. Jill says

    Hey Chloe B i t ch! I didn’t mean it like that. I just thought that her hand looked cute and it looked like she was implying that even though she wasn’t. Also- don’t forget you’re on here too “moron.”

  8. chloe says

    No Suri is saying, “Hello morons who spend their time bashing a 2-year-old and her mother on the internet! Sorry, that you have bitter and sad lives! Time for me to go now, have fun trashing my next set of pictures!”

  9. littlemisscaliope says

    I agree with Just me…they certainly do drag her to a lot of places at night when a toddler her age should be getting much needed sleep. In my opinion, it’s just selfish….when you have a baby/toddler, they should be the priority, not a fancy dinner at Nobu.

  10. Sheila says

    What’s with the blanket being taken everywhere? That’s for infants. It’s probably infested with millions of germs now.

  11. Dnice says

    Enough with the Suri and Katie pics. They are starting to run together and look exactly the same.

  12. Lauren says

    Poor Suri! She’s one of the most photographed toddlers in the world. It must be confusing considering she is only 2 years old.

  13. Just me says

    Cheetah, she’s tired because they keep her up all hours of the night so they can eat at Nobu!! This is one over-tired, run into the ground 2-year-old. If it was any other kid, I’d say throw that bottle in the trash, but I think she needs it because she’s stressed out with all the traveling and inconsistencies. I wish they would just stay home for a month and let her run around in her own back yard, instead of an indoor playground. They’re fine for kids who live in the city, its better than siting in front ot he TV all day, but the Cruises have like 12 estates!!

  14. Cheetah says

    my 2 year old loves the indoor playgrounds, he stays there four hours and hours… this 2 year old is tired after just 1 hour? O wel, at least they are doing stuff with her.. right.

  15. meg says

    Katie seems a very devoted mom.
    Suri is a gorgeous little girl:)
    I Love them minus the Scientology stuff.

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