Jessica Alba's Weight Loss Secret Revealed!

Just two months after giving birth to daughter Honor Marie, Jessica Alba is 25 lbs. lighter – and her trainer has shared how she did it.

“Jessica went from a size 8 to a size 4 pretty quickly,” said Jessica’s longtime trainer Ramona Braganza. Jessica – who flaunted her fabulous figure at the ALMA Awards on August 17th – has been following a low-fat, low-carb diet as part of Braganza’s 321 Baby Bulge Be Gone plan.

With an elliptical machine and treadmill at home, Jessica, 27, has also resumed her routine of core exercises, cardio and circuit training.

“The baby always comes first, but Jessica definitely set goals for herself,” says Braganza, who now trains Alba six days a week.

And having a workout buddy helped. “She loves working out with a girlfriend,” said Braganza, whose client, actress Jamie King, frequently trains with Jessica.

Said Braganza: “Jessica has made amazing progress in a very short time.”



  1. says

    Jessica looks so gorgeous in that picture. She looks like she didn’t gave birth. I wish my wife would be like that. 🙂

  2. Tavin says

    After reading that she has had issues losing weight I was feeling more like she is a normal person like the rest of us. Also I heard and read she was taking 5 HTP I did some reading on it and “kiwi drug” has the most information and that she lost more then 12 pounds right off the bat! SOo happy to try it out

  3. Emily Lafai says

    Jessica is so hot.She’s my number one actress and that will never change forever and ever.Her new baby is very beautiful just like her mother.Jess,keep up the good work.

  4. didi says

    i think celebrity moms are preoccuppied with getting fit post-baby b/c their looks are their bread and butter. if my work depended on looking good, i’d do the same as them!

  5. Emily says

    Here we go again…………blah, blah, blah, if I had someone to watch my newborn all the time I could be at the gym too. Like most moms who do work out and want to work out they can’t leave brand new baby’s in the gym daycare until thier 3 or 4 months and I don’t really feel like working out after my husband gets home because I haven’t seen him all day. So, good for them that they can have a personal trainer (which most of us can’t afford) as well as a nanny.

    but she does look great!

  6. Eli says

    Being that Jessica was in great shape before becoming pregnant has alot to do with her body snapping back after child birth. Congratulations on a beautiful daughter & congratulations on getting your body back after child birth.

  7. Lauren says

    Jessica looks great. But, I don’t understand why these celebrity moms are so focused on losing the baby weight right after delivering. They should enjoy their baby!

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