An Expectant Jennifer Garner At Baby Einstein 10th Anniversary Celebration


An expectant Jennifer Garner was snapped on the press line at the “Baby Einstein 10th Anniversary Celebration” on August 20th. I was sort of disappointed to see Jen supporting Baby Einstein…but I loved these pics because Jen looks so stunning! I never understood the appeal of the Baby Einstein brand…no offense to those who do. And in a bunch of recent studies researchers actually discovered that the products may do more harm than good and actually delay language development.

Jen finally confirmed that she is indeed expecting their second child at the event!

“We’re so excited, obviously,” Jen told Access Hollywood at the event.

Jen joked about the endless speculation – even crediting her obvious pregnancy to “carbs for breakfast.”

“It always makes me laugh when people say ‘Is she?’ ‘Isn’t she?’ It’s like eventually you will know, so just chill out for a minute,” she told Access Hollywood.

And Jen seems totally relaxed about expanding her family.

“Yeah, been through it,” Jen said. “It’s all good, it’s great. I’m really excited.”



  1. Carole Aldinger says

    I was so delighted that my granddaughter, Alexa Bradley was able to meet both Jennifer Garner and Julie Clark. My granddaughter is so special and from looking at the pictures she looked like she was having a wonderful time.

  2. Jen says

    My 4 year old watched Baby Einstein when he was little. He loved it and it allowed me to get a shower. He’s one of the smartest kids in his class (per his teacher, not just from his proud mommy) and has no developmental delays at all. If you stick your child in front of the TV and never speak to them of course there are going to be issues. WM sure does seem to have strong opinions lately. Maybe it’s time for me to find a new baby site.

  3. Gracie says

    “baby einstein is wonderful. my son is 2 and he loves to watch it still because he can name all the things that show on the screen. please don’t judge it before watching it! it does not slow development. be a little nicer and keep your opinions to yourself!..if baby einstein is celebrating its 10 years, then obviously there’s some goodness behind it!!!!!!!”

    And how do you know that the people who are opposed to Baby Einstein have never watched it? I have watched Baby Einstein and I was not impressed.
    And your statement that it does not slow development has been disproven. Just because you want something to be true does not mean that it is. And I’m laughing about the comment that there must be some goodness because the company has been around for 10 years. Should I list all the companies that have been around for 10 years or more that have no goodness to them (any company involved in the tabacco industry, or the alcohol industry), I could go on and on but I think I’ve made my point.

    The companies that manufacture products that are labeled as “educational” are preying on the fears of parents who want their kids to have the best start in life, and using that to manipulate them into believing that their child desperately NEEDS their product in order to learn. And it’s sad to see how many parents are falling for it.

  4. Lauren says

    She looks so pretty and blissful. Pregnancy suits her. The littlest Affleck is going to be just as cute as Violet.

  5. mylah says

    baby einstein is wonderful. my son is 2 and he loves to watch it still because he can name all the things that show on the screen. please don’t judge it before watching it! it does not slow development. be a little nicer and keep your opinions to yourself!..if baby einstein is celebrating its 10 years, then obviously there’s some goodness behind it!!!!!!!

  6. says

    I think Jen is always a beautiful woman but in these pics… her hair looks messy, her dress is cross between little girl and mu-mu! And she doesn’t even look happy!

  7. Analise says

    How could she not know if she’s politically savvy as she lets on? Or is this just another case of a typical celebrity spouting about politics with no real knowledge about the candidates or issues? I find the reaction to this amusing.

  8. Elizabeth says

    Yes, obviously a Democrat cannot avoid buying products that give money to Republicans (and visa versa). Nor would the vast majority of Democrats even WANT to avoid products started by Republicans. But it’s completely DIFFERENT thing to go out of your way (paid or not) to support an event hosted by a huge campaign contributor to BUSH (I’m not talking about supporting Republicans, I’m talking specifically about PRESIDENT BUSH), a contributer whose status was so high that Bush himself gave her kudos as a way of thanks on national television during a State of the Union, for heaven’s sake!!!

    And, yes, I realize this is a baby blog and not a political one, so no need to remind me of that, please excuse the venting… ALSO, that being said, I think Jenn Garner is a great mother and person, and I suspect she simply did not know of the connection between the creator of Baby Einstein and Bush.

  9. Analise says

    The problem isn’t with Baby Einstein, it’s with lazy parents. If they weren’t sitting their kids in front of Baby Einstein, they’d find something else.

  10. Macy says

    She’s only there because B.E. gave her a chunk of change to show up and take pictures. I can’t blame her though, I’d do the same thing.

  11. bambamswife says

    So very glad that Ben and Jen are having another baby. They seem to be a normal family doing things in a normal way.

  12. Could it be says

    THe problem with Baby Einstein is that the company marketed their products to parents as being educational, which they are not. Many parents bought their products thinking they were giving their children a leg up when, in fact, that wasn’t true regardless of how much time their children spent in front of the screen.

  13. NoName says

    There is no need for the extra commentary on the Baby Einstein videos in this brief article about Jennifer. However, since it was brought up, I read the Time article. They failed to mention in these studies how much time those parents actually spent with the children who were watching the Baby Einstein videos. Sure, if parents are putting on videos and then not interacting, the kids won’t learn. However, if your child watches one video a day and you are busy reading, talking, and playing the other hours of a day, they will be just fine. That study has no merit unless they look at the overall homelife of the children tested.

  14. Sunny says

    Oh please!! There is nothing wrong with this product if used as entertainment. Just don’t stick your kid in front of the TV for 2 hours expecting to produce an “Einstein”–you wouldn’t do that with any other entertainment show.

    And who cares about their political standings???

  15. Analise says

    Aww, I didn’t realize it’s been 10 years. My daughter saw the caterpillar cake and started grinning at the computer screen. 🙂 Wow, my kid watches Baby Einstein and is still excelling. Go figure.

  16. mslewis says

    I haven’t had any problems with the Baby Einstein products. Doesn’t mean others haven’t had problems.

    As for the political leanings of the owners of Baby Einstein . . . if Jennifer decided to not by the products of Republicans because she is a Democrat then her children might go naked and her house would go unfurnished and her kids would never use a computer!!! In other words, politics have nothing to do with products you use.

  17. chloe says

    She is not being rude. It is called having an opinion that differs from yours. Being rude is saying that someone is rude because they do not agree with your said opinion

  18. accalia says

    She’s so cute! Her dress is really nice. I can’t wait to see Violet as a big sister. This mummy and daughter team is the sweetest!

  19. Elizabeth says

    I agree, it’s odd to see Jenn supporting this company. Especially b/c she’s supposed to be an Obama supporter, and Baby Einstein’s creator (and her husband) were huge campaign contributers to Bush’s elections–he even thanked her (founder of Baby Einstein) by recognizing her achievements during one of his State of the Union addresses.

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