Uma Thurman Open To Having More Children

Uma Thurman, who was recently engaged to Swiss multimillionaire Arpad “Arki” Busson, shared that she’s open to the possibility of having more children.

“I can safely say I don’t know,” Uma, 38, told InStyle for its September issue. “If it’s meant to happen, it will. I love and adore being a mother.”

Uma said that parenting her two children (with ex-husband Ethan Hawke), Maya, 10, and Levon, 6, is “the greatest gift I’ve ever been given.”

Uma added: “I understand that raising children is universally difficult and that people read an article hoping for something worthwhile in it. The truth is, I am not on some inside track. I have no incredible revelations to share.”

As for what she looks for in a man, Uma said, “Confidence, intelligence and goodness. There’s nothing sexier than that combination.”

Though no wedding date has been set, Uma confided that she likes to be married. “I crave structure,” she said. “I’ve never had good habits or a formula for how to shape a day, a month, a life, I appreciate anything that makes me focus.”



  1. Lauren says

    Yeah, he doesn’t have a great track record. What, does she think that he’ll change just because they’re engaged?

  2. says

    1) I know that is right..He is a billionaire.

    2) Be careful..Because after Elle Macpherson, had his 2nd kid..He gave her some lame excuse as to why he wanted to separate! He is a dog UMA..BEWAAAAAAAARE

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