"My Children Mean More To Me Than Any Medals", Says Former Olympic Swimmer Sharron Davies

(In the above pic Sharron was photographed with Elliot, Grace and Finlay)

Former swimming champion and silver medalist Sharron Davies has spoken about how being a first-class mother is more important than her job or sporting glory.

Sharron, who narrowly missed out on a gold medal at the Moscow Olympics 28 years ago and is currently presenting BBC coverage from China said: “My children mean more to me than any medals. They are my greatest achievement.”

Speaking from her sprawling home in the Cotswolds Sharron, 45, said her family is now complete.

She shares her home with her children – Elliot, 14 and Grace, ten – both from her second marriage to athlete Derek Raymond – 18-month-old Finlay and husband Tony Kingston.

“If I had a miracle conception it would be great, but I’m 46 this year and don’t think that’s likely.”

Her youngest child was born after she suffered two miscarriages during IVF treatment with her third husband Tony, who works as a pilot for British Airways.

The pair met in 1999 when Sharron was flying to Australia to film an episode of Wish You Were Here and she fell for his ambitious nature and disdain for fame.

Sharron told Hello! magazine: “He loathes it. The last thing Tony wants is to be Mr Sharron Davis. He’s a great husband and dad and is brilliant at what he does. I’m very proud of him. The hardest thing he’s found about taking me on is the fame aspect. That was part of his charm. He’s happy to be himself and is happy for me to be myself. He doesn’t need to bask in reflected glory and I admire and love him for that.”

As a busy working mom Sharron does not find much time to swim herself but explained how she encourages her children to keep fit.

“I don’t believe in wrapping my children in cotton wool, so they spend most of their time outdoors. I don’t swim very often now, I prefer the gym as my days are so manic, but I make sure I take the children swimming regularly because it’s an activity the whole family can enjoy.”

She continued: “I try to bring my children up to be independent, to be unafraid of life and trying new things. They can cook their own tea – they’re proud of their independence and it gives them confidence.”



  1. VIOLETSKY says

    Wasn’t it Petra Schneider who beat Sharron to the Gold in 1980. Didn’t it later came out that Petra Schneider was a steriod abuser. hmm.

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