Marisol Nichols At Her Baby Shower

Marisol Nichols, 36, was snapped at her baby shower, sponsored by Fisher Price, on August 16th in her new LA home. She looks so cute! Marisol and her husband are expecting a daughter in late October.


  1. says

    Wow, a baby shower, sponsored by Fisher Price!! That is unheard of. I would never think that fisher price would go to such lengths. On the other hand that is some clever advertising!

  2. TDot says

    I am really getting tired of these corporations “sponsoring” these families who by my estimaiton can very well “sponsor” themselves…I wonder, how much of this stuff do they really keep and use??? Why is it that it is more important for a sucessful actress (if thats what she is) to get mounds of toys, when there are MANY MANY women shelters, single mothers, widows etc who can use the sponsoring…oh wait, “fisher price” wouldnt get the press that way would they…SHAME ON YOU!!!

  3. NSGirl says

    “Marisol Nichols, 36, was snapped at her baby shower, sponsored by Fisher Price” A sponsored baby shower….gag me!!!!! Get a life.


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