Katie Holmes & Suri In Central Park

Katie Holmes and Suri were snapped enjoying some time together at a playground in NYC’s Central Park on Sunday afternoon. Adorable!

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  1. bibi says

    Yawn another picture of Suri!! Yeah she is pretty, but what is the obsesion with this girl!! People get a life.. there are persons in this world that are also beautiful in other ways.. and the way she is being raised, always so perfectly dressed and control, she will probably become an anorexic.. cause perfection is only what is expected from her.. I feel sorry for this girl…and wish her the best

  2. Grandma of 4 says

    Beautiful little girl. Great haircuts for both mom and daughter. Love the red dress.

    But, Katie, it is long past time for the bottle to become a sippie cup. Same principal but looks so much better for a child almost 2 1/2. Also, will cut down on the negative remarks!

    Keep taking her to the park, bowling, whatever! Those are very normal little kid activities! Congrats on keeping Suri as normal as possible!

  3. Sheila says

    Looks like Suri’s eating a brownie. Nothing wrong with that occasionally but Katie’s got a sweet tooth. Tom said she always has sweets around the house (cakes, etc.) and she’s said cupcakes are her favorite food. Hmm. Cavities for Suri in the near future?
    It’s easy to stay thin when all you eat is sweets!

  4. Clara says

    It’s wonderful to see how hands-on she is. Unlike others who are having the children raised by nannys.

  5. Dnice says

    I miss the days when Suri was in seclusion. I never thought I’d be tired of seeing a toddler but I am…she is everywhere! Her life is chronicled in pictures almost daily.

  6. nat says

    shes such a gorgeous child. i think i have never seen such a unique child like her, by unique i mean her features they are just stunning!

  7. Lila says

    Can I be Suri’s baby sitter? I saw pictures of her shopping, most adorable baby pictures ever! I love that second picture. If they did not cut her hair, it woudld be very very long.

  8. Molly says

    Suri is the most beautiful child I have ever seen. Have her parents ever considered making her a model? She could earn millions.They could control her career and make sure she turns out OK. She is so beautiful that most candid pictures I see of her can be used for magazines or posters. Moreover she is not airbrushed or wearing make up. There is something captivating about her.

  9. Renee says

    Oh no painted nails and no comments. I guess it only counts if you are on the cover of a magazine holding your new baby sister.

  10. Mary says

    2 words. spoiled brat. the way scientologists raise their children is basically asking for little monsters. she is a perfect blend of her parents. pretty child.

  11. Samsmom says

    I love her little dresses! Maybe Katie it starting to potty train and thinks dresses are easier. Just a thought. But no matter anyway, it is her business.

  12. Lauren says

    She looks so cute! Why are you people always so negative? Who cares if she’s wearing a dress to the park!

  13. scarlet says

    Does that child own any play clothes? Every picture of Suri is in a dress. I sure do not put a dress on my 2yr old daughter to go to the park in. Makes going down the slide a bit difficult..

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