Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell & Jude Law Donate Their Earnings To Matilda Ledger


Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law have donated their earnings from new movie ‘The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus’ to Heath Ledger’s daughter Matilda.

The actors – who replaced Heath following his death from an accidental prescription drugs overdose in January – wanted to give their money to Heath’s two-year-old daughter with actress Michelle Williams to ensure she has a secure future.

The movie’s director Terry Gilliam said: “The three actors were totally heroic coming in. This doesn’t happen very often – where there’s a tragedy like this, and very famous, very successful actors suddenly say, ‘OK, we’ll do whatever it takes to help.’

“They came, they did the work, they allowed the movie to be finished, they didn’t take money – the money goes to Heath’s daughter. That’s extraordinary!

“I am so glad these guys are so humble. That’s why they make a great addition to the film. It will be bittersweet seeing this movie knowing he was filming it only days before he died. This picture still hurts to see because as we all know he did die a couple of days after this picture was taken. My thoughts will always be with Heath.”

Johnny, Colin and Jude will all play Heath’s character Tony as he is transported into three separate dimensions, which he accesses via a paranormal mirror belonging to a travelling theatre troupe.

That’s so awesome of these guys!

For adorable pics of Matilda out with her mother in Brooklyn on Monday click here!


  1. oriana says

    HI There DMITZ, so good to hear from you as always!!!! I haven’t really seen many movies that Jude has been in but this has won me over also with him. Very touching!!!!!

  2. dncups says

    #18 i thought the same thing at first.#15 and 19 i agree with yall,what they did was great,but you have children out there who really NEED the money and besides they have that and more to give away,i doubt they miss it,and besides won’t this be a tax write off?

  3. cookie says

    She sure is the one in need of their money… i wonder where / to whom goes all the money her father earned??? not to his only daughter???

  4. Paula says

    When she is older Matilda can look back on this and not only realise how much people cared about her but how much esteem her father was held in.

    Those three actors have just restored my faith in humanity and it is acts like this that say everything you need to know about what they are really like personally. They didn’t need to do this, that they gave their whole pay, not half, not a third – generousity of the soul is the best kind.

    Every time we hear a piece of tabloid gossip about any of these three men we should look back on this and remember what they did (and I bet they weren’t particularly impressed that it got out – I know Johnny Depp does these kind things all the time without publicity.)

    Good on ya guys!

  5. Jennifer says

    It’s great that they were willing to give away paychecks and all, but serious – why to Matilda? How is it even imaginable to think that she wouldn’t grow up with everything she’ll ever needs? Why couldn’t they do the same thing but send the money to kids that *actually* need it?

  6. DMITZ says

    Hi Oriana! I hope all is well with you.

    This is so wonderful that there are still people so generous to do something to thoughful. I wonder what Michelle has said about this. I wasn’t a big fan of Jude’s but now I gotta say this won me over!

  7. khloe says

    Colin Farrel is a hottie. This just makes him all the more appealing.

    The other guys are cute and great actors as well.

  8. Amanda says

    What a wonderful thing to do!! Shows there is still a lot of hope left in the world and good people still exist!! Extremely refreshing.

  9. oriana says

    This is heartwarming!!!! It goes to show that God still touches peoples hearts and these young men are very honorable indeed! Love it!!! My pick is Colin but all of them are extremely talented and generous! Thank you gentlemen!!!!! Just goes to show, celebs are loving parents and some set good examples to follow.

  10. susanna says

    Johnny Depp is great, he donated a million English pounds to the Great Ormond Hospital after his daughter recovered after treatment. Just love him.

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