Catherine Zeta-Jones Reveals That Her Son Has Caught The Acting Bug

Being the grandson of Kirk Douglas and the son of two Academy Award winners it’s no surprise that Dylan Douglas, 8,  has expressed an interest in acting. 

Catherine has revealed that when her son decided to take up acting classes, he wanted to make sure that his teacher knew just how much potential he had.

“My son went to his first drama lesson and he turned to his teacher and said, ‘Don’t worry, I’m a really good actor. It’s in my genes’,” she shared.



  1. marycatherine says

    wee 😀

    HAPPY 39th BIRTHDAY CATH-ZETA!!! i wish all the best in life..may you have good health and long life!!!! i love you so much you are my one and only idol!!! hahahaha love you always take care of yourself!! mwuuahhh! and also HAPPY bIRTHDAY to your hubby…hehe love you..!

    mary catherine “,)

  2. Deborah says

    Didn’t she recently say that her kids don’t know that their parents are actors?! Aparently they think their dad is a chef……I remember reading that not too long ago!

  3. Lea says

    Many of you here are so jealous of the gorgeous CZJ, you can barely even stand to post a “positive” comment about her.

  4. laila says

    Kirk Douyglas was such a handsome man in his day he has not aged well at all. His face looks plastic!. Michael is getting old looking too. Let go of that pretty young lady you two old men!!

  5. sharrie says

    ewwwwwwwww to the whole lot of them. Sounds like Dylan is taking after his mother with the attitude.

  6. Just me says

    I agree, finally a post about someone other than Suri, Shiloh, etc. …. even if Dylan Douglas does sound kind of snotty.

  7. Cheetah says

    Im glad we hear something diffrent then. Suri, shiloh, or Violet.. Although about violet i cant hear enough.. i love that kid!

  8. Cheetah says

    I do! I love the story…

    It must have been a blast hearing him say that. Every parent loves to hear there kids say cute things like this.

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