Katie Holmes & Suri In Manhattan

Katie and a smiley Suri were snapped out for a walk in Manhattan.



  1. Kelly says

    Ok. Get rid of the bottle, already! She’s 2 1/2 for cryin’ out loud!! She’s going to have messed up teeth just like Mommy and Daddy-

  2. MOMX3 says

    #34–yeah, but I bet you ANYTHING the snark would be way worse if Suri was STILL breastfeeding.

    I’m sorry, but some people who don’t parent don’t care what their kids do, and the kids wind up with all kinds of transitional issues because they’re not attached to their PARENTS.

  3. Lilac says

    Plenty of 2 year olds still have a need to suck. As a matter of fact, the need to suck can last 3-4 years. Bottle, pacifier, or breastfeeding? It’s a need to suck and a need that is filled now will not have to be addressed later in other ways because it was taken away forcefully and too early.

    My son is 19 months old and is still breastfeeding. For thousands of years, this was the norm. Leave the kid alone.

  4. Pat says

    Get rid of the bottle! Try a cup Katie!

    In response to “Honey”, Katie’s teeth have always been messed up – not sure why Tom hasn’t had that taken care of!

  5. Amanda says

    I miss the old Katie, the one that didnt act and dress like a grandma. Suri is a cute child but I think there is something wrong, maybe its just the stress of all the paps that she needs the bottle for comfort? having money doesnt make people experts on parenting.

  6. scarlet says

    Oh shut the hell up about the bottle and blanet. My daughter is 2 years old and wants her blankie and bottle when she need comfort…Leave the kid alone she will lose the bottle and blankie on her own terms..Everybody had a remark about those things…I am sick of hearing people complain about Suri and her blankie and bop…

  7. nina says

    Someone doesn’t have eyes. Even in this picture, Katie is smiling and looks very happy. Open your eyes.

  8. Becky says

    I am sure Suri will not be 10 and still on the bottle. People just make a fuss over it for the sake of making a fuss. It is actually no big deal even if her teeth suffer as they are only baby teeth that will come out. It is nothing to lose sleep over. I say let her be, when she is 4 or 5 or 6 she will feel silly. She seems like an intelligent little girl even for her age.

    I don’t see Katie looking old, she is young and is dressing her age. Besides, I would much rather she doesn’t flash her crouch to emphasise her youth.

  9. Bethany says

    hahahaha….Analise…scientology bot. Funny. Katie is looking more and more like a man….an aging one at that.

  10. Amy says

    Its kind of funny that my last posting was about Katie never smiling and the last few pictures I’ve seen of her, she’s had a big grin.

    About the bottle, I don’t like to comment on how people raise their children….different people have different views. However, everyone keeps going on about Suri being 2, but isn’t she almost 3. I had my baby in October and if I remember correctly, Katie wasn’t far behind me.

    There has also been quite a few comments about Suri’s dresses. Here’s a new thought: maybe its not Momma who is carrying Suri around as an accessory, but Suri who is requesting to dress like a princess. It would not be uncommon for a child her age and I’ve read that they pretty much let her do whatever she wants. So if this is the case…thats great. I think its good to give your child some independence.

  11. mommy-of-two-girls says

    suri is such an adorable little girl. i’m shocked as to how much katie’s looks have changed over the course of the last 3 years.

  12. chloe says

    If I were Katie, I would keep her on the bottle just to give the morons who constantly post crap about a 2-year-old something to do with their time.

  13. oriana says

    I have to say though I do love her little pretty dresses, they are so cute and she does look adorable in them.

  14. oriana says

    Does she have to have a bottle when she goes out for a walk? Surely she isn’t hungry that much! I wonder if they ever feed her a piece of fruit to munch on?

  15. Kay says

    Funny how last time the photos showed Kate not smiling and unhappy looking, and today the photos show her and Suri smiling and happy. I wonder if she reads the posts? Doubt it, but maybe her friends tell her how the public reacts to her.

  16. Analise says

    *eyeroll* Boring. Kate Cruise looking old and dressed bad. Suri looking, yet again like an accessory with, wait for it… a BOTTLE! Wow, how unusual.

    And I see the scientology bot has already posted.

  17. marti says

    I do think it’s time to wean her off that bottle. My son was taken off the bottle at a year old .. and ….. oh nevermind. 🙁

  18. kiley says

    I myself am the mom of a two year old, who still takes a bottle……………………..at bedtimes. give that poor girl a sippy cup. She’s ready.

  19. chloe says


    Why does she have a bottle??

    Why is she being carried?

    Man, why is Katie wearing jeans?

    Why is Katie wearing a white shirt?

    Why is Suri not walking?

    Does Suri know how to walk?

    Is red the new purple?

    Does she want to kill that child by making her wear all those dresses?

    Where is Tom?

    Where is Michael Jackson?

    I hate this Kid!!

    Team Shiloh!!

    Team Violet!

    Am I missing any assinine comments or questions that were sure to follow??

    Why is she being carried. Check! Why is she still drinking from a bottle? Check! That bottle will be the death of her. More crap about the weather. Check.

    Okay, all set.

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