Suri & Shiloh On The Cover Of Star Magazine



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  3. Lily says

    I don’t judge a book by it’s cover and that’s what you want us to do.

    My very own opinion is that it’s Shiloh’s luck to be born into a huge family. She has older and younger siblings, will never be alone and that’s it what Suri is and may will always be. For little Shiloh I hope to learn worthes. And for little Suri I hope to be able to come out of father’s religion. I mean, it destroys the poor child. She has no one to play with and seems so sad at many photos.

    Both of them are cute in their own way. I prefer Suri but I think I only do because I can relate to her. And I only prefer brown hair and little ballet girls. That are my personal reasons.

  4. says

    Shiloh is charming… this blonde hair, this obsessional blue eyes… this lips… she has amazing look… and when she grow up she will be number one:)
    Suri is cute… and sweet… and nothnig more… yes, they both are like dolls, Suri is a princess, buт Shiloh… Shiloh is a ANGEL 🙂 Suri looks pamper… Shiloh is send from heaven… when she grow up she will be goddess:)

  5. Suri's Fan says

    I choose Suri Cruise.

    7 things i love about her ;

    – her beautiful eyes
    – her smiles
    – her pretty dark hair
    – her cute face
    – her expression everytime taking pictures
    – her style
    – and her POSE!

  6. Jessie says

    I think some of these comments are ridiculous. Get a life. Both little girls are adorable. Why would someone ever say that poor little beautiful girl Shiloh is downsyndrome. Do you know what downsyndrome children look like? How would you feel if someone said your child looked like that. Get a life and stop picking on a two year old little girl. Half the people on this comment board can’t even spell. Get a life and stop focusing on other people’s children and how they raise them.

  7. neil says

    66. KARI | August 19th, 2008 at 2:43 pm

    Wow, wow, wow! Karie is hilarious! Now THIS is the kind of ‘hater rant’ I love to read. It is so off the wall and unbelievable that it obviously cannot be taken seriously at all and you just have to laugh. Thanks Karie. I wish all haters were this accomadating. By the way I was looking inside this tab at the check-out counter and the photo of Shilo is absolutely stunning and the one of Suri is not.
    I feel sorry for these two little girls in away though because I think the tabs are looking to cash in on these two for years to come, and maybe these isssues that are focusing soley on them is the begining of a long term marketing strategy by the publishers.

  8. lala says

    you people are crazy judging little 2 yr olds on whether which is cuter or which will look better when they grow up people they are TWO an how can you all say that shiloh is boring you people don’t even know her an how can you say that suri is a spoiled brat you don’t know her either i think they are both two very beautiful little girls and they each are so different how can you even compare them you people are pathetic im still in middle school and i bet i act more mature than some of you ” adults”

  9. Nicki says

    KARI- You have no clue what you are talking about. All three of the Jolie-Pitt girls are total Princesses. And the 3 boys are Princes. Lucky them!

  10. Nicki says

    bambamswife -You have no clue, do you? Angie has been giving a third of her income to charity for at least 7 years. I dare you to name ONE other person in showbiz who has EVER done that. You can’t. Angie is the best at giving money and her herself helping those who neeed it.
    Please name one other who can compare to her! Just one!

  11. bambamswife says

    Both girls are very beautiful. I feel very sorry for Shiloh. She does look neglected. I think it is so very wrong to adopt and have so many children so close together. At least let them get settled in. They are such a wierd couple. The bisexual and Pitt. Just goes to show you what our world has become_ people selling their baby pictures. Even if they did give the money to charity_ why not just give some of the money themselves and not spend so much on an estate in France. Poor Shiloh and the other children_ being raised by this couple.

  12. bibi says

    kari and kelly , you are pathetic, ignorant and such loosers… everybody is entitled to have preferences but when it comes to putting down persons, that is just sad.. both girls are beautiful just like ever other todlers.

  13. Christina says

    Kelly- you’re a nut case! It’s people like you that cause the Pitts to tighten security around Shiloh and their other kids. Clearly you’re an extremely unhealthy person.

    Re: Hair. Wow, all of you posting it’s dirty… LOL. It’s not dirty. She’s blonde and has FINE hair. The follicles in her hair naturally separate due to the natural oils already present. You could wash her hair everyday and it will still do the natural “separation/definition look”. When she’s 16, all of you will LOVE her hair because her hair structure/make-up naturally creates definition. A lot of blondes do that – naturally – without hair products. Ever noticed why Meg Ryan, Heather Locklear, Giselle, to name a few; why their hair naturally has definition and separation that we love so much? It’s their hair follicle! Dark brunettes and black hair don’t do that naturally without the use of hair products. Also, most blondes have natural highlights and low lights that reflected from sunlight or a bulb light also gives a more define look.

    Some of you crack me up! If it’s not one thing about this family it’s another… always have to find something to “put down” this family but their kids??? GROW UP!!! They’re children! Most of you complain, “oh AJ has a lot of nannies blah blah blah” – I’m sure the children as both Jolie/Pitt stated, are on a strict schedule and that includes bath time. She has the nannies to help as most of you complainers state, I’m sure using your complaint of that (the nannies), the children are bathed!

  14. DMITZ says

    Oriana, pay no mind to those immature comments my friend! I can’t believe some people on here. I read some other where someone was attacking you for no reason. It’s like someone’s always stalking and just waiting to jump all over your comments. I guess we’re not supposed to have our own opinions, huh?

    I think Suri does look bratty in this picture. I’m sure she does get her own way with Tom and Kate as I too have seen footage of it on pere*z hi*lton. I feel sort of bad though because we are having a “fun” time with my 2 year old daughter thru her tantrum stages. My husband and I TRY not to give into her but in public, it’s not always easy. Today for example, she felt the need to try to escape from the shopping cart and cause a big scene while shoe shopping. We had to leave and both my husband and I were really upset that we let her control our outing. When we are at home though, we really work with her on her manners, and when she does throw fits, we normally let her cry them out until she realizes she won’t get her way without asking the RIGHT way or by saying “please” and “thank you”.

    Shiloh does seem a bit more “toddler-like” than Suri, but I think both girls are adorable. I wish I could see pics of Suri in some simple shorts and a tank top or something summery, but to each his own. I think both girls are strinkingly beautiful in different ways. I guess we’ll see what they turn into when they get older.

  15. oriana says

    Kelly, what is your problem? What have I ever done to you? Where do you get off calling me names? But yes, you are right, I am a old Hag some days, that is true! How did you know? Ha!

  16. says

    Now that a few people have mentioned it..Shiloh does ALWAYS look stunned in pictures don’t get me wrong she is cute…but why the look of “which way did he go george” all the time. Poor kid I”m not being mean , just making an observation….whats wrong with her? She is like that in EVERY picture I have seen of her…sad
    BTW when a parent does drugs it does have an affect on the baby even if they stopped before getting pregnant (which I doubt she did)

    I LOVE this picture of Suri, it is so “hey mom & dad i’m the boss now lets get to it” Aw she is SO cute!!!!

  17. says

    Shiloh is NOT a Princess in her home..she was a “mistake” (quote Angelina) that child is an ignored accident that gets left at home like a piece of funiture. I feel sorry for her. Her adopted siblings are the Royalty at home, that child is shunned and left alone with nannies. You want to talk SPOLIED those other three adopted kids are spolied and bratty, they turn my stomach to look at them, literally I wnat to yack when I see pictures of them!!! Shiloh is the ONLY really cute one and yet the media plays up on the adopted ones who BTW are VERY lacking in the looks department and thier personality is nothing short of loud, spolied, and obnoxious. Thank god their adopted mother has money cuz it’s the only thing that is gonna save those adopted brats…Poor Poor Shiloh..what will become of her in a home where her own mother hates her……

    Suri on the other hand is a sweet little Princess, that darling baby runs the house and I think its precious, she is the baby of the family and thats how it goes, at least they are with thier daughter and love that child to death. They take care of her, who cares if she wears $180.00 jeans they can afford it, why the heck not. She is their only child (so far) and when ya have money to burn where better spent than on your OWN children….
    I love that little Suri she is SOOOOO cute, I just wanna pinch her cheeks!!!!!

  18. selma says

    Kelly people like you need some therapy, get a life and leave these people live. You are so pathetic that i feel bad for you, poor girl.

  19. Kelly says

    Hate Brangelina? Tired of their fakeness? Wanna out their a- holes/ Then check out Best site ever.

  20. Kelly says

    The whole Brangelina brood seems dirty all the time. Suri on th eother hand is so clean and well dressed. Even here, Shiloh’s hair is greasy and she looks like she has not bathed in ages.

    Oriana by the time they are grown, you will be dead from old age or alzeihmers or suffering from memory loss you old hag. Ha ha.

  21. Christina says

    Are some of you kidding yourselves? First, they are toddlers – they are not comparing each other nor are they looking at other kids in comparison. Second, Shiloh comes from a family with 6 kids now (FYI – Bonpoint clothing is EXTREMELY expensive – just as expensive as Dior. Don’t kid yourself, she’s wearing designer clothes as well. Truth be told, the quality is much better and it last longer and chances are, BOTH Shi/Suri’s parents donate them after they grow out of them.) Suri, currently, is an only child (meaning Tom’s older kids are teens!). If they want to spoil her and give her the best – FANTASTIC! Why work so hard and make so much money as they do and not spend it on themselves and their family??? Poor People who are jealous of people that are rich will always remain poor and small minded – BITTER. BOTH families donate tremendously! Cruise gives up about 20% of his earnings for charity (you don’t hear that but it’s part of being a scientologist – giving to community) but people in LA would rather hate him because of scientology than to ever promote the good he has done as well. If he wants to spend his money on his family – let him! Kate has plenty of time to shop… she doesn’t have 6 kids! AJ does have 6 kids and no time plus, they are all so close in age – it’s natural to keep clothes if they are still in good shape!

  22. July says

    They’re are just a kids hello!!!!u can’t judge them, let’s see when they grow up who’s the cuter….4 me I think Shiloh will win coz she has the pouty lips just like her mother..4 short she is more appealing than Suri…Suri has plain beauty…boringggg..spoiled brat..f she wear brandless dress I don;t think she’s cute lik u said..

  23. She's so Glitzy says

    Shiloh looks lie a little cherub. I adore both of these little girls.
    I agree with #58 Sarah. One girl is not better than the other. Shame on them for trying to persuade people to choose. 🙁

  24. She's so Glitzy says

    Suri is such a little fashionista! I’ve never seen a picture of her where she wasn’t looking trendy and oh so cute. 🙂

  25. Sarah says

    It is with utter disbelief that I’ve read some of the comments on this site.

    How can you “pick” a two year old child, you’ve never met, as your favourite??

    I don’t know some of you have got the nerve.

  26. OhHellNo! says

    They’re both beautiful girls. Both are being raised differently – spoiled or not, however, they are both obviously loved. They both have different characters – Shiloh seems more quiet (she’s much more sheltered) whereas Suri is more outgoing (she’s in the public eye).
    I can’t sit here and talk nasty about these angels. For the negative comments – you’re a sorry excuse for a human being. Total loser!

  27. scarlet says

    Suri is creepy just like her so called daddy…in the picture she looks weird…She looks evil…Shiloh looks so sweet and looks like she plays and has a good time…Suri looks like if she moves her dress will get dirty..Dress that kid like a toddler in play clothes..

  28. ann says

    Shiloh she is a star she had blue eyes abd blond hair, she is stunning very beautiful girl, We love her more than any celebrities girl.

  29. Lauren says

    Shiloh and Suri are both beautiful little girls. You can tell that Suri is going to be a handful when she gets older! 🙂

  30. Sam says

    My god people……why don’t half of you realise that you are talking about actual, real-life children here! How would you like your children (or yourself as a child) picked apart by complete strangers who have never even met them! You don’t know these children, you don’t know their parents…all you do know is a handful of pictures and speculative news reports. These poor kids can’t even play in the park without being hounded by photographers and they’re just toddlers! (other than the obvious discomfort that that would cause think how your children look surrounded by strangers and camera flashes…pictures of perfection and happiness??)
    Seriously people take a look at yourselves, comments like “there’s something wrong with her” or “better calves” and to suggest that someone else’s child that you haven’t even laid eyes on in real life has learning difficulties or no morals is just disgusting..maybe you should take a look at how you were raised if you think it’s ok to pass judgment on a toddler!

  31. Collette says

    This what mags want i love suri no i love shiloh i agree suri spoilt child shiloh wil ave morals at least

  32. foxy says

    they are little sweeties i think shiloh will be more “normal” with her up bringing,
    suri the poor thing i dont ive ever seen a photo of her smiling, or katie smiling happy playing with her shame

    They will both be gorgeous when they are adults i think

  33. jp says

    Shiloh is cute because she is a child but she is not strikingly attractive.It’s because you worshipped her parents that makes you see her as more than average but she is NOT!

  34. Ethlyn Kellyman says

    These are two innocent little girls that does not need to be compare to each other. when you people talk about hand -me -downs you all should remember that angie and brad can afford to finance and maintain their daughter,she is raising her with some values and not to be materialistic and like a NORMAL CHILD. I am sure if angie wants to dress up her little princess she would be quite capable of doing so and shiloh is VERY BEAUTIFUL !.

  35. oriana says

    I can’t believe it is just the Scientology way that the kids are given free rein about whatever they want to do that Suri does as she pleases. I think it has a lot to do with Tom and Katie spoiling her also, and I certainly don’t remember seeing Tom’s oldest daughter in dresses all the time either. I wonder how many bottles a day Suri drinks? I don’t recall her ever eating a cookie, it is always a bottle. Surely she can eat normal food!

    Does it really state in the Scientology rules that the kids are to be treated like adults? I do think she probably has never shared in her life and I have seen her throw her tantrums with Katie giving in to her, she is a beautiful child but I see a Naomi Campbell in the making! Ha!

  36. 2teens says

    Neither one of them has down’s syndrome for craps sake people get a grip!
    They are BOTH very cute little girls in their own way.

  37. selma says

    I don’t believe all the lies they say in this article. But yes little Shi is a princess, a real beauty, i really love her baby’s style, she will be a stunning beauty like her mum, and a good person. Suri has beautiful eyes, but Shi is an angel, way prettier than Suri. And I will love to see more pics of her.

  38. mbey says

    shiloh is the most beautiful baby i’ve ever seen….she had blue eyes and blond hair….GO FOR IT SHILOH!!!!

  39. Fly On The Wall says

    31. Pamela | August 17th, 2008 at 8:20 am
    Shiloh has dawn syndrome or autism.

    You are a freaking idiot. Have you ever seen a child with down’s syndrome (you can’t even spell it correctly)? The visible stigmata are unmistakeable. As for autism, I’m not about to label any child autistic, but Suri shows many more signs of autism than Shiloh. Suri always seems withdrawn, never engaged, and unrelated to what’s happening around her. There is something seriously off about that child.

    The Star article is a hoot, and if any of it is true, Tom and Katie are showing a serious lack of parenting skills. According to the article, Suri is allowed to set her own bedtime at age 2 because her parents don’t believe in setting limits (I believe this because I’ve seen photos of that child outside at all hours of the night), her parents display her like a Barbie doll dressed in Dior and Christian Louboutin custom-made shoes, and have her hair cut and styled at Enzo of Hollywood. She is never disciplined, allowed to do whatever she wants, and screams for whatever she wants until she gets it. She also seems to have no friends at all. I’ve never seen her playing with another child.

    Shiloh has an 8 p.m. bedtime, has her hair cut by her mother, and wears Z’s hand-me-downs more often than not. She’s an engaging, happy child, much more so than Suri, who seems to be on display for her parents’ benefit.

    Brad and Angie are raising Shiloh sensibly like any other child. They teach her good manners and set appropriate limits. Suri, OTOH, is going to turn into another Paris Hilton if her parents don’t start acting like parents.

  40. Molly says

    Shiloh is not even the cutest Jolie Pitt child how can she be cuter than Suri? I don’t think she is cute at all. No personality whatsover.

    Suri all the way.

  41. Granny says

    #31 This child does not have Down (not Dawn) syndrome. I know; it is in my family. And it isn’t a curse but a condition.

    If I remember correctly, this picture was taken during the walk in New Orleans months ago. If the humidity is what I have been told in that city, then the child’s hair may be affected in that way. I’ve never seen a picture of her that would show that she is dirty. And in this picture she is built like a typical toddler. And how can anyone predict that she will be overweight at her age in this picture?

  42. Tia says

    Shiloh is average at best. Suri would draw attention even if her parents were not famous. I wish they would let her be a child model. She is very beautiful and would not even need make or air brushing. Her pictures are always perfect. Beautiful beautiful child.

  43. Antineah says

    If there is someone who seems to have autism syndrome, this is suri, there are a lot of pics in which suri looks lost and into her own wordl, and this is the opinion much people have.
    And there are so many pics of suri because her parents, wich career is already over, use her to get publicity.
    The only thing cute about suri are her clothes and her eyes, look at her last pics she doesn’t look cute at all, and she will need to have surgery for her nose.
    There nothing shiloh will have to change on her because she is beautiful.

  44. Holly Jean says

    Suri is the best looking child I have ever seen. I have no kids so I can say that. Even as a baby, you could see that she will be a striking woman. Shiloh may grow into a beauty. Right now her head is too big and she has zero personality. No spirit at all.

    So in the Suri Shiloh battle I say Suri wins hands down.

  45. Lucy says

    Shiloh looks so much like both her parents. Suri looks a lot like Tom Cruise.

    Personally I prefer Suri because she is a little firecracker and much more beautiful. She is going to be a handful though. Shiloh may fade into oblivion once her parents careers are over in about 10 year’s time.

  46. Pamela says


    Shiloh has dawn syndrome or autism. She never has any expressions and is going to be over weight. Also I noticed that her hair is greasy and she seems dirty most of the time. I doubt whether the Jolie Pitt family takes a birth that often.

  47. clare says

    I think Suri is way way cuter. The only reason some people find Shiloh cute is because they are Brangeloonies, There is nothing cute about that child. She is so plain and that is why she is always photoshopped. Notice that no one ever asks ‘where is Shiloh’. That is because there is nothing to talk about. Ordinary with no expression.

  48. neil says

    I find it rather curious that people seem to have this need to leave the present and go guessing at the future. These children are beautiful NOW. The pictures will be FOREVER for these little girls in their future. But the sad reality is that the sweet innocent beauty of any child is always fading. One or both of them may be beautiful when older but neither wil retain the kind of heart melting sweetness they have now. I wish they could stay this age forever.

  49. Moan4MeMony says

    Personally I like Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Maybe cause her and my neice favor quite a bit. i wish that the public would stop making such horrible comments about children because after all they are just that CHILDREN. And Suri looks alot like Katie, I think. They both are adorable

  50. Blair says

    I personally favor Shiloh over Suri in the cuteness department. They both are adorable though…Shiloh seems like a real sweetie pie! haha, I’m sure Suri is sweet too…but she sure LOOKS like a spoiled little brat in that photo! (I’m sure she really isn’t….but its just the photo…She was sporting a little attitude there!)

  51. claudiazz says

    No one can know which of these little charmers will turn out to be a beauty when she grows up. They are both very beautiful little girls at opposite ends of the spectrum. One is blonde haired and blue eyed and the other is dark haired and olive complexioned. We can try to determine what they will ultimately look like from their adult parents. They will probably both be physically beautiful in their own right, however the true beauty will show through in the one who has the most beautiful inner self when she is grown—-that will make the difference and only time will tell.

  52. says

    comment:Wash Shilohs hair sometime would you?

    i totally agree with you suris hair always looks clean but shilohs hair is always greesy looking

    jean:Suri is my favourite celeb baby. I think Shiloh has a problem, seriously, her mouth is always open and she hardly even has an expression on her face. Poor girl, I wonder what is wrong with her. Her mother used to do drugs, it could have affected her.

    i agree suri is waaay cuter than shiloh,shiloh always looks boring but when we see suri she shows expressions


  53. Nicki says

    They are both cute lil toddlers, I think Shiloh will benefit more because she has older siblingd her age will benifit as a moere real more rounded person. Suri is very cute also, but being the youngest to older siblings will alwaYS get her way. I have seen at least 2 videos of her screaming to get her way. Not unusal for a 2 year old, but they have always given it=nto her fits. So I believe she wil always be like that.
    Both are cute, but brining up entirely different ways. stlii both are very cute.

  54. Sheila says

    I think Shiloh will be gorgeous when she grows up. Now as for Suri, she’s cute because i think all kids that age are –but I don’t think she’s pretty. She doesn’t have the long eyelashes, etc.
    I’ve seen much prettier at the grocery store.
    …And they’d better teach Suri some manners before she turns out to be another Paris Hilton.

  55. susanna says

    Agree with kf,Suri is always in the public eye, why? no need to keep her with them all the time, especially when they go out for a meal- choose somewhere private!! unlike the Pitts,classy, l much prefer them as parents.

  56. kf says

    I feel so sorry for Suri, she always looks so wary of the paps, what a thing for a two year old to contend with

  57. Mellow Yellow says

    They are both angels, but Suri has a unique beauty. I am partial to dark hair and, Suri’s blue eyes make for a striking combination.

  58. Ruby Jackson says

    Why doesn’t the magazine just come right out and say it… the Princess of Light vs. the Princess of Darkness? Good vs. Evil?

  59. Cheetah says

    Its obvious star magazin has his/her favorite celeb baby choisen. Shiloh above suri.

    Not nice to do this to little kids, one day they grow up and read all this. Its gona make them insecure.
    But then again. Sick tom had abandond internet and the whole outside world so suri wount read it until she breaks free..

  60. Irma says

    It’s because of people like you that tablois put 2 little innocent girls on their covers. The one against the other this is just ridiculous, like you. They are little girls, and they don’t have any kind of problem, and they are not more cute than our own babies. So stop please with all your suri this, shiloh this, just give them a break.

  61. says

    I do agree that Suri..Need to be taken off of the bottle, and I think that when she get older..she is going to be a hand full..But she is cute..they need to start teaching her values right away

    Shiloh..I think that she is going to be just like the both of her parents. Nobody is going to boss her around. She is going to be dare devils just like the both of her parents. Too early to tell about the twins

  62. Hilda says

    I have been seeing pictures of Suri all over the internet, she is defintely spoilt but go she is gorgeous. You can see that even as a woman she is going to be very beautiful, and strong willed. Feel for the man who is going to marry her. She is my fave celeb baby.

  63. Jean says

    Suri is my favourite celeb baby. I think Shiloh has a problem, seriously, her mouth is always open and she hardly even has an expression on her face. Poor girl, I wonder what is wrong with her. Her mother used to do drugs, it could have affected her.

  64. LIMA says

    OMG, Suri Cruise, she has so much character. She seems a hadnful. Alway making faces. I love that child. Shiloh is cute too. But Suri is going to be a super star. I am already her fan.

  65. purple haze says

    Awwww Shiloh just looks so cute in that pic, not a great pic of Suri at all, it makes her look like a spoiled brat.

  66. Vic says

    Looks like Suri might turn out to a right little madam from that photo!! Shiloh is gorgeous…I just wanna give those chubby little legs a great big squeeze (and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hand me downs either, I hope that’s true as kids are in clothes for such a short time, it’s such a waste to keep buying new stuff)

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