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Tom, Katie and Suri enjoy family dinner at Nobu.

World’s oldest mother pleased with son but declares daughter a burden.

Tom, Katie and Suri out for a stroll in Manhattan.


  1. Lauren says

    That article about the 70 year old woman makes me sad! How could she be selfish in having those babies just to have an heir? Also, “another daughter is a burden” How does she think that makes her oldest children feel?

  2. Just me says

    Yet more photos of poor Suri looking scared and wiped out. I wish the paps would leave her alone for a little while and her parents would quit taking her to restaurants clearly past her bed time.
    Very sad for the two little babies for all the reasons stated in the other posts.

  3. 2teens says

    Halp! We need a rich celebrity mom to swoop in and adopt that baby Indian girl!
    Suri’s red dress on the 3rd link is so beautiful.

  4. Samsmom says

    That story about the 70 year old mother just made me sad. Sad for those babies who will grow up in near poverty without their natural parents. Sad for that little girl who obviously was not wanted. And sad for the parents who are caught in this awful cultural trap.

  5. Analise says

    Okay. Regarding Tom, Kate and their spawn. Seriously, enough is enough. Everytime they have her out it’s for publicity.

    As for the other story. Conflicting feelings. First, shock over someone that age having a baby. Anger at them having the babies and the ill will towards the girl. Disgust, same reasons. Finally, my heart was aching reading that for BOTH kids.

  6. Freya says

    I want to smack the 70 year old for being so selfish to have a child, all for the sake of an heir, and what exactly is he inheriting besides a little plot of land he has to keep paying for, and parents he will never know?

  7. phnxgirl says

    I want to smack the crap out of that 70 year old woman and her husband. I know it is their culture, but I think it is stupid. Hello, if it weren’t for little girls, there would be no women to have the boys they so desperately want. Just stupid.

  8. littlemisscaliope says

    If that article about Suri being in charge is true, that’s sad. A two year old or any other child should not be calling the shots. But I guess that would explain her still being on the bottle. What’s she going to be like as a teen? Kinda scary.

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