Carnie Wilson On Her Weight Loss Goal & Baby Wish

Carnie Wilson, 40,  has lost 40 pounds since this spring when she reached 208 pounds. The 5-foot-3 singer is now just 20 pounds away from her goal. Once she reached her goal she wants to get pregnant with her second child. Carnie and her husband have a 3-year-old daughter, Lola.

Below are some excerpts from her interview with OK! magazine:

Has your diet changed since we last saw you in June?
No. I’m not allowing myself anything that’s off my regimen: no sugar, no carbs, no dairy, no red meat, no flour of any kind. It’s really strict, but I like how it feels. I’m eating blueberries, turkey bacon, egg whites and lots of raw vegetable salads. I make my own salad dressing with apple cider vinegar. My only fat is coming from olive oil. No avocado, no roasted nuts — just raw almonds. When I get hungry at night, I take a tablespoon of almond butter and that satisfies my craving. The only sugary thing is berries. When I ate that crap sugar food, I felt like crap. It’s incredible what eating all these vegetables is doing for me.

What’s your motivational strategy?
My new thing is cooking comfort food for others — like bread puddings and banana bread — but not eating it myself. I do a lot of tasting and spitting out!

What are your baby plans?
We’re going to start trying in October. I’m going to mount my husband! [laughs] I have friends who are pregnant, and I want to be pregnant so badly. Two more months to go — it can’t come soon enough. We want a baby in my tummy right away.

How will that affect your weight loss?
My ob-gyn said when you’re eating this way, you’ll have minimal weight gain. It was very difficult having Lola. I just kept gaining. I’m going to feel better in my next pregnancy. I have this weird feeling I’m going to have twins. My sister just had twins. My grandmother was a twin. It’s a serious possibility!

Wow…making comfort food for others sounds like torture! That must be so tempting! And it takes some serious discipline to taste yummy food and then spit it out!

Best wishes to Carnie!

For the entire interview with Carnie visit OK! magazine.



  1. Tim Jones says

    I heard on TMZ that she lost the weight doing the YRG Workout with former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page. Either way she looks Great!

  2. nosoupforyou says

    Fat is caused by taking in more calories that you expend.

    One may tend to be “apple” or “pear” shaped but neither will get fat if they don’t take in more calories than they use.

  3. lucia says

    Carnie wilson said she wanted twins!! She looks really fat now! I think she really needs help!! And I’m sorry, but her daughter is gorgeous but she looks a little fat, and chubby.
    Obesity isn’t the best condition to get pregnant, and is a illness, so she has to cure her bad habits, and start to eat healthy, because I don’t belive what she said, I’m sure she eats brownies all day, and a lot of milkshakes. (chocolate milkshake…her favourite sweet…)

  4. nosoupforyou says

    2teens..don’t deceive yourself. There is NO fat gene.

    Yes, you can see lots of over-weight families. That isn’t due to genetics (hasn’t been proven) but perhaps learned eating and activity styles.

  5. anti says

    Why is anyone giving her any press? Are we really that starved for news that we have to read about someone who gained 60 pounds after having gastric bypass surgery? Pathetic.

    So now she’s an expert on losing mass amounts of weight – bravo, give her a cookie!

  6. 2teens says

    nosoupforyou said: “There is no fat gene.”

    Ask any scientist, genetics do have an impact on one’s future weight. Maybe they haven’t narrowed it down to one particular gene but they do know that weight tendencies and body types are hereditary.

  7. Dnice says

    I am over Carnie – She has yo-yo’d up and down for years and every time she loses weight it is suppose to be like some earth shattering news. What is the point of losing the weight and then getting pregnant again? She may as well keep it on. And although I don’t think Lola is “fat” – I can see the potential of her getting there. Carnie should lead by her own struggles and monitor Lola’s diet.

  8. Just me says

    My first thought was bulimia, even though I know it’s not. But it’s still not healthy. Like other posters said, why can’t she have a cookie, ice cream or a bowl of chips every once in a while and then just take a walk or bike ride with her kid. It would be teaching her daughter a healthy life style and spending quality time with her. Moderation and exercize is a good combo.

  9. Jill says

    Usually, children start stretching out by the age of three and become thinner. I can’t say if she’s chubby or not- I’m not her Pediatrician and I’m not an expert, but in this picture she looks like she’s built like a one year old baby. IMO she looks slightly overweight- but I wouldn’t call her obese.

  10. oliviadog says

    Well to clarify my opinion for Foxy’s sake:

    age two years old and below, chubby/fat=cute
    age two and 1 day old and above,chubby/fat=not cute

    The average age for a kid to start walking is 15 months – and when they are walking, they are running and building muscles.

    Run Lola Run!

  11. laila says

    all this talk about Carnie Wilsons weight is just boring. How many times do we need to watch this woman get fat and loose weight?

  12. foxy says

    what a stupid thing to say “at 2 its cute at 3 its fat and not cute” so what a child of 2yrs 11months is cute when chubby but a child of 3yrs 1month is fat??
    ok then

  13. nosoupforyou says

    There is no fat gene. This kid doesn’t need a diet at her age just be a little more active, that’s all.

  14. 2teens says

    The little girl is not obese… yet, but she IS overweight. There is a difference.
    Sadly, genetics seem to be against Carnie and her daughter in the weight department. I seriously doubt Carnie is feeding the kid sugary snacks all the time because she is very wrapped up in healthy eating now and even mentions “crap sugar foods” and how terrible she felt while eating them, so why would do that to Lola? It’s genetics.

  15. oliviadog says

    The kid is fat. At two that could be cute, but at three it is fat and not cute (well to me anyway).

    Her mom needs to encourage much, much more activity in her life.

  16. Liza says

    Her daughter is not overweight, she is a little bit chubby and not unhealthy looking in the least.

    Tasting the food you are cooking and spitting it out is not bulimia. If you’re confused, look up the definition of bulimia. Spitting food out is not the same as purging. If you’re cooking something, it’s pretty normal to taste test it, she’s just saying she doesn’t swallow it after tasting it. She also sounds like she’s pretty happy and feeling good with the food she IS eating. THAT sets a positive example for her daughter.

    She also didn’t gain all the weight back from her surgery. She gained a portion of it back during and after her pregnancy. She has never gotten as big as she was prior to her surgery.

    The truth for her is that she is predisposed to obesity, and that her diet and exercise regime has to be tightly regimented to keep her at a healthy weight (one that looks overweight to most people). At least she continues to be open about her struggles.

  17. Khloe says

    How much do you wanna bet that she will gain it ALL back? She obviously is predisposed to be obese. Which is unfortunate because she is very attractive.

  18. says

    Um, I’m sure Lola is normal. So she has thicker legs? Maybe because her mom does too? Maybe it’s in the genes?! You people make me sick when you say the child is obese or fat. She’s 3!

  19. Samsmom says

    That is a very restrictive diet she is on. She will more than likely never be able to stick with it. Moderation is healthier and more achievable.
    I hope if she plans to get pregnant that she puts the health of her baby over her desire to be thin.

  20. Trisha says

    Wow, she is tasting and spitting out food? Isn’t that a form of bulimia? That is CRAZY!

    Her daughter is precious and adorable and not at all chubby or obese. Give the poor child some time to grow into her own skin! Hopefully Carnie isn’t giving her daughter all the crap that she won’t allow herself.

    This whole thing sounds sick and creepy, to be honest.

  21. chloe says

    Yes, so healthy. Making food that you want to eat. “Tasting” that food that you want to eat. Then spitting the food that you want to eat out. Wow. Healthy attitude. I am sure she is going to make it with her weight loss. How could such a brilliant and healthy plan like that fail.

    I like to shop too much. But from now on I am going to go to my favorite store, try on tons of clothes, ask the salesperson if I can walk around the store for a little while in them and then I will take them off and go home. That should cure my shopping addiction.

    It is nice how women completely screw up their little girls with such cr*p.

    “Oh, so if you want food, just put it in your mouth and then spit it out, oh okay mommy!”

    So much more healthy then eating foods that you obviously love in MODERATION.

  22. Blair says

    Her daughter is not fat! I teach 3 years olds in a preschool and she is the average size of any other child her age. You guys are sick to say she is obsese.

  23. anon says

    twins, huh? can’t get pregnant fast enough, huh? sounds like they are already planning IVF…. with a denial of course

  24. mslewis says

    People should be sick of Carnie by now!! I know I am. She seems to always be in some tabloid or on TV talking about “losing weight.” First she had gastric bypass surgery ON TELEVISION. She gained all of that weight back. Then she went on Celebrity Fit Club and got angry because the doctor on that show said bypass surgery was not the way to go. She lost a lot of weight there and gained it all back. Now here she is losing weight yet again so that she can get pregnant again. Why doesn’t she just lose the weight without making it a public display?

  25. oriana says

    Her daughter does look a little chunky to me, I love a chubby baby but when they get a certain age it is time to eat healthy and not shove sugar down them all the time.

    I don’t know about all this spitting out the food, guess she has to taste it, she is a beautiful girl but I don’t really care for her dirty mouth. She didn’t impress me any on TV.

  26. Kay says

    It’s a struggle losing weight. Carnie has been an inspiration to alot of women. All the best with your next pregnancy!

  27. babyrazzi junkie says

    i can’t believe that anyone would think her daughter is obese. that is sick!!! she is a healthy looking three year old and comments like that are the reason we have so many young girls with eating disorders!!

  28. almalm says

    Carnie’s daughter is obese now! Please Carnie, for the sake of her, watch her weight and yours! 95% of obese children end up being obese adults.

  29. 2teens says

    Wow, Carnie looks great in these photos. Better than I have ever seen her. Wanting another baby seems to be a great motivator for her. I wish her well and I hope she reaches her goal.

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