Donald Trump Jr. & Wife Expecting Their Second Child

(In the above pic Donald Trump Jr. and Vanessa were snapped out for a stroll in New York City with daughter Kai Madison)

Donald Trump Jr., and wife Vanessa are expecting their second child.

Vanessa told People magazine that she is 3 ½ months pregnant and due in February.

“We’re so excited,” she said. We just told the family this past Monday. They thought it was great news. I couldn’t hide it any more. The second time you show faster.”

The couple’s daughter, Kai Madison, is 15-months-old. “I’m feeling very tired – the first time around I could put my feet up and relax. This time I have a baby to run after and carry.”

“I point to my belly, and tell her there’s a baby in my belly,” said Vanessa. “She points to her belly button and thinks there’s a baby there. I say, ‘Not for you, for mama.’ ”  

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  1. says

    i cant wait till my second child comes i have a 20 month old and im 81/2 months and im huge lol but when i was 3 months i was showing and with my 20 month old i was not showing untill 7 months lol

    my 20 month old name is henry walter stevens

    and im having another boy and his name is gonna be ”

    william thomas stevens

  2. mommy-of-two-girls says

    they look very cute. i agree with the above poster, about the graco stroller. it’s really nice to see someone with tons of money use a stroller that everyone can afford. i remember angelina jolie using the same graco stroller with maddox that we had for our older daughter.

  3. Mellow Yellow says

    I think they are an attractive little family. I love the way Donald Jr. is strolling along side his wife in a suit.

  4. Could it be says

    I’m 3 months pregnant too with my second and can’t believe how much I am showing! I guess you show more with the second and it’s nice to see that it happens to others!

  5. LaLa says

    I love that they are wealthy to a ridiculous degree and they’re rockin’ the GRACO stroller like a sane person. It’s refreshing to see a celeb family not be such conspicuous consumers when it comes to their baby gear. Those Silver Crosses – WOW, just buy the kid a Lexus and push them around in that!

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