Christina Applegate Risks All To Fulfill Her Dream Of Becoming A Mom

Christina Applegate has always dreamed of becoming a mom — and, despite her recent cancer diagnosis, she’s refusing to give up.

Days before she was diagnosed with breast cancer last month, Christina told an interviewer of her longing to get pregnant. “I’m at that age where, biologically, it calls me a lot,” she said. “I don’t want to wait until I’m in my mid-40s.”

Christina is so determined to have a baby that she has vowed to put off a punishing course of chemotherapy until after she has succeeded in starting a family, Star magazine reports. Christina’s plan is to conceive a baby with musician Martyn Lenoble, whom she has dated for several months, shared a friend. As soon as possible after the birth, she will start treatment.

“A baby is the most important thing in the world to Christina right now,” said the source. “She doesn’t want to expose her body to chemo or radiation until after she gives birth.”

Best wishes to Christina.



  1. Liza says

    See, this is why I wish the WM would only publish from credible sources and why people shouldn’t believe everything they read.

    Applegate was on GMA this morning and stated that she was cancer free, that her surgeons got everything, and no further treatment is required.

    So no, she isn’t putting off Chemo or Radiation, because it wasn’t in the plan to begin with.

  2. scarlet says

    Hello Christina..Get real.. with your money hire someone else to carry your child but use your own egg..Stupid to risk your life and not have treatment…What bring a child in the world and then you die.,.,.Reality check…There are many options you should check into in stead of having a baby and then treatment..

  3. eli says

    well said ella and samsmom! i have both your backs. I back HIM up 100%.

    Best to you Christina my beautiful blondie!

  4. Lurker says

    I seriously hope it works out for her.

    I don’t really know much of anything about freezing eggs..but if that was a possibility, maybe it could have been an option she considered.
    But this is coming from the Star..and who believes the Star anyway? It’s possible, but, they are, obviously, also known for making stuff up.

    But sadly, this reminds me of of Michelle Thomas’ story (she was the actress who played Myra on Family Matters) She wouldn’t do chemo/radiation when she was diagnosed with a rare stomach cancer because she feared it could impact her abilities to eventually have a chid.
    Different cancers,of course, but…?
    Sadly, she died at 29, and before she even had the chance to have a baby.

    I just hope that doesn’t happen again in this case. 🙁

  5. Kay says

    She’s being admirable but honestly putting of treatments might affect her health, and if she’s sick how can she take care of a baby. She needs to concentrate on getting herself well first. That’s just my opinion.

  6. Ruby Jackson says

    Doesn’t anyone remember the story about Ann Jillian, who had breast cancer and was married for over 20 years before becoming pregnant? All the while, she was a good Catholic girl, never using birth control?! Take care of YOURSELF first Christina, g-d will take care of the rest. Hoping the best for you.

  7. Ella says

    And please, no anti-God comments. I merely stated MY OPINIONS, MY BELIEFS because it was MY COMMENT. If what I said bothered you, then look away. This is America. And I’m proud to say that Yes! I love Jesus.

  8. Ella says

    If she truly has Stage O breast cancer (the non-life threatening type), then she has DCIS (Ductal Carcinoma In Situ), and that DOES NOT require Chemo. It MAY include a mastectomy – if she so desires – since her mother also had BC, but that would be considered radical if it is truly Stage O.

    Ideally, Christina should freeze her eggs, however, the hormones used to shut her ovaries down and then over-stimulate them for retreival could prove deadly should her BC decide to mutate and then grow.

    I hate to say it, but she should have frozen her eggs years ago. If I were her – and I almost was last year, having undergone breast surgery at Johns Hopkins – I would probably go thru whatever treatment they advised and pray that if a biological baby was in my future, it would happen on God’s time. But no baby is a happy or healthy baby with a sick – or worse, dead – mom. That was exactly what my DH and I decided after finding out that there was a 20% chance of the doc finding BC during my surgery. Life throws you in to some crazy situations when you least expect it, and it’s necessary to just yield to God for everything.

    All my best to Christina.

  9. Lilac says

    There are natural therapies to treat cancer that have higher survival rates than chemotherapy. Suzanne Sommers tried to advise her of this. She doesn’t need to do chemotherapy at all. Chemotherapy kills.

  10. mommy-of-two-girls says

    i think she should freeze her eggs and then start chemo. waiting until after the birth of the new baby is too much of a risk. getting pregnant and the pregnancy will be a good 12 months. waiting one year with breast cancer is too long.
    good luck to her.

  11. mslewis says

    This is being “reported” by Star magazine!! Please!! Christina is a smart woman. Her cancer was caught at an early stage. No way will she risk her life to give birth.

    However, I worked with a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer and she decided to have a baby (she had grown children but her new, younger husband wanted his own). Anyway, she had a beautiful girl. The woman died last year and her beautiful little girl will never know her mother. Stupid woman!!!

  12. blahblahblah says

    I understand her desire, I really do. BUT…she is risking her own health. what if she has a baby, then goes through treatment only to end up having waited too long? That baby will be without its mother then. How is that fair?

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