An Expectant Ashlee Simpson & Solange Knowles

An expectant Ashlee Simpson was snapped with Solange Knowles backstage at the Hollywood taping of MTV’s “FNMTV” on Wednesday.



  1. 2teens says

    I have seen her pose that way before. Maybe she is going for a “signature look”. I hope not, cause it’s not hot.

  2. LadyOne says

    I think Ashlee looks plain stupid in this photo, I hope that when she looks at it she will feel embarrassed at how dumb she looks.

  3. LOLA says

    yea she looks a little weird, it def. shows she’s had work done on her face, she looks fake! not the punk rock she used to look like. I liked her better before, but i still wish her well

  4. bj's mom says

    #5- i have a friend who dyed her hair while pregnant, but she used some kind of dye that was chemical free and safe to use while pregnant. she got it from a beauty supply store so im sure Ashley has a great hairstylist that can get there hands on something safe to use.

  5. Dnice says

    Okay I don’t have children so someone please educate me. Is it okay to continue to dye your hair while carrying? Just wondering because Ashlee has maintained that fire red throughout…

  6. RW says

    little sis isn’t outshining Jessica just because she’s not pregnant or married or both. everyone wants to see animosity between family members even when its not there.

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