Brad Pitt & His Parents With Zahara In Saint-Paul De Vence

Brad was snapped enjoying a day out in Saint-Paul de Vence in the south of France with Zahara, 3, and his parents Jane and William. (William is not pictured) The group visited the Maeght Foundation museum.

Zahara is adorable!



  1. Mary says

    This thread doesn’t seem to have had any comments for some time, but I had to say something about the other comments that have been posted. 1. It is an unfortunate time of the world when a father playing with his daughter is automatically thought of as being sexual and innappropriate. The best predictor of a woman having a happy marriage is that she has had a close, loving relationship with her father. That Z and B do is a happy situation. 2. This child is not only beautiful, AJ and BP always say that she has the “biggest personality” in the house and is the one likely to have everyone laughing. I am a “boomer”; please recall that it was women of my generation who worked so hard to change the world for girls, to expand the notion of beauty to include women and girls of all backgrounds, especially African-American women. 3. Brad has been adamant that the intrusion of the paparazzi into the lives of children is damaging. He said on Larry King that Z is especially frightened when someone shoves a camera and flash in her face. I agree with him that there should be regulation of the ‘razzi with respect to children.

  2. kk says

    brad has adopted Zahara and i agree with Nicki all 6 kids are his no matter how they came into the family.

    oh and there are pics of just him and Shiloh why don’t you do a little research rather then talking about things you have no idea about

  3. Nicki says

    KARI-Brad is out with his REAL daughter. He has 3 daughters and 3 sons. Zahara is his oldest daughter and he took her out with HER Grammy and Papa. All 6 of his children are REAL and all 6 of his children are his.
    Grow up.

  4. says

    That is a load of crap daddy/daughter time
    ..what about some REAL Daddy / Daughter time,
    Zahara is adopted by Angelina she is NOT Brads daughter he HAS a daughter Shiloh, (well now the twins too) why is he not out with HIS REAL DAUGHTER..
    argh that whole family dymanmic makes me sick!!!!!!!
    Shame on them stupid parents……

  5. Jess says

    Zahara is so cute !!!!!!! and Brad looks like he enjoy being with her and Shiloh a lot !!!!!!!! Anyway they are doind a very good job raising all those kids not like suri whon is completly spoiled!!

  6. Zbella says

    Such cute pictures. Too bad there are sickos that can make any innocent family outing into a dramatic incestuous orgy.

  7. Nicki says

    I don’t know what is with this sickos, jealous liars, or pedos themselves. Completely disgusting.
    Angie is the most honest perosn in Hollywood, and tells the truth. My two younger brothers are people I love dearly and would protect to the end…………and no I have never had sex with them, and never once thought about that. I have kissed them on the mouth…….nothing else, just like when Angie kissed her brother on the lips. Nothing else and it was obvious it was an innocent lip kiss. Only the tabloid rags more of it than it was. Give it a break you sickos!

  8. Fly On The Wall says

    47. Kelly | August 15th, 2008 at 6:46 am
    I also think Zahara will have an affair with Brad Pitt.

    You are one sick sack of shít. How long have you been sleeping with your daddy, huh? How many children has he fathered on you? Don’t assume every family is as dysfunctional as yours is.

  9. Christina says

    TABLOIDS made up the stories…LOL. Wow, you believe everything you read??? My 2 little brothers are loves of my life as well… granted not the most “normal” way to express oneself and it’s meant in an unconditional love as a parent loves a child – my little brothers are like that to me. I’m not the only person close with their siblings and feel the same way – again, might choose to express it differently but the intention is the same. It’s a very Freudian expression of love. Loving someone and having actual sex are TWO different things.

    Anyone with a degree in Psyche will tell you, people don’t broadcast incestuous love to the world if they are truly having it… they would hide it! AJ was self-destructive, did things for the mere shock of it and for attention. BIG DIFFERENCE than calling her incestuous. But, I was telling psycho Kelly and Janey that Brad Pitt whom has never done anything not considered normal – that they are sick to say he would have sex with his daughter.

    I’m done arguing this with ignorant people such as yourself Lima, Kelly and Janey. Go get your Xanax and take 2!

  10. LIMA says

    Angelina passionately kissed her brother at the oscars and when the media asked her, she said her brother was the love of her life in 1999. Since her mother allowed her to have a live in boyfriend at 13, many have speculated that it was to stop her from having a sexual relationshipwith her brother. Just google the story.

    Angelina is psychologically troubled and that is why she is addicted to collecting children.

  11. Christina says

    Kelly- again, will pay for your medical bills to get your head exam. AJ did NOT sleep with her brother… you’re just sick and JEALOUS to feel the need to make up such disgusting lies. For a person such as yourself to feel the need to write about people that you clearly have a twisted sick dislike for; either you are so lonely and bored in your own life to sit make up BS or a complete mental breakdown of reality… most likely BOTH. Chances are, you are probably a pedophile yourself and think other people are – it’s called projection.

  12. traveler says


    Sorry. I meant to answer the other Kelly.

    Angelina was told at the time of adoption that Zahara was an AIDS orphan. I’ve heard about the tabloids and the woman claiming to be her mother. I find it hard to believe. The Ethiopian government is pretty good at making sure their records are correct. Although it may be possible, I doubt it’s true. If you were a poor Ethiopian and some American tabloid offered you a couple hundred American dollars to say you were a child’s mother (all the while knowing there was no way to prove or disprove it), you’d take the money and lie too. I truly believe that was what happened. Regardless, it’s not like Zahara will be given back and why would the mother want that anyway. If she truly loved her child, she wouldn’t want to hurt her by ripping her away from the only family she’s ever known. So the whole thing is moot. The child is happy and healthy now and Jolie truly did save her life. All’s well that ends well.

  13. Kelli says

    Traveler, you have the wrong Kelli. I don’t believe that sleeping with the brother crap (GOD I hope it’s not true). I DO believe that she was a wild and troubled young woman and I am thankful that the kids showed her a new perspective on life.

    Also, I think that they actually have found Zahara’s mom and she is not dead. It’s hard to know what accounts to believe.

  14. traveler says

    First of all, Zahara’s mother died of AIDS. That’s how the child ended up in an orphanage. She was an orphan.


    Nowhere did Angelina or any member of her family or any of her friends say that she slept with her brother. You need to stop reading trashy tabloids. Angelina seems like a very nice and compasssionate person and I’m sure Brad’s parents are happy as long as he’s happy. That’s what good parents want for their kids. I admire Jolie for overcoming her low self-esteem and her problems with cutting and going on to become a great mom, a good humanitarian, and an all-around admirable person.

  15. j says

    What I said has nothing to do with race. I think Halle Berry, Tyra Banks, and Lisa Bonet and her daughter Zoe are beautiful.

  16. N says

    I didnt know that Angie slept with her brother. When did she reveal that info to the public. In what magazine interview?

  17. says

    Who cares what you morons say, and which one is who
    the point is sound like a inbred talking out the side of your multiple necks

    Jealousy will kill you. Yes, she was poor, but she isn’t poor and I doubt that she know the difference between being poor and being rich right now..IDIOTS

    kelly, janey, and whatever A S S E S talk down on any child

  18. Kelly says

    Christina, I am not Janey, check my IP with hers and you will know this. It is just that I agree with her. Funny that you say I am sick for thinking what many people think and hold Angelina in high esteem when she slept with her own brother and her mother allowed her to move in with her boyfirend at 13 so that she would stop having sex with her won brother. At least I have never done anything that sick. Look at your role model Angelina before you judge any one.

  19. Kelli says

    Bella – regarding your comments on #36: that was very insulting and you are talking out of your ass. If you live to be 48, you’ll find that it is not really so old and with the average woman living to be 85, you have only lived half of your life at that point. I really hope that this isn’t the shameful crap you are teaching your children (and I am sorry that you have them at all, considering that you are extremely immature and tactless and therefore no role model) to have ZERO respect for their elders and to insult people to their faces because they are older. Do you teach your kids to insult YOUR parents too? I have no problem with sparring with the other poster but to basically imply that everyone over the age of, what?, 30?, is old and a about to die is idiotic and mean. Are you ready for your parents, the cool baby boomers, to die?

    BTW – People of 48 aren’t really considered the baby boomers. Baby boomers are in their 60’s – and still going strong.

  20. Kelli says

    17 – because she was too poor to feed her.


    but what is your point? I hope that wasn’t a back handed racist statement. Because wealth and poor people have NO names, and no color

    Um, no. The poster asked why Zahara’s mother gave her up and the reason was because her mother’s family was very poor and she was scared that the baby would die because she couldn’t feed her. Her grandmother subsequently gave her to an orphanage. Jolie adopted her from the orphanage.

    Why would you consider my response racist. I said nothing about race. I said she was poor – and she WAS.

  21. Christina says

    Kelly and Janey are the same person… pathetic Janey that you had to make-up someone else to support your brainless comment.

    I recommend that you and your alter ego enter a mental institution… I’ll pay the medical bills!

  22. Bella says

    after reading your #46 commentssounds like you’re the sick one Kelly………but I’m sure that you already know that.

  23. Kelly says

    I also think Zahara will have an affair with Brad Pitt. Didn’t Angelina sleep with her brother. She probably will not find it so sick anyway. Angelina herself will have an affair with Maddox. Isn’t that why she adopted him in the first place? I heard she wanted to make him her own personal groomed toy boy. She is a sick woman so this sounds true.

    Angelina’s brother will have an affair with Shiloh. This family is sick.

    Why does Brad have holes in his pants? His mom doesn’t seem happy to be there. They must feel bad that their son is not sucha loser who no loner has any balls. I would like to hear then speak about Angelina when no one is about. I would never want my son to hook up with a pyscopath who doubled as a prostitute.

  24. B says

    African women from the region that Zahara is from can be so beautiful, often very tall, fine boned and graceful. She has beautiful huge eyes and lovely dainty bone structure & gorgeous full lips. I agree that she’ll probably grow into a tall, slim, striking beauty.
    Interesting how the comments about this family are changing…for a long time people made comments about how miserable and glum Zahara always looks, never smiles, etc etc. It’s so dumb to judge by pap photos, when she was younger she probably didn’t respond well to constantly being hounded by the paps. She is growing up now & it’s nice to see this photo of a happy, exhuberant little girl. Agree that she seems to have a great bond with her dad.
    Also amused to remember the many comments about Shiloh and how she always has her mouth open, looks stunned, doesn’t smile etc etc. Now as she’s growing and changing, everyone comments on how cute she is.

  25. TtessM says

    I knew someone would let their ignorance show and make a racist comment.

    You would think after 48 years, an individual would have grown up and grown past using skin color as a definition for beauty.

  26. j says

    If I had said Shiloh wasn’t cute, I’m sure no one would be this defensive. It’s just a comment, let it go.

  27. neil says

    Nice to know it’s not only men who make reckless and thoughless comments. Making UGLY comments about a child is UGLY. Why do that?

  28. Fly On The Wall says

    Z is going to be absolutely beautiful when she grows up. She has gorgeous eyes. She will be tall, thin and very elegant, something like Iman.

    God help her boyfriends when she starts dating. Brad will probably meet them at the front door with a shotgun, demanding to know their intentions.

  29. Fly On The Wall says

    26. JANEY | August 14th, 2008 at 5:40 pm
    Zahara is going to have an affair with Brad Pitt.

    You are one sick-ass bítch, you know that?! You probably started screwing your daddy when you were nine and a half.

  30. oriana says

    I don’t like reading these comments about the comparison between Brad and Woody, there are NONE!!!! Brad is a devoted father, and Zahara has been spoiled and given a free rein by Brad and Angie, she is very spirited and used to getting her way (Angie’s words, not just mine). She is getting very tall and very pretty to me, and you all know she is my least favorite of all the children. However, is it necessary to think the worst of this father and daughter? It is just disgusting and sick! Brad is a good man, I think a weak one in some ways, but he is a good father, plus, Angie would castrate him in a heartbeat!!!!!! And I would not blame her!!!!

  31. Bella says

    To all the other baby boomers on this site please don’t be offended by my comments in #35, they were intended for J and others that think like her. Remember I’ll be 48 years old one day… my parents are baby boomers. They are grrreat!

  32. Bella says

    J you being 48 explains a lot to me. You’re a baby boomer and baby boomers are old farts who are one track minded individuals. They tend to see things in 2008 the way they were in 1968. So I understand that your standard of beauty, cute, or adorable is blond, blue eyed and looks like Shiloh. Its unfortunate for you that times have changes and people that looks like Zahara are now considered by the masses to be beautiful (which she is) just like beautiful Shiloh. All you baby boomers are going to kick the bucket soon and the world will be a much better place for my beautiful 14 month old to grow up in. That’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it!

  33. says


    Is probably so lonely scalawag..without a man and She seems a little R A C I S T to me.

    Don’t be mad..Join the solution..If you don’t like Z..then don’t leave a comment..MORON

  34. susanna says

    agree sugar walls . Nothing special in the looks department, but does that matter, only in the Tabloids!!!!!

  35. firecanabis says

    17 – because she was too poor to feed her.


    but what is your point? I hope that wasn’t a back handed racist statement. Because wealth and poor people have NO names, and no color

  36. Kia says

    Brad’s mum doesn’t seem like she wants to be there. I bet she wishes her son was with a better woman not a mentally ill sicko who collects children.

  37. JANEY says

    Zahara is going to have an affair with Brad Pitt.

    He will be drunk and high on drugs and she will have nursed a crush on him for years. His career will be over so he will not care for his image. Like Sung Yii Previn and Woody Harrison. Mark my words.

  38. j says

    Sorry, I won’t be jumping off a building. At 48 years old, I have my own opinion of what is cute and what’s not, and she’s just not. It’s wonderful that they are giving her a good life and I applaud them for that. Shiloh is beautiful and I am sure the twins will be too. Zahara is the black sheep in looks, so it’s great that she seems to have a good personality. Everyone has a right to their opinions.

  39. Just me says

    I’m sorry, but Brad looks like an idiot in that hat.
    The first picture of Zahara is too cute 🙂

  40. oriana says

    The pictures definitely tell a story of how lively she is and how happy they are together. I bet all the kids love their grandparents too!

  41. Bella says

    What did you say Susie….you are barf, thanks for sharing.
    I already had that one figured out.

    What a pretty little girl, gorgeous smile, she’s in love with her daddy.

  42. chRISTIE says

    on x17 the posters are really saying awful things about the second photo of brad and zahara……..unbelievable!!! I think its a beautiful pic of the two of them, just daddy and daughter playing!!

  43. Lauren says

    Zahara is a cutie. She seems so carefree and happy. I bet she’ll be tall. I can see her as a model. She has the looks for it. 😉

  44. says

    They really did save that little girl.


    I do not think Zahara is cute at all. She is very homely and it will be more noticible as all the kids grow up

    rrrrrright, I bet u will jump off a building when u find out that she is supermodel? right? ARSEHOLES

  45. 2teens says

    Z is a little doll, especially her beautiful eyes. She really likes to ham it up for the cameras too, maybe she’ll follow her parents career path one day.

  46. bj's mom says

    #8- kinda looks like he already has his hands full….lol. zahara is adorable and what a personality she has! she dosent shy away from the cameras, either.

  47. j says

    I do not think Zahara is cute at all. She is very homely and it will be more noticible as all the kids grow up.

  48. fee says

    That child has got some personality! Brad and Angie are gonna have their hands full there!

    She is adorable.

  49. Lovie says

    What do you mean by I may barf
    why what’s you point you could’nt be
    haten on this family now could you

  50. mslewis says

    I love the South of France. I’m glad the family are enjoying their time there.

    Zahara is so pretty.

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