The Mommy Makeover

(The above book was specifically designed to help mothers explain their “transformations” to their children!)

The hot new “mommy makeover” consists of a trifecta: a breast lift with or without breast implants, a tummy tuck and some liposuction. The procedure is intended to uplift as well as reduce stretch marks and pregnancy fat. It helps women have a perfect hourglass figure.

Dayna Devon co-host of the entertainment show, “Extra” had a “mommy makeover.” Demi Moore has admitted to having extensive cosmetic surgery, including a “mommy makeover.” Britney Spears is keeping mum but her ex, Kevin Federline, claims that she had a “mommy makeover” after her second baby. And many have speculated that Jennifer Lopez also had the procedure after the birth of her twins. But the “mommy makeover” isn’t just hot in Hollywood.

Dozens of doctors devote parts of their Web sites to the “mommy makeover”, including Dr. Lloyd M. Krieger, a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, Calif., who offers the Rodeo Drive Mommy Makeover for women who want “their tummies and breasts back the way they looked before pregnancy.”

Last year, doctors nationwide performed more than 325,000 “mommy makeover procedures” on women ages 20 to 39, up 11 percent from 2005, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons said.

A “mommy makeover” typically costs over $10,000.

A site specifically devoted to promoting the “mommy makeover” aptly called, has a mommy quiz inviting cheery appraisal of one’s physical form! It asks if since childbirth one’s thighs and hips are heavier than they used to be, and does one feel like cellulite is popping up everywhere! As you answer one multiple choice question another equally horrifying one pops up! Fun!

Some moms are taking it even further! The following may be a bit TMI, but Katie Price (aka Jordan) shared her intention to round off her mommy makeover with a vagina rejuvenation to tighten her privates and overhaul their appearance as a present for her husband, Peter Andre.

“I’m going to have my fanny (vagina) done, too. I want to be a virgin again. That’ll be a treat for Pete.”


I honestly think that to have the best possible outcome women should slather enormous amounts of Clarins Huile Tonic Body Treatment Oil all over their bodies religiously every day throughout their pregnancies. I know that probably sounds overly simplistic and I know that not gaining too much weight and practicing optimal nutrition is also extremely important, but I am convinced that Clarins Huile Tonic Body Treatment Oil works! I remember asking a plastic surgeon, out of curiosity, if he would perform the magical and mythical tummy tuck at the hospital right after my scheduled c-section, and he said NO! It’s good to know that there is a more comprehensive solution available now…I guess!

Have you had a “mommy makeover?” Would you consider having one?

For more info visit Fit Pregnancy. They have an excellent article on the “mom job.”



  1. Cat says

    I think people need to do what makes them happy. I think if you are a more confident women then you will become a better mother and wife. People might say women don’t do it for themselves or they do it to be a slut but when you feel good about the way you look then you feel more empowered. I hate how many women always put other women down because they try to look good. Then they complain how their husbands aren’t attracted to them anymore. If you feel good about yourself then that’s great but don’t try to make some women feel guilty because they want to fix their bodies. Bearing children isn’t an easy task and takes time to fix. So if this makes you happy then go for it.

  2. oliviadog says


    I was going along with your comment until you said

    ” Glad to see that the women’s movement has turned women against themselves”…

    Unfortunately, this book and the other issues you brought up just indicate that the women’s movement has barely begun or at least has not gone far enough against mysogeny . The movement has not turned women against themselves.

  3. Lolanna says

    Wow what has this world come to. The only thing women are about these days is appealing to men. And please don’t give B.S. about how women do it for themselves. Women don’t tighten their vaginas and get implants to pleasure themselves…they do it to appeal to men becuase we are told that our only worth is tied to our attractiveness to men. I would like to see someone with implants wear sweaters as opposed to putting them out there.

    It’s interesting that while there is penis enlargment surgery and peck implants men are not mutilating themselves to make them more attrractive to women. Wow proof that women are just becoming stupider and more shallow.

    Glad to see that the women’s movement has turned women against themselves.

  4. 2teens says

    A plastic surgery book aimed at children is NOT a good idea. How about teaching kids that people are beautiful the way they are? That we should respect others for the whole package, including imperfections.
    What is that saying to the 3rd grader who still has puppy fat, or the kid with the big nose?

  5. oliviadog says

    I thought for sure there would be more negative feedback on this entry. Or maybe I had assumed that because usually the comments made here are consistent with my world view – but I am surprised on this one. Not a deliberate judgment, but more like a disappointed sigh.

    The feedback on the recent entry about all the celebrity mom’s losing their baby weight immediately was rather empowering to me. For example, many of you said that you would rather spend your valuable time playing with your children than going to the gym.

    Not that I am opposed to ‘Mommy makeovers’ – do what makes you happy, but just surprised.

  6. Sarah says

    I am dead set on breast implants, I figure with all of the money our family saved by my breastfeeding both of our sons for over a year, I shouldn’t feel too guilty.

  7. says

    So, this book is to teach kids that Mommy is NOT beautiful if she has imperfections…?! And that she must go have surgery to feel better about herself and to have her husband or partner find her attractive again? That Mommy’s self esteem is SO low that she must have surgery to be attractive. Pretty, pretty sad I say…

  8. oriana says

    Nicki, why didn’t you ask me about my beauty makeover? Ha! I will talk to you tomorrow, got to watch the Olympics now.

  9. Nicki says

    Tam ~Can I ask a personal question?
    What size were you before your operation? And what size did you end up with? Was it an awesome result? I;m just wondering for curiousity.

    If I was blessed enough to have babies and was married to someone rich, cause you know insurance won’t cut it, I might do it. But I would want 3-4 months and if regular weight loss didn’t happen, I probably would.

  10. cp says

    I definatly would love to if only I had that kind of money!! After two kids now (via c=section), my body just will not bounce back! I just would love a flat tummy, so ppl will not ask me if I am pregnant again 🙁

  11. Tam says

    a mommy makeover probably costs way more then 10,000 tho.. i got implants in 2006 and they were 7500 alone

  12. Tam says

    I would get one.. if i was done having all my kids… i only have one 18 month old tho..and i’m 23

  13. oriana says

    Sugar Walls, I had it done when I was 15, got an early start!!!! Thank You for your consideration!!!!!!!

  14. Analise says

    Already told my husband to start saving up. I’ve wanted surgery long before I had a baby. Now it’s just a matter of whether or not we have one more. I have no problem with women doing things to themselves within reason.


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