Though Denise Richards Won't Be Appearing On Dancing With The Stars She Loves Watching The Show With Her Daughters

Despite the rumors, Denise Richards won’t be appearing on “Dancing With the Stars”

“No, I am not doing ‘Dancing With the Stars,’” Denise told Access Hollywood on Sunday at a Clothes Off Our Backs charity event.

But she will be watching from home.

“I love the show, that is my popcorn night with my girls,” she said. “I love to watch the dancing, the girls love looking at the dresses.”

As for her own reality show, Denise said another season of “It’s Complicated” could be in the cards.

“We’re having great conversations about season two,” she shared.


  1. says

    Yeah, and my toddler-aged daughters and I have a popcorn night and watch the Bachelor. They like looking at all of the ladies’ pretty dresses and trying to guess who will get the roses…we especially like the hot tub scenes..a great kid’s show!!! Right….

  2. Kat says

    I think Denise has the full pack and probably said those things about Charlie to basically be cruel. I like the photo of her and her daughters – lovelly.

  3. Lauren says

    That’s a beautiful picture of Denise and her daughters. I agree, if you watch her show her daughters are always playing and laughing.

  4. Krisitn says

    Come on guys, those little toddlers couldn’t possible get any kind of sexual innuendos they may have on DWTS….PLEASE! They are babies! They would probably see worse on the nightly news, though I doubt Denise ever watches….

  5. oriana says

    It is a nice picture, I would like to see one of them without having their thumbs in their mouths though.

  6. Megan mom of 3 says

    Kris i thought the same exact thing… her girls do look sad here and almost always do… that’s sad.

  7. Kris2 says

    I’ve never seen the I guess I’m not missing out on anything.

    Is it me, or do her daughters always look sad? She’s always smiling…but you seldom see the girls smiling???

  8. Peppers says

    Well Sheila, I agree with you but who said Denise was smart? This coming from a person who accused her ex of molesting their daughters….She’s not playing with a full deck. That, and the fact that her show is stupid. I’ll be surprised if it’s picked up for another season.

  9. Sheila says

    Denise, that’s a real nice show to be watching with your young girls – with all the sexual innuendos that leave little to the imagination!
    Don’t get me wrong. I watch the show too, but it isn’t age appropriate for toddlers. There’s a reason why it’s shown in the evening, Denise – not at the same time as Elmo!

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