Marcia Cross & Eden In Santa Monica

Marcia Cross, 46, was snapped enjoying a coffee break in Santa Monica with her adorable daughter Eden, 1.

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  1. Emma says

    I haven’t seen that pushcahir b4 here in the uk can anyone tell me what make it is please!! Thanks

  2. Me says

    the other times savannah comes along, the nanny or her husband is carrying her. marcia is always carrying eden, always out with eden, etc. i say she hates the other girl for some reason.

  3. Leene says

    Just me you’re right this time it was just the two of them, I was actually talking about the other times she’s out with both. A commenter had said she rarely sees pics of Marcia with both girls so that’s why I said that celebritybabies has pictures of the three of them together.

  4. Just me says

    Actually, Leene, I just saw this on Celebrity Blog … so Savannah wasn’t there.

    Marcia Cross brought daughter Eden , 17 months, out for a coffee run with her in Brentwood on Monday. The Desperate Housewives star, 46, sat at a table and let Eden try on her sunglasses while enjoying her drink; afterwards, the pair headed home.

  5. Leene says

    If you check you’ll find a ton of photos of Marcia with BOTH her girls. Besides we don’t know that Savannah wasn’t with them – I highly doubt these were the only two pictures taken at the time.

  6. Samsmom says

    I wonder if she makes a point of spending individual time with each twin and happens to get photographed more with Eden.

  7. Just me says

    I agree with Purple Haze and Sharrie …. I was thinking the same thing. It seems like she’s usually just pictured with one of the girls and it’s usually Eden. I know she can only carry one at a time, but usually the caption says Savannah stayed home, or whatever.
    Not criticizing or implying anything, it’s just an observation.

  8. sharrie says

    marcia looks great. I think her girls look like their dad…but we rarely see both of them together, wonder why/

  9. Vic says

    Very cute….but I want to know what’s happened to Gwen Stefani? Surely she’s had the baby by now in what must be the longest pregnancy in the world!!!

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