Jennifer Garner & Violet's Day At The Gardens

An expectant Jennifer Garner was snapped with Violet at The Huntington Library, Art Collections and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA. Jennifer’s dress is so pretty!

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  1. Blair says

    To Jenny:

    I’m not really sure what you mean to imply by “miracles do happen”, but sure…whatever you say.

    Believing children should be kept clean and neat does not make me a bad person.

    I give my own children the same guidelines I would for myself…Haven’t you ever FELT sticky, dirty, messy, sloppy….it’s actually a very uncomfortable feeling.

  2. Blair says

    Let’s just agree to disagree.. clearly we each have our own differing beliefs on the topic that probably aren’t going to change just because of someone else’s online messages back and forth. We are each entitled to our own ways of doing things and I am not here to place judgement….but I do stand firm on my belief that children should be kept 1.Clean 2. Neat 3. Presentable. They don’t have to be fancy or anything….a simple, CLEAN ponytail, swept off the face in my opinion is perfectly fine. Nothing special, but not a mess, that’s all.

  3. Ha says

    The child is in a nice shorts set, socks neatly turned down, and her hair is put up and not left hanging loose and sloppy around her shoulders and in her face. Care was taken with this kid. Do you expect mum to fun around after her constantly brushing her hair and measuring the position of her tails as they go from place to place? Its only unmatched hair bands.

  4. Blair says

    And to Ha:

    It has nothing to do with how much TIME one puts into their child to make them presentable.

    But a lack to put in any effort is simply careless on the caregiver’s part. Come on, it takes all of about a minute and a half to stroke the kids hair with a brush before leaving the house.

  5. Blair says

    To Jenny:

    LOl…you crack me up…why would i care either way if the paparazzi follow me around to take pictures of me or my kids? I had never even thought about that until you said it….because frankly that has absolutely nothing to do with what I was talking about. ….. What an off the wall comment.

  6. Ha says

    Blair do your children require much work to enhance their features and beauty? This is a cute kid and I can’t believe that anybody would dissect a little kids hairdo. It’s a playday, not a red carpet event.

  7. Jenny says

    I just love to see Jen and beautiful Violet always smiling, you can tell how happy and normal they are. And to Blair you can take your neat and well dress children to play at the park and see if the paps will follow you everywhere to take pictures of all of you. Hope the Lord bless you inmensenly. You need it.

  8. Blair says

    Yeah Granny….because I implied anywhere in my post that “beating” a child was the appropriate response to mismatched hair accessories.I just think it’s pointless for a child to look such a mess unnecessarally. But, heck…they’re not MY children….dress them however you like. I personnally prefer to present my own kids in a way that ENHANCES their features and beauty…Not in a way that downplays those things. But hell, to each their own, right? 😉

  9. Granny says

    Blair We called them “dog ears” when on the side of the head. And these look like fine.

    Her hair doesn’t look sticky although it may be a little sweaty (who can tell from a picture) from being out especially to a botanical garden.

    My granddaughter just ran through with two different hair barretts. I should probably go beat her for such a terrible grooming error.

  10. Blair says

    Cute little girl, but her hair is always such a mess! If its not in her face, the bow is falling down, if not that the ponytail is sloppy…in this one…the hair ties don’t even match, and her hair actually looks sticky or something. Ew. Plus the pigtails are placed oddly…they are sticking directly out of the sides of her head like bars on a bicycle. Pigtails should be place slightly lower than and behind the ears, so the hair falls down onto or towards the shoulder depending on the length of the hair….not pointing out to the sides like big elephant ears.

  11. violetsky says

    I think that is the first picture I have ever seen of Violet, when she is not smiling. Poor love the paps have to be scary at her age.


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