Are Hot Celebrity Moms Depressing Or Inspiring?

All the pictures of Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and other celeb moms looking fit and trim after baby leave many new moms feeling angry, depressed and anxious.

Nicole Kidman’s post-baby body was declared “Already Hot After 2 Weeks!” by the New York Post Chronicle, and regular moms are feeling the pressure to follow suit. Extra maddening to some is the fact that celeb moms don’t seem contented to just lose the weight…they also flaunt it! Denise Richards chose to pose for Playboy just five months after welcoming her first daughter, Sam. And Heidi Klum pranced down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk just eight weeks after giving welcoming son, Henry!

Of course these celebrity moms have personal trainers, personal chefs, nutritionists, nannies, night nurses, and three or four full-time assistants.

One simple, and perhaps underrated, advantage is the fact that ‘round the clock care means celebs can get their beauty sleep, which according to a recent study in the American Journal of Epidemiology, makes a big difference when it comes to postpartum weight.

Researchers at Harvard looked at 940 women and found that moms who slept five hours or less per day when their babies were 6 months old were three times as likely to still be carrying extra weight six months later than moms who slept seven hours a day.

And some suspect many celebrity moms are practicing restricting calories during their pregnancies…something which has been dubbed ‘pregorexia.’ 

I hope this post doesn’t depress anyone! Hopefully it simply shows how unrealistic (and often unhealthy) it is to try to emulate today’s celebrity moms. Sometimes I think it can be inspirational though too…to see that being a fabulously fit mom is possible. I guess it depends on the day…sometimes it does seem oddly fascinating and discouraging, and sometimes it seems motivational and inspiring.


  1. Diana says

    By the looks of that magazine cover of Trista she looks as if she is holding her baby up as if he were some kind of prop … it’s not a loving shot at all. How very sad that celebrities stoop to this level. I am not bothered about them loosing the weight as this is their ob to look good and be on the magazine covers but what I do get bothered about is that babies are used more as fashion accessories rather than blessings that you are to enjoy and love and to show the world that you love them.

  2. Lauren says

    It’s just unrealistic. They’re all so obsessed in getting back to their pre-baby weight that they forget their babie are only little once. Enjoy your child instead of worrying about your weight! (i.e. Trista)

  3. oriana says

    Heidi looks like her breasts are huge but in other bathing suit pictures they look much smaller to me. I do think she is gorgeous though and I like her family, they seem so happy and even her parents are active with them. I think she is just gorgeous.

    And of course the celebs have many people helping them, trainers, chefs, much help that a normal person would never get, and those mothers are the ones I think should be applauded.

  4. says

    It’s not depressing, just be realistic. I mean for real, how many moms do you know in the real world that have more than 2 kids can look like a celebrity mom? They all get pressured by just being a celebrity to get back into shape. It’s part of the press’ fault, which is in turn, what the people demand. We all can’t wait to see J-Lo and all of the other celeb moms get back into shape and look at Lisa Marie Presley. She gets lots of flak because she’s not a “thin” pregnant mom. Give me a break! If we had money and time to burn, with the added pressure to look good, I”m sure more of us would look hotter than we already are 🙂

  5. gw says

    I can sorta understand that I guess if it was my career to fit myself up then I might have to put the money and effort into looking more trim for my job. Its just part of their job. I bet if they had a different career than one on the spotlight then they would probably not have to care for their careers.

    ON THE OTHER HAND, Trish isn’t exactly a “Celebrity” that does movies, or dons lingerie for a living so why is she prancing around and showcasing to the world why she lost weight???? It’s articles like those that make us normal women feel crappy!

  6. anon says

    I feel sorry for them. They are obviously self absorbed, miserable people. Being obsessed with your looks is like being in prison all the time – you are always feeling constrained.

  7. phnxgirl says

    No matter how much money or fame these people have, I always thank god that I am not a celebrity. To have to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight or look 20 when your 50… thanks! Oh and to have the paparazzi capture it all in pictures and make nasty comments along the way…. a double no thank you! There is just too much pressure in Hollywood these days, I don’t envy any of them.

  8. Lurker says

    I have never found them “inspiring”, because I know that they DO have a lot of luxuries that us “normal folk” don’t have.
    After having my first child, my mother told me pretty much that. I was comparing myself to whatever celebrity mom that was out there at the time. “SHE just had a baby, and look at HER!” to which my mother replied, “Yes, and she also has a dietician and a chef to make her just the right foods..a nanny and a trainer throughout the pregnancy to help her keep the shape she is expected to be in..” etc. And so I think that having those things certainly helps them get their figures back as fast as they’s their job, as was posted above.

    Now I did get back quickly after my first..but I think it was because I was young at the time. I was lucky that time. But after my last two, well, not so much! And as frustrating as it is at times, I have to undertand that my body ISN’T the same as it once was. And as long as I try and watch what I eat and get as much exercise as I can, I’m just not going to beat myself up about it.

    And as far as that particular magazine cover, it annoys me more than most. I don’t really consider that girl a ‘celebrity’ and everything I have read about her is very self serving. I have NO pity or interest in anything she has to say. Right after that baby was born she was complaining, to anyone that would listen, how horrified she was with her post-baby body.
    Personally I think she’s way too vain and into herself than I can stand myself. >:-(

  9. Kris2 says

    I am a mom of 2. My son is 5 and my daughter will be 2 in about 2wks. I am not going to lie. With my son, I felt a lot of pressure to get back to my normal size. I worked out…I did everything I could. Now..a few years later things are a little different. I am comfortable with myself. Yes, I would love to go back to my normal size…but who has the time??? I know I don’t. I work full time, I am a wife and a mommy…so between cooking and cleaning and washing etc…the time that I do have…I would much rather spend it with the kids on a picnic or at the waterparks. My son was in t-ball. I could’ve just dropped him off at practice like some of the other moms did. They would drop off their kids and go walk the park. But I wouldn’t want to miss out on anything. I mean..seriously…have you seen 4 and 5 year olds play t-ball? It’s just so awesome!!! Besides, I’m not just going to drop my son off with the coach. But honestly…I am happy with who I am. My husband is happy with who I am. He does offer to watch the kids while I go workout..and I do take him up on his offer. But there are times when I would much rather be spending time with my family.

  10. Dnice says

    Bouncing back quickly has a lot to do with your regular work -out routine and whether or not you maintained it during your pregnancy. And everyone is different. A woman in my office just had twins 2 1/2 months ago and is already back into her regular clothes…For some it takes a little bit longer. I don’t think it’s fair for anyone – celebrity or not to put that kind of pressure on themselves. The time after should be focused on the baby and nurturing, not trying to play into an unrealistic society stigma.

  11. littlemisscaliope says

    Sure, I’m more out of shape now than before my daughter was born but there will be a day when she’ll be in school and I can work out as much as I used to. My time spent with her now while she’s young is something I’ll never be able to get back.That’s much more valuable to me.

  12. LL says

    I think that it does put a strain on “Real Moms” out there in the real world who don’t have the means to have nanny’s and the extra help that some of these celeb moms do. I’m sure if they had a 40 hour a week job and come home and do the “mom job” it wouldn’t be easy for them to have the hot bods they have now.

  13. Just me says

    I think it’s a shame more than anything, a shame that celebrities and us “regular” people feel the pressure to lose the weight.
    I remember reading an article just weeks after Trista from Bachlorette had her baby and I wanted to smack her with the magazine. She was like a size 2 and she was calling herself fat. I mean, it took her forever to conceive and she almost died during delivery and she seemed more worried that she couldn’t fit into her skinny jeans.

  14. Curly_k says

    To be fair, Heidi Klum’s “prance” down the Victoria’s Secret runway was her job. I’m sure it was part of her contract with Victoria’s Secret.

    Personally, I don’t care how slowly or quickly other moms (celeb or not) lose their baby weight. I’m sure no one else cares about how quickly I lost mine. I guess that is the long way of saying I felt no pressure.

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