An Expectant Natascha McElhone In Marie Claire

An expectant Natascha McElhone, 36, was photographed for Marie Claire magazine. She is expecting her third child. She tragically lost her husband just months ago when he died suddenly.

Marie Claire


  1. violetsky says

    Poor Nat, not only has she and their three kiddies lost a great husband and daddy, but the poor kiddies in the third world whose lives he transformed with his plastic facial surgery have lost out too.

  2. Dnice says

    If I remember correctly I believe her husband suffered a heart attack. I was so sad for her when it happened, they had known each other since childhood. She has 2 other children with him. I love her role on Californication. I think she looks beautiful and glad to see her smiling and staying positive for the baby.

  3. cynnergirl says

    Wow – she looks stunning. Does anyone know what happened to her husband? I remember reading about him dying suddenly, but don’t remember the cause. It’s very brave of her to step out with her pregnancy in the face of such tragedy.

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