Angela Kinsey On Holding Her Daughter & Feeling God's Grace

Angela Kinsey has been bringing her baby daughter, Isabel, to work for a few hours each day as she films the new season of The Office.

“Working moms out there – you have my utmost respect!” Angela, 37, who welcomed Isabel in May, wrote on her MySpace blog. 

“Can ya’ll imagine growing up with Uncle Rainn and Uncle Creed?” she said. “It’s going to be a lot of fun for sure.”

Angela also shared the iPod play list that she made while she was pregnant. The 17-song mix features what she called “some good zone-out music,” including Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and Van Morrison.

“I have so enjoyed just being home with Isabel these past three months,” wrote Angela. “I know we all have different religious beliefs but it is hard for me to hold her and not feel God’s grace. She is by far the best thing I’ve ever done.”

How wonderful!



  1. Midge says

    Such a nice story. Love the office. What a great work family it must be for a child to be around.

  2. malaz85 says

    I love Angela! I’m so happy for her. I wish I could grow up around Uncle Rainn and Uncle Creed…uncle John wouldn’t be too bad either 😉

  3. Mellow Yellow says

    That was a beautiful read. I think it’s a poignant reminder, that children are indeed a blessing from God.

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