Katie Holmes Takes Suri Bowling

Katie Holmes was snapped taking Suri bowling at Chelsea Piers in NYC.

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  1. Jill says

    Suri is only two so she has plenty of time to potty train. Most kids aren’t fully potty trained by the age two. However, the bottle has got to go. I don’t see why she can’t either have a sippy cup or even a regular cup at this age, especially if her mom holds it while she drinks.

  2. Phyllis says

    Enough of katie and Suri already. Yes she is a cute child. But she is to old to be on diapers and bottles. Are they going to send her to school with diapers and bottles. Let alone being with that crazy husband of her. He has some screws loose in his head. I don’t feel sorry for Katie one bit she new what she was getting into when she got hooked up with him. If I remember that she was like 5 or 6 on his list to marry. The other one knew better that to get hooked up with the likes of him. He and the whole bunch of a so called church. FREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKS!!!

  3. Fly On The Wall says

    17. Lauren | August 9th, 2008 at 9:41 pm
    Suri is so cute. Always dressed like a princess. 🙂

    That’s exactly the problem. Is Suri ever allowed to run around and get dirty like any child her age? I have never seen a picture of her interacting or playing with other children. Katie treats that child like a big Barbie doll. Why in the world would she take a two-year-old to a bowling alley? She needs to take her to a children’s play group and let her learn how to interact with other children her age. Suri does not look like a happy child to me.

  4. violetsky says

    Anyone else think that Kate dresses according to the people she mixes with. ie. until she met Tom, she had the dress sense of a dweeb, then she started hanging around with A and B listers and dressed more like them. Now she is hanging around with the more advantgard on broadway she is dressing more like a beetnik. When will that girl get a mind of her own.

  5. onatear says

    Bowling? What in the world is Katie thinking? I can’t imagine that Suri begged to go bowling.

  6. timp3 says

    I think it must be some scientologist thing that Suri has to look like a china doll everytime she goes out. The dresses are uniformly ridiculous and so over the top.

  7. nannyinpa says

    Thats the great thing about America we can choose to do what we want to do concerning each of our children the way they dress the places we take them . I Agree though with the post about Violet always smiling she is definitely a Happy girl & it shows . But Suri has a different personality we all are different thats what makes us unique individuals.As far as the way Katie dresses her why do people care so much about how she dresses? sometimes little girls go through phases where they want to dress in dresses all the time I know my daughter did if Suri likes to dress up so be it She’ll eventually grow up let her enjoy being a little girl I’m sure thats how Katie Feels!

  8. Analise says

    LOL MOMX3! I actually had to look at that photo twice to verify she’s in yet another over-the-top dress.

  9. JANEY says

    There are so many adorable pictures of Suri smiling. She also loves animals. She seems to hate heights and flashes though. She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

    Only 3 paps are flashing at Violet Affleck, over 50 paps are flashing at this little girl, she seems to have enjoyed her time at the park yesterday.

  10. Suzi says

    I never see them with any friends. They are always alone, Suri is not playing with the chalk , she is just standing there. Does she know how to interact with other children? Think not.
    She never smiles…never! Violet Affleck is ALWAYS smiling!!! That is the happiest girl on the plante and it shows. Thanks and Kudos to her wonderful normal down to earth amazing hands on parents Ben and Jen.
    The Cruises are just plain strange.

  11. Kate says

    #7 You spelled your last name wrong! Stop pretending you someone that your not.

    Does Katie have any other close! It looks like she just walked out of a thrift store.

  12. Sheila says

    Katie should take Suri to regular kids places the way Jenn Garner does with Violet (kids summer camp, kids’ art classes, kids’ music/dance classes, etc.) Poor Suri doesn’t know what it means to be around kids her own age. She needs play time w/kids.

  13. says

    hey i just got back from the doctors office from my ulta sound and to find out the sex of the baby and turns out im having a baby boy me and ben are so exited to finally have a perfect family my baby girl violet is really exited for her brother she is almost 3 we are thinking of the name

    benjamin riley affleck

    love jen ben and vi

  14. Zbella says

    They like to dress her up, who cares? Everyone is complaining about how Angie doesn’t dress her girls up enough. But Katie, why the hideous jeans all the time?

  15. Peppers says

    Why is she always dressed up like she’s going to a wedding? She had a dress on at the park and now out bowling. Doesn’t she own a pair of jeans?

  16. kal says

    That girl loses those shoes. She probably has them in ten pairs. But how cute she is. The only reason I follow celeb news these days. To see her pictures, she is adorable!

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