Matthew McConaughey On Concerts & Placenta Trees

Matthew McConaughey and girlfriend Camila Alves are enjoying sharing their interests with their baby son, who was born on July 7th.

“We took Levi to a John Mellencamp concert,” Matthew told CNN’s House Call with Dr. Sanjay Gupta for a show airing in two parts on August 9th and August 16th.

Matthew, 38, said that he and Camila, 25, take Levi everywhere so he’s “equipped to be around the sights and sounds of people” – which also makes life better for the new parents.

“Everyone talked about how, oh, you have a kid, life changes, it’s like 180 degrees on a dime full stop, wow,” he said. “And a lot of them had an insinuation under that like, you have to stop living your life as you live it. That hasn’t been the case.”

In fact, the new family stepped out last night for the launch of Camila’s new line of handbags in LA. “Levi was gonna stay home but then he said, ‘Dad, mom, I wanna go support mom’s purses,'” joked Matthew. “At 30 days old he’s talking about stuff like that!”

Keeping Levi on the move “takes a little more prep time to do whatever it is you’re going to do,” Matthew said. “And especially with Camila breastfeeding every three hours, she can’t be away from the child. So she’s got to be there.”

Matthew also said that although the birth took a long time but “it went down perfectly.”

“Even though we went 60 hours to do what could have been done in a few hours, it was a great journey for both of us and her and I now have gone through something that – we call it the best dance we’ve ever had,” he said. “We’ve gone through something that we’re like, I know and you know and only you and I know and that’s good for us.”

Matthew also shared that they stored the umbilical cord (and its vital stem cells) and kept the placenta, which they plan to bury in an orchard, following an Australian aboriginal custom he discovered during a visit there.

“They had a placenta tree that was on the river, and it was for the women, and it was the most fertile land and fertile river,” he said. “And all the placentas of all that tribe, all that clan … went under that one tree, and it was this huge behemoth of just health and strength. And this tree was just growing taller and stronger above the rest of Mother Nature around it. It was gorgeous.”

Wow! I remember Cindy Crawford talking about saving the placenta from her son’s birth as well, and her husband almost ate it!

Cindy delivered Presley at home in 1999 and her midwife placed the afterbirth in the family refrigerator for safekeeping – so that Cindy could have a spiritual planting ceremony upon her recovery.

Rande mistook the labeling on the Tupperware dish and almost ate the placenta. Cindy recalled, “My son was 10 days late so I had someone prepared to cook for us right when I had the baby, but she’d been cooking for us a week already. She’d been labeling ‘Cindy’s lunch’, ‘Rande’s lunch’, ‘Cindy’s dinner’… so, after I had the baby, Rande was hungry… and he goes out to the refrigerator and he sees the Tupperware that says ‘afterbirth’ on it and he thinks, ‘Oh, this is what I’m supposed to eat after birth.’

“He didn’t eat it, but he opened the Tupperware and there’s a big placenta, which looks like a big piece of liver, laying in there and I hear the shriek from the kitchen. I put it in a Ziploc (bag) and put it in the freezer, where it stayed until I finally got around to burying it.”

For some reason this whole placeta-saving and planting seems peculiar, but maybe it is more common than I think. Did you save the placenta after the birth of your child(ren)?



  1. Granny says

    We had three kids and they just went everywhere we wanted them to go with us. And if we wanted an adult only event , thank goodness for Grandmas and Grandpas.

    We doted on our kids, but never forgot that we needed to keep a life of our own because kids grow up and move on.

    We weren’t very tight scheduled parents or household because my husband was a railroader and had odd hours. We had to fit our family time into what time was given us. My kids grew up successfully, laid back and very flexible.

  2. Zbella says

    No, I didn’t save or plant my kids’ placentas.

    We took our daughter pretty much everywhere, no rock concerts, but all over the place. But I have to agree and say, that changes over time. Now we have 3 kids and we rarely take them out even to dinner! They are in that difficult preschool/toddler stage (all 3) and it can be a sight to behold.

  3. MOMX3 says

    I agree that a rock concert isn’t a place for a baby.

    I wouldn’t even LOOK at my placentas after giving birth, but I know a couple of ladies who ate theirs. Doesn’t mean I’d do it, but it doesn’t bother me that they did.:)

  4. cat says

    we did keep both our daughter’s placentas and planted them on our property…:) the girls are very proud of their trees..:)

    why i am not a huge fan of matthew, i do totally respect his parenting style. we are always with our girls and take them just about everywhere as well.

    i also have to say bravo to them for trying with the birth!! 60 hours is a LONG time to labor…but they tried to do it naturally and both seem very peaceful about the whole process and that’s just wonderful!

  5. momof1.5 says

    samsmom, you said it so well. Thank you. I don’t even need to respond on my own. This, especially:

    “It does not mean that you have no life of your own or that your child dictates your every move. What it means is that when you choose to become a parent you take responsibility of a life and sometimes that means not always doing the things you did before children. It is all about balance for sure.”

  6. Samsmom says

    I agree with momof1.5. It does not mean that you have no life of your own or that your child dictates your every move. What it means is that when you choose to become a parent you take responsibility of a life and sometimes that means not always doing the things you did before children. It is all about balance for sure. But your child’s needs, security, and well being should be a parent’s first priority.
    I do see Matthew’s point about about getting the baby equipped to sights and sounds. My husband and I took our son many places with us when he was an infant. Now a toddler, he does very well in public places and around people. But I do believe that discretion is important when deciding what types of places to take a newborn.

  7. chloe says

    “You’re supposed to live your life around your KID, at least to some extent, not the other way around.”

    Wow. This quote scares me. Chills me. Makes me want to eat peanut butter for some strange reason.

    This attitude is what makes kids so screwed up. Life does not, does not, does not, okay, one more time, does not revolve around the child. That does not mean that you do not love your child, take care of your child, take care of all his needs, but you are the adult and the childs fits into your lifestyle.

    I love his attitude about parenting. God bless him! A parent that I would actually want to talk to. Not a parent that I always run into. One who is always so stressed out because they cannot do anything, go anywhere, or have any kind of life!

  8. Lauren says

    What’s with everyone dissing Matthew? I’m sure Matthew and Camilla aren’t going to take their newborn son somewhere where he’s going to be in danger. Just let them be!

  9. Shannon says

    See, I read this and thought, WOW! Someone who parents just like me! He’s at peace with everything, no stressing out and having to stay home because a baby is there or rush home because it’s bed time.. we took our daughter EVERYWHERE! We still do take her most places and she’s 2.5 now.. because of the way we took her around when she was a baby she never became the rigid scheduled baby that most of you refer to, and she’s still not – I couldn’t be happier with how great she is in every environment!!
    And I would assume that the Mellencamp concert was an outdoor thing.. which would limit noise and smoke..

  10. Eli says

    I hope Matthew & Camila protected Levi’s ears with ear plugs or noise cancellation headphones.

  11. bj's mom says

    and whats up with him doing ALL the talking. even when it came to the whole birth, he did all the talking.

  12. melissa says

    WOW… matthew needs to shutup… he has now proved himself to be an idiot. Matthew… your life will probably change when you have damaged your newborns hearing to the point of deafness.

    How scary… I felt sick when I read that.

  13. MomOf2 says

    Matthew has a lot to learn. One tiny baby who can sleep anywhere is no big deal. Mommy is young and full of energy, but just wait…the clock is ticking and when Levi gets tired of Dad dragging him around, Levi will tell him a thing or two about being a dad.

    Just wait until they have two or three or six like Pitt-Jolie. I would bet good money Matthew will be taking naps by then.

    If Matthew was a good dad, he would stop stalling and marry Levi’s Mother.

    To each their own on saving the afterbirth and cord. Neither saved here.

  14. 2teens says

    I just don’t get taking a newborn to a rock concert. Ok, he’s nursing… so Camilla should either pump and leave him with a sitter or she should should stay home with the baby. A concert is way too loud & crazy.

  15. says

    I think that he is a media wh0re..I am sorry but that is the way I fill! I think that this woman is going along with everything that he says, and WHY whould u want to take your baby to loud places, and The baby is a newborn.

    He is losing it fast

  16. Jellybean says

    I was just on Hellorazzi and came across this comment about me!
    I left a comment on Alessandra Ambrosio’s baby shower and I said ‘I hope I look like that when I get to that stage of my pregnancy’
    And first I would like to say I don’t know you Tia I AM NOT pretending to be you I have no need to coppy off someone.

    2nd KKK’s mommy you did ask what happened to the smiley face but if you go and look back I didn’t reply now if I was pretending to be the other Tia doesn’t you think I would have left you a comment.

    3rd I am pregnant 5 months pregnant and I do like name’s that begin with A it is not a crime I also like names that begin with S and R………….. So what!

    just to let you know my name is Tia Morrison and I am 24 I live in Los Angeles, California I am married I have been for 3 years his name is Jason he is 25 we have 3 dogs and 1 cat we are very happy.
    I respect everyone on this site and I have no need to make any sort of trouble now I don’t know kkk’s mommy but I do read your blog from time to time and I enjoy it you have a sweet little family.
    I as I said before I don’t know Tia but you sound like a nice person and congratulations on your baby.

    I know this has nothing to do with Matthew McConaughey but i just felt like I needed to get that out and in the open because I don’t want people to think am a bad person because am not.

  17. Jordyn says

    There’s always been something just a little off about this guy. It is easy to take a newborn just about anywhere, but I dont think I would choose a loud, smokefilled place to acclamate my child to the world! And wait til he goes through the “I feel like crying 80% of my waking hours” phase! I dont think we’ll be seeing much of Levi then!
    No placenta keeping here. Id be afraid my dog would dig it up and bring it back to me!!

  18. momof1.5 says

    Uh huh. It’s surely easy to take in infant everywhere you go. You wait ’til that kid becomes mobile, vocal, turns one, two, needs a mid-day nap, and then talk to me again about how easy it is to integrate a kid into YOUR life. You’re supposed to live your life around your KID, at least to some extent, not the other way around.

    I generally like this guy, but this really turned me off. He’s got a one month old, and all of a sudden, he’s an expert? Blech.

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