Kelly Ripa With Her Eldest Son & Husband

Kelly Ripa, 37, was snapped with son Michael, 11, and husband Mark Consuelos while filming a segment for ‘Live with Regis and Kelly’ in New York City on Thursday.


  1. Rachel says

    to nannyinpa: don’t kid yourself she has PLENTY of help. She just choices not to talk about it and makes it seem like she’s doing it all herself.

  2. Rachel says

    I saw him on Live with Regis & Kelly. He seemed VERY strange. And how could he possibly be SO shy with such an obnoxious loud spoken mother like that? I

  3. nannyinpa says

    Wow! Michael looks just like his father Mark Hes the spitting image of his Dad. I’ve seen Lola and she looks Like Mark too! Their Adorable! Joquan I Think he looks a lot like Kelly . What a cute Family! Kelly seems like such a great hands on Mom! Thats nice to see she could probably afford a lot of help but she manages to do it on her own because she wants to!! I Admire that!

  4. oriana says

    He is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen, looks identical to his father, I love him!!!!! I miss the TV show Mark was on, I enjoyed it!

  5. says

    Ohhh.. that kid is gonna be gay for sure!!!


    He can’t help that he is sooo cute! He looks just like his dad and I think that lola looks like kelly and little joquan??
    I think that he is mixture of both

  6. CJK says

    I didn’t think that you could find a man prettier than Mark Consuelos but, I stand corrected, Michael is going leave his father in his wake! What a handsome young man he is!

  7. what? says

    His lips look like that because he has braces. They caused him to look and talk awkward the whole segment, poor little guy, but he did a great job despite having a metal mouth!

  8. Lauren says

    #3-That’s horrible thing to say about a child. What is wrong with you??

    Michael is the spitting image of Mark. Wow!

  9. Mellow Yellow says

    3 & 4 why don’t the two of you shut your pieholes! It’s disgraceful to insult children that way.

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