Katie Holmes & Suri Sweetness!

Katie and Suri were snapped enjoying a swing ride together in NYC on Thursday.



  1. umpoaloompa474 says

    I have always heard this.. the kid is potty trained but mommy and daddy are not .. I can’t stand Katie or Tom at all! I think they need to re-adjust their beliefs to actually say NO to the child. NO MORE BOTTLE! NO MORE DIAPERS! or at least cover up her Pamper with something more appropiate from others being able to see it. Or put her into more appropiate attire for a swing ride! I actually wonder who gets to change it? Perhaps the nanny? I think perhaps nicole being more attentive will have no problem doing much better than the cruise family. However she is very photo genic.. a precious doll for such inattentive parenting

  2. Jordyn says

    Suri just turned 2 on April 18…give her a break about still wearing a diaper! There are such judgemental people on this sight its ridiculous!

  3. Samsmom says

    Oriana, no problem. My mom and I have similar discussions. She always says things are so different now! But anyway I am in my early thirties and my son is almost 2. It has been a humbling experience to have a child, I had to throw everything I thought I knew out the window! I have very much respect for the advice of my mother’s generation, so please don’t take offense at my comment.

  4. Kittycat says

    Katie never looks happy recently and she does more and more look like a Stepford Wife! She used to be so natural and down to earth and she seems totally different since she’s been with Tom Cruise, which is a real pity. Also, I find it strange that this photo of her with Suri shows Suri in diapers still. Surely she’s too old to be wearing them? I know in America it seems that kids are toilet trained much later than kids in Europe, but still it’s strange!

  5. nikki says


  6. nannyinpa says

    I Was reading these posts First I Wanted to say I Run a daycare/ and yes every child completes potty training at a different age every child is different you cannot compare and in my experience as a mom & daycare provider boys can take longer even up to 3 years old to be fully trained. Suri is 2&1/2 so yes her parents should definitely be working with her but even if you are working on the potty training at home when you go out the child needs a diaper or pull up when their first training. As for the bottle From my experience as a mom again & child care provider and from what dentists have told me about my kids it is important to introduce your child to a sippy cup definitely by 2 if not before , it is important for their teeth not to be drinking from a bottle juices etc. So that really isn’t good for a child to run around still sucking from a bottle at 2&1/2. Also I’d like to add I Don’t know if anyone else thinks this but I Think as Suri gets older she is changing her looks as she gets a more mature older look . When she was younger she had the cutest little baby cheeks Adorable and shes still cute but just changing her looks as she matures not as cute as she used to be with that baby look. But we all change our looks as we get older but I Agree she & Katie don’t look so happy out & about as we often see with Jen & Violet Affleck always happy smiling ! Maybe their just sick of the cameras in their face Wow! I Couldn’t live like that.

  7. oriana says

    Samsmom, you are prob much, much younger than me, in my day, we weaned them from the bottle and diaper much earlier than the doctors I think recommend now so I guess I am thinking back 40 years ago! Sorry! Ha!

  8. Sheila says

    #38 mommy-of-two-girls:

    Suri is actually 2 1/2. She didn’t just turn 2 as you had said.

    Angelina Jolie said Shiloh was actually using the potty on her own from time to time. I think Katie just doesn’t know much about parenting and is too prideful to ask.
    Sure, kids potty train at different ages but really when their diapers are dry after their long nap or in the morning, it’s a sign that their bodies are ready. They can hold in and control their bladder. After that, the parent needs to be consistent.

  9. Samsmom says

    Oriana, I certainly did not mean that the child is in control and the parent should just give up. What I meant is that toddlers discover pretty quickly that no matter how hard a parent tries, you can’t just shove that spoonful of peas down their throat and make them swallow. They know that they are in control of that. BTW if you were able to do that with your kids, please let me know the trick, LOL!
    Anyway, just like you cannot force your kid to swallow, you cannot force them to pee or poop. It is impossible. Yes the parent should be consistent and lay down the rules, but you do have to wait until your child is ready. I understand why you disagreed with my statement, but I did want to clarify.

  10. oriana says

    Muffin, I am sorry, I made a mistake when I typed that. Thank you, and yes indeed, there is a big, big difference.

    samsmom, sorry, I disagree, respectfully, toddlers are not in control of what goes in their mouths, it is the parents that fix their food and bottles for them, Katie is in charge of saying NO more bottle, I could see maybe one at night, but wagging one around all the time, the mother is in control definitely. Although this day and age it does seem like the kids are telling the parents what to do!

  11. phnxgirl says

    I hated hearing all the talk about how your child “should” be potty trained by 2 or at least by 2 1/2. I about went insane trying to potty train my little boy, but for whatever reason, the minute he turned 3 it clicked. It’s hard enough to raise kids without all the pressure of cut off times and ages of when kids should be weaned from certain items. Like the old saying goes, “Your kid is not going to go to college in a diaper and drinking from a bottle”. It happens when it happens.

  12. Granny says

    Go to page 131 of this weeks People. Four women in rolled up jeans, not just Katie Holmes. Probably a new trend again. My daughters potty trained around 2 but both my granddaughters were 3. Suri won’t start school in a Pamper. The training isn’t a big deal. Dresses. My girls wore dresses all summer long, at the park, in the back yard. It was cooler and easier to change diapers and training pants. Plus dresses are cute.

    We did get rid of the bottle at around 1 though. I didn’t want to have to carry a bottle around is why, And none of my kids had pacifiers because I didn’t want to keep track of those either. My getting rid of bottles and no pacifiers may have been because I was lazier than those willing to keep up with them.

  13. Zbella says

    She just turned 2, please, allow her to wear a d*amn di*aper. Who cares? You can “train” your kids at 18 months if you want, I allow mine to mature a little first. 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 is the normal age to potty train in our culture. Yes, a cover would be nice. Otherwise, enough! Suri is very, very pretty.

  14. laila says

    In case you haven’t noticed there are only a handful of celebrities parading their kids around for the press, Ever seen Meryl Steeps kids? Until last month did you ever see Chritian Bales kids? How about Jack Nicholson, how about Cate Blanchett? So many of the the really big famous stars DON”T have their kids in the press only the ones who desperately need the publicity to survive do.

  15. B says

    Plenty of time for Suri to be potty trained and off the bottle, it’s a whole 16 yrs until college…

  16. mommy-of-two-girls says

    what is it with all the potty-training talk. she just turned two. most kids i know did not potty-train until 2.5-3.5 years of age. i got lucky, mine were potty trained by the time they were two, but that is not the norm.
    suri is absolutetly adorable, but katie really looks like crap.

  17. babyrazzi junkie says

    People need to get a grip! Who cares if Suri is still drinking a bottle at 2 years of age! And I know lots of kids (including my own 3 year old) who aren’t potty trained at two. I’m sure she’ll be off the bottle and potty trained by the time she goes to kindergarten & neither will cause her any long term problems.

  18. Muffin says

    To Oriana – they are not Christian Scientists, they are Scientologists. There is a HUGE difference.
    Also, I think people are being a little hard on Suri for not being potty trained yet. She is only 2 1/2. Many kids are not potty trained until 3 years of age and the latest medical information out there is that it’s perfectly normal.

  19. Samsmom says

    It is not at all strange that Suri is still in diapers or taking the bottle. One thing most parents know or find out, is that toddlers quickly discover that they are in control of two things: what goes in their mouth and when or where it comes out the other end. It is simply not something that can be forced. Absolutely weaning and potty training should be introduced but forcing it will accomplish little. If they are not ready, they are not ready!
    I love that Katie always dresses Suri in cute little dresses. I really don’t know why people get so up in arms over that. We have no idea what Suri wears at home playing in her own yard. Many people like their children to be dressed nicely when out in public. It is a reflection on the parents.

  20. what? says

    I can’t believe Katie is trying to bring back the tightly rolled-jeans look. Out of all the fads to revisit, that shouldn’t even be on the list…..lame!

  21. Lauren says

    I would be upset too if I had a dozen paparazzi taking my pictures while I’m trying to spend time with my 2 1/2 daughter. Suri is such a princess! 🙂

  22. Peppers says

    1) She really aged since she got married
    2) That kid needs to start being potty trained
    3) Also, get her off the bottle
    4) She is a very cute kid though

  23. My boo girl says

    Man, I am not a fan of Cruise or Kate, or even think Suri is the cutest kid out there (though they do get som cute outfits on her!) but Man lay off the potty training thing. My daughter was over 3 before she was out of diapers, and it wasn’t for lack of trying, she did not want to be potty trained! Letting her run around without a diaper didn’t work, Letting her get soaked didn’t work, she just didn’t care! Forcing them doesn’t work either, in fact it generally makes it worse, so all you Super Moms out there, get over it, all kids develope at different rates, in fact there are even kids older than mine at her preschool that still aren’t compleatly potty trained. Sorry but I guess you all are such perfect moms it gives you the right to judge others!

  24. says

    she is friggin only 2 years old. OK supermoms I don’t need to hear how you got all your kids in underwear at 18 months. The toddler is not potty trained yet, she is 2.

  25. mslewis says

    Wendy, Paul Newman’s kids were not little in the age of the Internet and there were not millions of papparazzis making $$ off pictures.

    However, his kids, especially the three girls with Joanne, were always in the movie magazines (Photoplay, etc.) back in the 70’s (or maybe earlier, my memory is suffering these days). Things are different now but Newman certainly allowed pics of his children.

  26. Analise says

    1. KATE is a celeb. She should be used to the cameras.
    2. She married the freak by choice and joined his cult. They are always parading about with and without Suri. Again, she should be used to cameras.
    3. They (or their agents) alert the press at times to their comings and goings.
    4. That kid should be in pull ups and for goodness sakes, get some bloomers.
    5. And this REALLY bugs me. Why does Suri ALWAYS have to look so formal? Sure my daughter wears dresses. But, not like that for a casual day on the swings. Her mom looks horrible and they have Suri in a fancy dress. Get a grip.

  27. Wendy says

    Most Hollywood stars cultivate the press. They want to be in the news. But you can’t turn it off as you please. We never saw pictures of Paul Newman’s kids. Because he never used his kids to get publicity.

  28. mslewis says

    The only thing I find odd is this 2 year old out in a park, playing on a swing and wearing a SILK DRESS!!!! Very odd!!

    Suri will get off the bottle when other kids begin teasing her; same with potty training. I don’t think it’s a real problem. It just makes Katie (or the nanny) seem lazy. I have a friend who tells the story of her, now 40 year old daughter, who sucked on a bottle until she was 10 years old!!! She would run home from school and go straight to the fridge to get her bottle and then lay on the couch sucking on it. Guess it didn’t do too much to her psyche. She seems more or less normal these days!!!

  29. emery says

    I don’t find it odd for a 2 year old to still be in nappy most 2 year old are still in nappy.

  30. oriana says

    She is a beautiful child, I love the way they dress her but sometimes don’t children get down and dirty in their play clothes? Suri always seems to be dressed like a minature model, I would say it is Tom’s doing, although I don’t recall Isabella being in fancy dresses all the time when she was smaller.

    I think Katie should definitely focus on weaning her from the bottle and potty training her, I am sure her mother has her thoughts about the Christian Science way of ignoring it, any child that is still on the bottle at three years old and still in diapers, the parents are at fault. And yes, she will still be sucking on a bottle when she is three years old if Katie doesn’t take some more responsibilities.

  31. ana says

    maybe katie should spend more time potty training and weaning suri off the bottle and a little less time playing dress up!

  32. Cute Grandma! says

    Suri and her Grandma sure look like they are having a nice time at the park!
    Why would she be in a sweater and jeans if it’s warm enough for Suri to be in a short sleeved sundress and bare legs? It’s August in New York – put on a t-shirt and shorts Granny!!

  33. Kat says

    Irishlady – she is only 2. She turned 2 in April. Cut her some slack. I would be more concerned with the bottle than the diaper.

  34. Shirley says

    Neither look happy. Maybe Katie realized the trade off for money. Suri looks so sad . There certainly have been changes in both their expressions. Suri needs out of diapers. Off the bottle and to act and play as a little girl. What a horrible existance for them both.

  35. Lisa says

    I would be sick of my pic being taken all the time too, I think its just a bad pic. As for the diaper, that should be gone by now.

  36. fiona says

    Suri is so cute in her spotty dress! I feel sorry for Katie though having to be photographed with her everytime they go to the park. Think she should get some better fitting jeans though! I don’t buy baggy jeans cos they do nothing for my figure!

  37. Sheila says

    It’s very interesting that in the headline news today at ABCnews.com, they had an article on Suri and reasons why she (and others) should be off the bottle by now! LOL

  38. Sarah-Jane says

    Scarlett, thats bang out of order. Suri is very, very cute and sweet! I think katie is probably realising what it is to be a mother to a toddler, an actress and someone who is ALWAYS being criticised.

    It must be hard and she should be cut some slack.

  39. scarlet says

    She should be use to having here picture taken that is the price of fame..Oh wait who was she before she got knocked up with so called Tom Cruise’s baby? NO ONE…

    I sure hope that kid grows into her looks. She is not all that cute.. Kinda of odd looking but daddy can always get here plactic surgery..Hahahaha!!

  40. ELIE TAYLOR says

    It is nice to see that Suri wears PAMPERS..
    She should be out of diapers and in to
    pull ups..

    Guess Katie and Tom don’t want her to grow
    up ..

  41. 2teens says

    Is it just me or does little Suri look different? Her face and eyes look puffy and she looks pale. She has not been looking happy lately and neither has her mom.

  42. Ruby Jackson says

    I think the cold, hard reality of her decision is starting to sink in. She looks miserable.

  43. jst me says

    I am sure the paparazzi has something to do with it but there are a lot of celebrities that can still smile and try to pretend they are not there. There is something weird about Katie lately – something just doesn’t seem right with her. She used to seem so bubby and fun and now she seems almost “snobby” and stuffy.

  44. Emily says

    Katie looks annoyed that their picture is being taken. I think I’d feel annoyed too. I don’t envy her one bit.

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