An Expectant Lisa Marie Presley In Marie Claire Magazine

An expectant Lisa Marie Presley struck some pretty pregnant poses for the September issue of Marie Claire.

Lisa Marie shared that she was motivated to pose for the glamorous shots after unflattering photos of her in the early stages of her pregnancy were posted and she was accused of having a large, unhealthy appetite.

“They want me to be him,” she told Marie Claire, referring to her father, Elvis Presley. “It’s like they can’t wait.”

Lisa Marie claimed “the tabloids were going so far as to alter photos. I could never figure out why they went to all that trouble to make me look fat.

“There are at least six other famous women pregnant right now who aren’t getting picked on,” she said in the interview. “But they’re all over me. It’s like there is a campaign to demean me.”

Shared Lisa Marie: “You know what I think when I see those fat photos? I am not going to let them control me. I just let it all hang out. You want to look at me? Go ahead and look.”

Lisa Marie, who is expected to give birth in the fall, has two children, Riley, 19, and Benjamin, 15, with ex husband Danny Keough. The twins will be the first children for Lisa Marie and husband Michael Lockwood.

Lisa Marie remains defiant when it comes to the fat-talk. “I am 5′ 3,” she said. “If I gain five pounds it shows.”

“I am trying to grow another human being,” she added. “Besides, I’m 40! I’m lucky to even be able to do this.”
“We’re all going to screw up,” Lisa Marie reflects in the September issue of Marie Claire. “The important thing is, do you learn from it and not do it again? Can you make it better in the future? Can you change?

“I am in a happy place now,” she said. “But it took a lot to get here. I wasn’t always who I am now.”

This poor woman! Weight is clearly a sensitive issue for her and then she was photoshopped fat while pregnant!? That’s no fun!



  1. elvisfankilleen says

    is me again,really grow up people .love lisa.god bless you.a big fan elvis and you now.hugs from fort hood.armywife.the same person that white before this comment.just i put elvis killeen.

  2. wildelina says

    he,hey,people rude.that ofense really upset.what happens,because shes elvis daughter,not respect.many fans of elvis like me get like they tslking about our king.remember,lisa was the most important thing in his life.shes beautifull no matter what.especting she looks gorgeous.

  3. says

    I agree kf (UK): pregnant women should not be sexualized, unless they want to be. I guess she wants to appear that way! It’s so perverted: when I was pregnant with my 3rd, I had several men asking me out or hooting and hollaring at me. So degrading…

  4. Dnice says

    I don’t think she looks bad, but I hate the picture. Needed a better direction….and the choice of outfit is awful.

  5. nosoupforyou says

    She sounds very insecure.

    In addition, those photos in the magazine are posed, brushed up, etc.

    Why should she care what’s published in the news? This woman is 40. She needs to have a better sense of self worth other than appearance.

  6. says

    “Way to go Lisa”.I wish I could have look that good pregnant and show it off.”You look great”Your babies will have a beautiful mommy!

  7. Moan4MeMony says

    Mellow Yellow

    I think that the pregnant form is one of the most beautiful shapes that a woman can flaunt. When I do become pregnant you can be certain that I will bare my pregnant belly although it won’t be on the cover of a magazine I will have them.

  8. Mellow Yellow says

    Why do pregnant women always have to expose their preggar bellys. !?! Not that I think there is really anything wrong with it… but I thinks it’s uneccesary. There are pregnant pics of me, but I was always dressed.

  9. Moan4MeMony says

    I think that she looks very pretty. And she does have a point about the press wanting her to be like Elvis. But good for her….Congrats Lisa Marie

  10. denise says

    LOL, paranoid much? come on, magazines purposely making her look fat. right.
    anyways, i like her she looks great in these (probably very photoshopped) shoots.

  11. Lauren says

    She looks great for carrying twins! I think it’s mean when people have to degrade people just to feel better about themselves. Leave her alone!

  12. Anne says

    Magazines make all the stars look perfect and degauze any blemishes and slim where necessary. Now real life is totally different as we see them with all their pimples, flaws etc. I was pregnant at 30 and looked radiant so a lot of us do look good at that age.

  13. kim says

    She’s not fat at all she look’s GREAT and for some reason i really love that coat! don’t know why!
    for a 40 year old preggo with twins she looks fab! she look’s better then a 30 year old!

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