Jamie Lynn Spears Takes Maddie Briann To Wal-Mart

In one of her first appearances since giving birth, Jamie Lynn Spears, 17, was snapped taking her 7-week-old daughter Maddie Briann to Wal-Mart in McComb, Miss, on Wednesday.

Afterwards they stopped for lunch at the Spears’ family favorite, Nyla’s Burger Basket.



  1. ella-louise says

    hey she is coping so well well done jamie that lil bubi of yours is georgeous and big for 7 weeks old i love babis they are so adorable i have a lil neice and she will be 3 months old on monday lots of luv xxx

  2. sharon says

    she looks awesome. and good for her shopping at walmart. she could be spending thousands of dollars uselessly but she is shopping at walmart instead. I think it is silly to spend thousands on clothes and strollers and other baby things that your child will out grow in no time at all. good for her. she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. 😀

  3. Zbella says

    I agree, she looks 17 – and she appears to be caring well for her newborn. She is always at Wal-Mart, because in rural USA, that’s the only place to shop. I love the blanket and the chubby little fist.

  4. Lauren says

    Jamie-Lynn looks amazing! It seems to me she’s doing the smart thing and staying low-key. Go Jamie-Lynn!!

  5. Tabitha says

    She looks about 17 to me. That’s how old i was when i had my first, 11 years ago now…Barely on my 2nd. 😉

  6. oriana says

    She looks like she 25 years old to me at least. She is very pretty, but she does look much older than what she is.

  7. pam says

    She does not look alot older than 17. Have you seen 17 year olds? That’s how they looked in my grade. Even back in the 70’s looking at my mums year books 17 year olds looked like that. And obviously she’s just had a baby so she will be a bit fuller but other than that theres nothing older looking about her. 17 year olds do not look like babys

  8. boo says

    Looks like she is doing a great job!! She seems to be keeping a low profile and keeping the baby out of the spotlight as best she can! Jamie herself looks awesome for just having a baby 7 weeks ago… if only all of us mothers could bounce back to the pre-pregnant body that quickly!!

  9. Gracie says

    I really think the press should leave her alone. And I don’t normally say that about celebrities because they were the ones who chose to put themselves in the public spotlight. In this case, however, when someone is no longer working in Hollywood and has moved away from Hollywood in order to have a more normal life then they really should respect that and leave her alone.

    I know she did the one magazine cover with her baby on it, but I assume that was so the paparazzi wouldn’t stalk her in order to get the first picture. I feel kind of bad for her because I think the only reason why the press is hounding her is because they are hoping she’ll do something crazy and reckless like her sister did.

  10. Ryan says

    U LOOK GREAT! only after 7 weeks.
    Good luck to jamie Lynn ,Maddie and Casey!

    i am a girl

  11. bj's mom says

    in the second picture, I see alot of Britney in her. i mean they definately look similar all the time, but i really see it in the second pic. good luck to her and baby Maddie.

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