Geri Halliwell & Bluebell At Disneyland

Geri Halliwell was snapped celebrating her 36th birthday with a carousel ride with daughter Bluebell, 2, at Disneyland in California. Fun!

Wow! Every now and then I am taken aback by someone’s age…Geri looks 25 to me…not 36! She is so youthful for her age!

Little Bluebell looks like she’s had a long day at the park! 🙂



  1. Analise says

    Hey! 36 isn’t old! *I* am 36 and far from ancient. That said, Geri doesn’t look 25 anymore than I do. However, she seems to be a great Mom and the joy in her face when she’s with Bluebell makes her pretty to me.

  2. Blair says

    Awwwww! Bluebell is the cutest, although looks exhausted and hot in this photo! I think it’s great that Geri got on the ride with her, most parents just stand next to their kid on the merry-go-round…You can tell she’s a very hands on parent.

  3. Granny says

    They look like the heat is about to get them down. Records claim her birth as Aug. 72, making her 36.

    36 is still plenty young.

  4. oriana says

    Ladies, 36 is far from being old! All of you are still young and I hope you are enjoying life and your children. I love Disneyland, yes, even at my age! Ha! Still get a thrill out of Pirates of the Carrib, and it has always been my favorite ride. The little girl looks so tired, it can be a long tiring day for a little tot!

  5. Kelli says

    Hey! When did 36 get to be OLD????

    That said, she’s lying about her age. So is Carmen Electra. Carmen gets a year younger every year! She’s my age (38).

  6. Eli says

    The skin on her face is “orangish” and her neck, thighs and legs are another color! Eeewwwww!

    I agree, she is older than 36.

  7. chRISTIE says

    way back in the days of spice girls her age was doctored…..she’s older than 36…..just like zeta jones is not 38 or whatever she claims!! yep her daughter is an angel from a painting!

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