Victoria Beckham Warned That Trying To Have A Daughter Could Be Life-Threatening

(In the above pic Victoria and David were snapped at the 2008 Teen Choice Awards on August 3rd)

Victoria Beckham desperately wants a baby girl, but is in turmoil over whether to expand her family as she fears it could kill her.

Victoria, 34, already has three sons – Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3 – with husband David, 33, by elected Caesarean sections.

However, doctors have warned her that if she has a fourth child,  a c-section would be life threatening. Doctors are concerned that Victoria could need an emergency hysterectomy if the operation goes wrong.

Doctors say a natural birth is out of the question for Victoria due to the number of C-sections she’s already had.

“Victoria is terrified but she’s desperate for another baby. She’s always wanted a little girl to join her three boys,” the Daily Star quoted one of her friends as saying.

“She wanted to try for a baby after the Spice Girls finished touring. But she’s put her plans on hold while she sees what can be done to help her.

“She knows she is putting her health at risk if she dismisses the advice of her doctors and has another C-section,” the pal added.

Posh discussed her childbirth fears with gynecologist Dr. Malcolm Gillard at the Portland Hospital earlier this year when the Spice Girls were touring in London.

Victoria has even been on a special diet to put weight on in preparation for her next child but she’s not started trying yet because she needs more medical advice.

A source revealed: “Posh is trying to get as strong and healthy as she can be and is eating healthily to prepare herself for her next baby. She wants to make sure her body is as strong as it can be. She’s also seeking as much medical advice as she can before she decides what to do next.”



  1. Zbella says

    Sheesh, the love is over-whelming around here.
    You don’t know her personal feelings or reasons for choosing to have c-sections. That’s scary stuff, and I choose not to judge others for decisions that don’t effect me. Children, our bodies, diet and so on are very personal issues that every woman has to come to terms with. She is not only married to a soccer star, she is a person with wishes and dreams. I am very blessed to have at least one daughter and one son. I people who have done IV, adopted, tried for a third, a fourth, risked their health to get/be pregnant and it’s not my place to judge.

  2. Moon Girl says

    ADOPT A BABY GIRL!!! It’s so stupid to risk your own health for something that might not even have the outcome you want! Meanwhile babies all over the world wait for parents to love and adopt them. Posh has been blessed with 3 healthy children of her own, why not bless another child in need?

  3. scotgal says

    I remember reading that Brooklyn was in the wrong position and that is why she had her first c-section and was advised to have further c-sections with Romeo and Cruise. I am scottish and remember her saying about Brooklyn’s birth. I also seem to remember her saying she would have quite liked to have done the whole natural childbirth thing. Why do people always give her a hard time

  4. Madinat says

    i kinda feel bad for her….not b/c she’s had three beautful healthy boys, but b/c at 33 she’s high risk for no REAL reason! i wonder if she’s asking herself if all that expedience was worth it now?

  5. Blair says

    Awww, that would be one well-dressed little girl, haha! I bet she would be the little princess of the family.

  6. S says

    blahblahblah, she chose to have the first c section, i, as is vic am English and i can tell you that they were ELECTIVE c sections so she has nobody to blame for her body being screwed up but herself

  7. Analise says

    I would get a second opinion. I was told I can have one more C and we will take it from there. That will be my third one and I am a high risk patient from the start.

  8. theresa says

    this isn’t a support group folks. so i don’t need to support her. although from the looks of it, she could probably use a little help since her legs are like toothpicks.

  9. Jen says

    Three ELECTIVE c-sections??? She could have had all the children she wants if she’d just giving birth the way nature intended.

  10. Jellybean says

    All of you are saying ‘oh i know people who have had 4,5 c-Sections
    ‘ that might be so but those people did not crash diet did they?
    i can totally see why it is Life-Threatening for her just look at her she is a twig she needs to but on weight get her body a lot stronger, i am a midwife over in Australia and no doctor would let her have another c -Section becuase of her weight and if she has had complications then thats another fact to think about.

  11. Vic says

    blahblahblah……VB elected her c/s’s from the start. I’m English and it was very well covered at the time that she didn’t want to go through the labour, hence the term ‘too posh to push’ (she’s Posh Spice if you didn’t know)

  12. blahblahblah says

    so just because someone has had 3 children, if they want another they should adopt? You people are so high and mighty sounding. And who knows WHY she had a csection to begin with? I have had 2 c sections and NOT because I was “too posh to push”. Mine were for medical reasons. If her 1st c section was for medical reasons (like fetal distress) then subsequent sections are most likely. Some women prefer a VBAC, and some prefer to schedule another section. Women should be supporting each other during pregnancy, labor and birth…not tearing each other apart over their decisions about their own bodies.

  13. Amerie says

    There is nothing wrong with this chick she needs to eat.Of course you are going to have health problems if you are a grown woman and weigh 90lbs.Somebody give her a sandwich!!!!! LOL

  14. L.Lodhi says

    I have to agree that she shouldnt have been too posh to push!
    Ive just had my 3rd son naturally and even though labour isnt nice at least I have the choice to have another. Id never want my body to be cut open by choice but obviously its nothing to her. I mean shes had so many boob jobs and probably many more procedures. Vanity is a bad thing!

  15. Cheryl Zakria says

    Actually the more c-section you have the more the risk of rupture of the bowel or scar tissue. She has 3 healthy children. She should adopt.

  16. SbK says

    Vic, got it in one, she must definately think she’s too posh to push! i cant understand why someone would want to have their body cut open BY CHOICE!! 3 TIMES!!! what can be more amazing than having a natural birth

  17. Vic says

    Serves her right if she doesn’t have any more kids……she shouldn’t have been ‘too posh to push’ in the first place!!!

  18. oriana says

    She always looks like a sour puss, I don’t like her at all. He is very sexy and handsome but when he opens his mouth it just ruins it, he sounds like Ozzy Osbourne talking when he was on too much medication. I do think they are good loving parents and a truely happy in love couple. Nice family.

  19. says

    Maybe if she ate, she’d have some strength to carry some damn kids.

    They could always adopt. I thought that was the new celeb trend…

  20. Rougelatete says

    I suppose that’s the price of vanity — three ELECTED c-sections? Really, she should just adopt. That would be the most giving thing to do. She’s been very fortunate to have three healthy babies already. Whatever special diet she’s undertaking, I certainly hope it involves food.

  21. blahblahblah says

    I know people who have had 4 or 5 c sections! If I were her I would get another opinion. AND…you CAN select the sex if you want to pay for it. Its not like they don’t have the money! It would just involve doing IUI instead of natural conception.

  22. says

    I am with number 1
    I think that she should adopt a littel girl instead of being selfish! Please stick around for your kids! they need u! I am sad just by hearing that she can’t have a little girl but I really would be sad if she passed because of her willing actions

  23. Jana says

    That’s weird that she has been told that, because I’ve heard of women having 5 or more c-sections, she needs to get 2nd, 3rd and 4th opinions. I’ve had 4 c-sections, all boys, so I know how she feels, poor thing.

  24. Nic says

    I know a few people that have had 4 Csections!! and they were just fine. I’m sure with her money she can do the sperm seperator + find a Dr who is willing to do a fourth Csection. I think she needs to get a second opinion. I’m on my third Csection and was asked if I was going to have more children after from my Doctor.

  25. Patti says

    I can understand that she wants a girl but I am sure her kids want their mom around for a long time. I am very sure that they will have a beauitful litlte girl but please be careful

  26. sue says

    Why not adopt a little girl then, if it was me you have three healthy boys, l just would’nt put my health at risk!

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