Priscilla Presley: Twins Won't Call Me "Grandma"

As we reported back in March, Lisa Marie Presley is expecting twins. The twins won’t be calling Priscilla Presley “grandma.”

“We say ‘Nona’ — it means ‘grandma’ in Italian,” Priscilla, 63, told Entertainment Tonight.

“There’s just such a connotation with Grandma, and I just liked it better,” she added. “[Lisa Marie's children] say it so sweet: ‘Nona.’”

Lisa Marie, 40, whose twins with husband Michael Lockwood will arrive this fall, has two children from a previous marriage to Danny Keough. 

“It’s her time to celebrate with her husband,” Priscilla said. “My daughter is a very family girl. She loves children, and I know that she and Michael have been hoping for this for a long time.”

Over the weekend, Lisa Marie’s rocker pal Pink threw her a baby shower.

Priscilla says she is ready to dote on her grandchildren.

“I’m looking at baby stores; I’m looking at all the incredible things that are out there today that I wish that were there during my time,” Priscilla told ET. “It’s just fun to have a baby!”


  • annmarie

    What is the correct pronunction of Nonna..

  • name not important

    Nicole-FYI Nonna not nona is grandma in italian noni is NOT the true meaning of grandmother. I am italian and everyone I know here who is Italian says nonna and all of my relatives in Italy say nonna. Nonna=grandmother and Nonno=grandfather.

  • Nicole

    FYI: Nona does not mean grandma in Italian, It means Goddess of pregnancy!!! LOL!!! Noni is the true meaning of grandma in Italian!!!

  • sharrie

    Gees, Priscilla….enough of the plastic surgery already…you will scare those poor babies to death. And she used to be such a pretty woman too…….Face it, you are getting older and deal with it…thats life….

    Good luck to Lisa with her new babies…screw the press and their nasty comments…just be happy and enjoy…and don’t resort to plastic surgery….

  • name not important

    haha your right i guess i did spell it wrong.

  • Jellybean

    IT seems like she has been preggo for age’s!

  • BG

    The fact that she’s desperately trying to look youthful, instead of embracing her age, life experience and the special relationship between a grandparent and grandchild, kind of points to a shallow, self-absorbed nature. Maybe she isn’t like that but it sure seems that way because of her obsession with hiding the signs of aging.
    Maybe she went to the same plastic surgeon as Mickey Rourke…his face looks like cat food and the lower part of her face resembles silly putty. A shame, he was once a good looking man and she used to be a lovely woman. I pity them both.

  • oriana

    I think Nonna is a very nice endearment. I like it! And yes, poor Priscilla doesn’t look too good, I hope she can have her face fixed, it is terrible about the so called doctor!

  • N

    Priscilla went to a surgeon that did not have a license. That surgeon has been sued and I think he fled the country. Also, Spelt is the british past tense use of spell. FYI….. Look it up in Websters dictinary online.

  • woogie

    Priscilla looks like a dead person with lots of make up on. HORRID. and creepy! She should have left plastic surgery alone and age naturally and I bet she would have been beautiful. Not surprised she does not want to be called “Grandma” or any type of grandmotherly type name. She is the type of person that is not comfortable with aging among other things.

    I have seen her on tv talk shows, etc…and she is just plain weird, self centered and rude. When she is “nice” it is in a phony way. Wonder when Lisa Marie is expecting her twins? Guess its gonna be a silly secret they way some celebrities do….so silly. oh, well…who cares?

  • Jordyn

    Elvis would roll in his grave if he had to look at his ex. She is aging horribly. She was beautiful years ago. Some people should stay away from the plastic surgeon!! And she DOES look like Michael Jackson…must use the same surgeon.
    #3 You crack me up! LOL

  • Jana

    That has to be the worst picture of Priscilla Presley ever.

    She looks like Michael Jackson.

  • Lauren

    I call my grandma Nana.What’s the big deal??

  • Granny

    Is Priscilla smiling. Please don’t jump all overy me, but I really can’t tell.

  • mslewis

    Nothing wrong with being called nonna, nana, oma or any other name for granny. Why not? It’s Priscilla’s decision what she wants to be called.

    Some of y’all need to stop being so judgemental. Not all people are the same.

  • alice

    it’s nonna! we say nonna for grandma actually!=)

  • Mom21


  • N

    Just Me….. Actually spelt is British past and past participle of the word spell.

  • Just me

    name not important … it’s actually spelled not spelt.

  • name not important

    So i would just like to ask what is wrong with her children calling her Nonna? Just because she wants to be called grandma in italian does not mean that she is not honored to be an grandmother and it isn’t a nutty name if it is the same only in a different language.

    And it is spelt nonna not nona. Sorry but the spelling was bothering me.

  • Beth

    That is soooo vain! She should feel honored, privileged and grateful to be a grandmother to her her grandchildren! People who insist on all these nutty names when they become grandparents are incredibly immature and self-centered.