Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban Talk About Sunday Rose

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman surprised a lot of Australian radio listeners today when they called in to a popular Sydney morning show to talk about their newborn baby girl Sunday Rose.

Nicole and Keith returned to Australia last night with Sunday Rose for their first trip back since the birth of their daughter in the US on July 7th.

The couple, who were greeted by a small group of media when they flew into Sydney on a private plane, today called a Sydney radio station to plead with journalists and photographers to back off while they show their new daughter their home town.

The proud parents enthused about their love for their “little four-weeker”.

“She looks like Keith. I think she does,” Nicole told the Kyle and Jackie O breakfast radio show on 2Day FM.

“She’s got a little bit of hair, it’s a bit of a reddish tint.”
Keith said being a new dad was an “awesome” feeling that only other dads could understand.

“Anybody out there who’s got kids (knows) it’s just a certain kind of feeling that you can only experience when you do it,” he said.

“She’s just awesome … cute little thing.

“I’m not looking forward to having to go on tour and having to leave.”

Nicole said she had enjoyed a “surprisingly” smooth delivery, with her husband, mother and sister by her side and she was now looking forward to introducing her little “doll” to the rest of her family.

Nicole said her delivery had been made easier by the presence of her mother, who is a nurse and midwife, and her sister Antonia who has had four children.

“They say a lot of it (delivery) has to do with how your sister and your mother gave birth, so luckily my sister’s had four children … and that was pretty easy for her too,” she said.

“My mum was a nurse too and also she’s a midwife so we were surrounded … but we also had wonderful nurses at the hospital.

“I’m embarrassed now. That’s too much information on a breakfast show.”

The couple pleaded with photographers to let them introduce Sunday Rose to Sydney and her other three grandparents in peace.

“Keith and I are both appealing to the press and stuff just to give us a little space so we can walk around Sydney and show the baby our town,” Nicole said.

“She’s tiny. She’s like a doll, she’s like a little, little thing.

“Just (don’t photograph) right in her face or in our faces because it’s scary for her.”

Keith said he understood the media interest, but that people had to think about the effect it could have on their little girl.

“I get it. I get the interest there is,” he said.

“But at the same time it’s our little girl.

“Sometimes when people come right up in your face and you think: ‘Good God, would you do that to anybody else’s child?’ That’s all.”

The media last night followed the family to their exclusive Darling Point mansion with the couple using several decoy cars to try to avoid photographers.

No photographs of Sunday Rose have been released and Keith today confirmed that the couple had no intention of selling any.



  1. Starr Williams-Boyd says

    I am so happy for Nicole and Keith! Congratulations on you little bundle of joy. Sunday Rose is a beautiful name and I cant wait to see her. I have been a fan of both Nicole and Keith. I have a unique name as well “Starr” named after Ringo Starr of the Beatles. I was born in 75, so there you go! God Bless you both and I hope you enjoy every minute with her. They grow up so fast…..

    Starr Williams-Boyd

  2. urbangirl73 says

    I would love to see Sunday Rose, but when Keith and Nicole decide they want us to see her. In due time we will see her. I love them for trying to live a private life. I’m sure its hard being them. So until then, I’ll just wait.

  3. Tina says

    My god keep you all in his love and care. I can’t wait to see Sunday Rose but I’m glad to here your child isn’t for sale.
    Mommy’s Angle and Daddy’s Sunday Rose.
    I hope you back gets well soon. I hope this tour doesn’t make it worse. God Bless

  4. Judy Grigg says

    I am so pleased for Nicole and Keith. July 7 is also my birthday and I was so excited when Sunday was born on that day .

  5. TORI says

    CeeJay | August 27th, 2008 at 12:44 pm…

    My name is one of those so called “special” names and I don’t have a problem with it. I’m 24 and not once has anyone ever said anything to be about it, nor have I had any “emotional baggage” that comes with my name.

    A name is special to both the mother and father or family and it’s not upto anyone else to judge.

  6. Chris Ward says

    I agree with those who suggest that Keith and Nic release a photo or two of Sunday. What’s the big deal? That would assuage the paps and fans for awhile. What I can’t figure out is how do the paps know exactly when they’re arriving in Sydney? Can’t they travel under assumed names and keep their arrival under wraps? Certainly their parents and relations don’t release this info to the public, do they? I love Nicole, but I’ve noticed over the years she has had a love-hate relationship with the press. She courts it, but then gets annoyed with it too. But I understand that too much intrusion when they’re with the baby is scary. As adults they can handle it, but the baby is helpless. On the other hand, newborns don’t do much but sleep 24/7. Release a photo! We’re dying to see your gorgeous child!!!!!

  7. CeeJay says

    Ok, I agree that finding a ‘special’ name for your child is your right to choose and it is up to the parents, but c’mon….Rumer, Apple, Sunday, Tori, and the whole host of other odd names?
    I’m very confused……kids in school are going to have a field day, and we all know how ‘vicious’ those little buggers can be.
    Is this new naming rite mechanism a way to get the kids stronger emotionally by dealing with an odd name, to have courage to live their lives? Little ones do not have the emotional capacity yet to do that. The old adage of ‘it makes them stronger’ us a bunch of dog-do. It gives them an unnecessary agenda of ‘why can’t I be the same as the other kids?’ Talk about giving the child emotional baggage from day one!

  8. Arianna's Mummy says

    Hmm. it seems to me that when Angelina, or Jamie Lynn released the photo’s of their babies, people attacked them and said that they were exploiting thier children, not Keith and Nicole don’t and people keep saying they should! I just love how it is different rules for different celebs!

  9. susanna says

    Agree with Analise, l have done the trip to Australia from Uk, hard enough without a newborn, but l suspect she might have had a nannie with her? Whats with all the secrecy behind releasing a photo? most celebs do it, seems very odd to me.

  10. Moon Girl says

    I’m really happy for Nicole and Keith and totally agree w/ them on the paprazzi stuff but… I think a way to appease that thirst for people to see their baby and not having to resort to unwanted attention and get a lot of extra out of it would be to allow photos in a controlled setting to be taken. That way they can donate the millions they’d receive to charity! It’s noble and quenches that thirst that people have. It’s a great way for celebs donate a lot of easily made cash.

  11. says

    I agree to some extent about being in the public eye and
    being such a sought after star couple there are certain blessings in life you have to expect to give up your precious
    moments in life to all. On the other hand I myself certainly
    would not feel safe or comfortable at all walking around with a new 4 week old .Unfortunately the stardome and success comes with a HUGE PRICE. I could not do it being a mother & a grandmother, Life as Keith & Nicole knew it will never be the same. Most Blessings come with a
    enormous changes. God Bless The Family the two of them
    will be great parents.

  12. Monica says

    It is their baby and their life! Why is that so hard to respect? Just because they are in the public doesn’t mean they have to share every single detail of their lives with the public! Give them the privacy they request for heavens sake and leave that baby alone!!!

  13. Lauren says

    They could just release a photo and publish it for free. Maybe on Keith’s website. Then, there wouldn’t be so much speculation or whatnot

  14. Analise says

    I simply cannot imagine taking my month old baby out of the country. I do agree they could solve part of the pap problem if they would release even one official photo.

  15. karen says

    I understand their desire for privacy but why not just release a picture, free if that is what they choose. I agree that then there would be less interest in photographing her. I belong to KU’s fan club and not much info nor picture has been released there either. They really are private people. When my kids were baby’s, I loved showing them off!!!, although I imagine that it is scary with people “dogging” you to get the picture. I hope that the photogs respect Nicole and Keiths request to let them enjoy their time in Sydney.

  16. SbK says

    I agree with woogie, if they were to just release a photo then there would not be this interest in them!! She could ‘do an ange’ and sell the photos for millions and give all the money to charity. I can understand that they might not want to introduce their baby to the showbiz world and keep her private but seriously, thats just asking to be hounded

  17. oriana says

    I think the baby may very well have red hair and I am anxious to see it, soooo happy for this couple!

  18. woogie says

    don’t these stars realized the photographers are going to be around until someone gets a picture of the new baby. Why not publish a photo and be done with it. No one has to sell it for goodness sake. These stars made a decision to be in the public light—-so, of coure people are going to be interested in their new baby just like anyone else!


  19. says

    Is it because she didn’t really have a baby??
    She looked fnny pregnant to me and I don’t think that she gave birth and I like Jamie lynn’s baby name compared to sunday rose

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