Kelly Ripa Arriving At The David Letterman Show

Kelly Ripa was snapped arriving at the David Letterman show on August 5th. For a 37-year-old mother of three she is in amazing shape! It is impressive to be so slim and to also have such fantastic muscle tone!


  1. Zbella says

    Really? I don’t see it. I think she’s really petite and she does have muscle tone in her arms for sure. She has dimples, not sunken cheeks. I actually think she looks good but could add a few pounds for good measure.

  2. sunny says

    That isn’t muscle tone….that’s what you get when there is NO essential fat on your body.
    Too thin!

  3. phnxgirl says

    She’s pretty thin. If you are too thin you can look way older then you really are. You need to have a little fat. I think Madonna looks really bad.

  4. jamie says

    she used to look great but shes lost way to much weight she looks anorexic her legs are sticks, her face is even sunken in making her look older then she is ,someone feed her !

  5. reeny says

    I guess my comment is awaiting moderation because I did not agree with the webmistriss and say that I liked the way she looks – she is too thin in my opinion

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