Katie Price & Princess Tiáamii Enjoying Being Sparkly & Girly Together!

As we shared earlier 13-month-old Princess Tiáamii has more than 100 pairs of shoes and four wardrobes full of clothes she barely wears!

Shopaholic Katie, 30, admits she can’t control herself when shopping for clothes and shoes for her youngest child.

Katie (also known as Jordan) told OK! magazine: ‘Anyone who comes in her room says: “Oh my God, has she got enough shoes?”

‘She’s got over a hundred pairs and her clothes are ridiculous – she’s got a wardrobe and I had to order three more because all her clothes are on rails.

‘She’ll never wear it all but I can’t help buying all this stuff.

‘She’s so like me. She always wants me to put my lipstick on her, she pouts her lips so I can put a bit on.

‘If I’m in the bath, she wants to get in; if I put a face mask on, she wants a face mask. I put a bit on her nose and a dot on each cheek.

‘Anything girlie and sparkly like my jewellery.’

After becoming mother to sons Harvey – whose father is footballer Dwight Yorke – in 2002 and Junior with husband Peter Andre in 2005, Katie finally got her much sought after baby girl last year.

Ahead of Princess’s arrival, Katie announced her plans to dress her daughter as girlie as possible: ‘I’m really looking forward to going out and buying all pink stuff and making her room all pink and girlie.’

Katie has recently announced her intention to have a second baby girl and has also discussed the possibility of adopting a disabled orphan from Bulgaria after watching a harrowing documentary on the Eastern European nation.

Katie is currently in Los Angeles preparing to undergo her fifth breast job and second breast reduction.



  1. Jellybean says

    1, no the baby is not wearing makeup dumb arse.
    2, what do you know about fashion
    3 do you really think katie is going to care what you think about her, she is more prettier and more famouse then you will EVER be.

    I guess katie really does bring out then green monster in people hay!

  2. Catu says

    1. Yes, she’s probably wearing makeup. It might be even worse than Junior’s bleached hair streaks. Gosh.
    2. I absolutely agree with Rougelatete.
    3. At least she could choose good clothes if she shops so much, because I have never seen either one of them wearing anything nice.
    4. No, darling, you don’t need sparkles, pink and glitter to look feminine. You need good manners and clothes that fit well. Look at your vest and your bra.

  3. says

    wow- that little girl is prettier than shiloh! She looks like a little doll.


    okay, someone has oil olay in their eyes or something…this little girl has a koolaid jug shaped head.,,

  4. Lannie Belle says

    Except for the eyes she looks exactly like her father who I think is quite strange looking. More than two pairs of shoes at that age is ridiculous ….

  5. Rougelatete says

    She has 100 pairs of shoes and isn’t wearing any in the photo?! That money could be donated to charity…..

  6. Collette says

    +aj twins are so adorable got her lips +to put it straight they was concieve naturaly twins on brads sides sick of people dissing her

  7. monkey puzzle says

    Does anyone else think Princess looks like she is wearing mascara? And from readin the interview it does sound quite possible that she actually is!

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