Katie Holmes On Her Way To Rehearsal In NYC

Katie was snspped on her way to rehearsal for the Broadway show All My Sons in New York City Tuesday.

The scary thing is that she may single-handedly usher in another era of scrunched, rolled up jeans! Oh no! 🙂



  1. phnxgirl says

    I agree with other posts, I will never roll my jeans again. I pray that it does not become the thing to do. She looks really cute besides that.

  2. Marti says

    Good gawd, I can’t even imagine not being able to walk out of my house w/out having a kazillion cameras pointed in my direction! It’s ridiculous and something really needs to be done about it before someone gets hurt … again. 🙁

    Katie looks great!

  3. Mellow Yellow says

    She certainly isn’t looking like Jackie O anymore! J wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of jeans like that.

  4. Maria says

    She has been wearing these pants all week! Maybe she has more than one pair like it, but they look horrible. Rolled up jeans can look cute, but pegging the leg like this?? Major fashion faux-pas in my opinion.

  5. Sheila says

    She looks so masculine, especially with the rolled up jeans. And Posh has already worn this “trend” so the only thing we can “single handedly” credit Katie for is looking lifeless and blank.

  6. bj's mom says

    OMG! The jeans being rolled up like that was 7th grade for me….me and my friends have laughed and talked about how we used to roll them up like that and we always said we hope that trend never comes back! and now Katie is doing it. but, i agree with #2….never again for me!

  7. meg says

    She should run out of Cruise’s hands,
    quit Scientology and be herself again.
    Poor little thing.
    Besides her marriage and accordingly
    Scientology BLAH BALH,she is perfect.

  8. Lannie Belle says

    I am positive that no matter who is wearing this trend … I will NEVER do it again. She looks cute from the waist (above that hideous belt that doesn’t match) up, and then she looks so very sloppy…. why is this a good thing? I do love the hair though.

  9. Just me says

    I don’t know why she’s on here, but anyway …
    She’s really not a trendsetter, just a copycat. I’ve seen a lot of celebs wearing this 1992 look lately but Posh started it several weeks ago. Just like the short hair do.

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