Carmen Electra Hopes To Be A Mom Someday

(In the above pic Carmen was snapped while out for dinner with friends in Malibu on Monday)

Carmen, 36, recently became engaged to former Korn guitarist Rob Patterson.

She shared that now that she is engaged her friends have inquired if there is a baby on the way! She said that her friend sent her a text: “Are you pregnant?” And someone else said: “I had a dream you’re pregnant. You’re not pregnant are you?”

When asked if she thinks she will have kids Carmen shared, “Well I’m not pregnant, but I do look forward to being a mom someday.”

She was also asked if she would allow a daughter to pose for Playboy and date a rocker. Carmen responded, “Well, by the time she would be old enough, she could make her own decision about Playboy, and I come from a family of musicians so that would be the pot calling the kettle black. Of course, I would be supportive of her career and if she wants to date a rocker, who am I to say she can’t!”



  1. Lauren says

    Carmen would be such an awesome mom. I was rooting for her and Dave to have kids together. 🙁

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