Angelina Contemplating Adopting A Child From China

Angelina Jolie is considering adopting another child. Angelina, who gave birth to twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline last month – was so affected by footage of the recent earthquake in China that she is contemplating giving a home to a child orphaned in the natural disaster.

A source told Britain’s Star magazine: “Angelina is devastated over the earthquake that occurred in China in May. She has been in constant touch with relief workers as part of her UN involvement, and even got her hands on photos of a few orphaned kids. “She’s made overtures offering a home to one earthquake orphan, or even two if they are siblings.”

As well as the twins, Angelina and Brad also have three adopted children: Zahara, 3, Maddox, 7, and Pax, 4, as well as Shiloh, 2.

Angelina, 33, recently revealed that her newborn babies are keeping her busy, but she is getting plenty of help from the rest of her family.

She said: “It is chaos, but we are managing it and having a wonderful time.

I realize that this may be nothing more than a bit of fiction, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did adopt more children. They have the financial means to raise many children, so it would almost seem a sin if they didn’t choose to welcome orphaned children into their home (as they already have so generously done.) Most people are not as brave as Brad and Angelina are. It seems that they are a rare combination of financial ability combined with courage and compassion.


  1. connie says

    this couple has done so many great things, All they deserve is praise. They are tring to give their children a normal life. They don’t always need to be picture perfect, most of all they need to be children and trust me they aren’t always neat and clean or should they be. i would much rather lead the life these children have then any of tom cruise’s. I feel deeply sorry for his children.

  2. connie says

    this couple has done so many great things, All they deserve is praise. They are tring to give their children a normal life. They don’t always need to be picture perfect, most of all they need to be children and trust me they aren’t always neat and clean or should they be.

  3. toni says

    USA RICH….like3 everywhere there are the rich and the poor….and the in between. Brad and Angie are remarkable people with huge hearts and fat wallets. I guess they can do whatever makes them feel good. In a nut shell…..6 kids and a relationship that started with deciet….he will meet another like her…or her like him and then like the rich always do……joint custody….sad kids…….Jen is better off with out this man and for that matter Billy Bob with out her…lol

  4. Katrina says

    Just why are there so many kids up for adoption in the US. Don’t you have a system or government who supports moms so they don;t have to give up their babies? You can’t compare the US to China or African countries. They are poor countries, the US is rich.

  5. toni says

    Okay lets get real here. Is there not many children in our own contry that need homes???God bless B&A but they could create this same rainbow right here…..Charity starts at home…..who did they donate the 14 million too….hungry and homeless in the USA…our servicmens families???think not

  6. Fly On The Wall says

    Christina is right; tight braiding can cause a great deal of damage to the scalp if the braids are too tight and left in too long. Angie is doing the right thing by leaving Z’s hair natural. When she is 10 or 11 she will probably have her own ideas about how she wants her hair to look and she will have Angie spending a bajillion dollars in the beauty salon, but for now let her be. She’s a lovely child just the way she is.

  7. bj's mom says

    as far as the braiding goes, it only makes sense that tight braids all the time could cause breakage. i tie my hair up alot and started having alot of breakage and my hairdresser said its because its always pulled back. as far as zahara needing an african american sibling…i think z’s personalitly is the bomb. she seems so happy and outgoing and i think she would be ok if they did not adopt another, but i think that brad and angie will end up adopting another african american child. i dont think they are done with kids yet. i have a feeling they will take a break, but are not done just yet.

  8. Vicky says

    China changed their adoption laws 5/1/07. You can no longer adopt from China as a single parent. AND you need to be married at least 5 years before they consider you.. they are VERY strict on their guidelines.. It’s a great idea to adopt a sibling group that lost their parents in the earthquake, but it would not happen any time soon for the Joli-Pitt clan. .
    Meg Ryan was there about 1 week prior to me being there when I adopted my daughter. The new guidelines were not in effect then.

  9. Barbara says

    Serving for happiness is the right thing always. When love is invovled it is a double blessing. Good for you both.

  10. Christina says

    Sugar Walls- how do you know I’m not a Black American and a hair stylist? What makes you think it’s a “white woman’s opinion” and not actual data… I didn’t say braiding doesn’t cause hair to grow, I said it can cause long term damage – TIGHT braids. A fact everyone can agree on, it all depends on the individual. A child’s scalp is not as developed as an adult woman’s scalp. NO ONE should wash their hair everyday – it strips the natural oils in your hair and scalp.

    They said themselves that they wanted to adopt another black child… I think they should as well based on the fact that there are so many, too many, black children in Africa in need; I just don’t think it will cause Z to have an identity issue. She’s going to have one like most all young people do be it temporary or long term. For me, I don’t see color lines. I don’t teach my children color lines – we are all human beings with fears and issues. My children don’t say, “the black kid in school” – they say “Charlie at school”. In my opinion, change starts at home. We cannot change the past, only the here and now. If you tell someone they are fat fat fat all the time, they will think I’m fat. If you tell someone your black black black all the time and everyone else is white in your family; you’re saying “your different” than them. Bottom line, it’s all about love and teachings.

    This is sooooooo not an attach on you – I understand your opinion.

    Also, it was IN TOUCH not US Weekly… sorry!

  11. says

    I think that angelina need to adopt another black chld..Just because George lucus kid didn’t have a issue with it..doesn’t mean that Z won’t! She is out numbered..Two chinese children and 3 cacausian siblings..She is the only one with darker skin..Yes she is a baby now, but when she get older she will have a idenity issue

  12. says

    Z: braiding. Here’s an interesting fact. Braiding coarse hair on young children can actually cause hair growth damage. Hence why so many women of color complain that their hair stops growing as they get older. TIGHT braids can cause damage to coarse hair, especially in the development growth stages. It has something to do w/the molecules and make-up of that type of hair. (ironically, the white blood cells). I think for any mom with little girls w/coarse hair shouldn’t do tight braids: wash it, comb it when it’s wet, leave a little conditioner on it and let it dry naturally. At least till the child’s hair



    If you don’t know anything about braiding a african american child hair..then please STFU
    scientist can’t tell u sh*t about braiding hair.

    actually It makes the child hair grow. Our hair isn’t like you would never understand..WE don’t have to wash our hair everyday..we wash it every couple of day..If we wash our hair everyday..It will get dry and brittle..

  13. Christina says

    Lastly, the pics in US Weekly of their family… did you all see the shot of Pax, running naked??? Does that make you sick to your stomach? How many of you let your little ones run around naked, playing the backyard – I venture to say most of us. Now imagine the constant threat of paps trying photograph you and your kids in private situations? Now add to that the child pornography and sexual predators? US Weekly should have NEVER published that photo!!! Even though they blurred it out so you can’t see anything, the idea of it makes me sick to my stomach!!!

    The paps should NOT be allowed to shoot photos of children playing naked!!! NEVER!!! BOTH the paps and the magazine should be charged with a felony for soliciting child pornography. And if you think I’m being extreme… imagine it’s your child NAKED in a magazine for MILLIONS of strangers to see! Pax is not a baby, he’s a little boy and predators start looking at kids his age.

    I beg all of you to write to your politicians, blow up the magazines blogs regarding your disdain for their judgment. Perhaps you’re not famous but if your child grows up to be and it’s your grandchild naked in the magazines. SAY SOMETHING TO THEM!!! And if you have – that is doing something good in my book!

  14. Christina says

    Nicole Richie did in fact donate the money to their foundation for children. They also donated all the gifts given to them for their baby. Larry Birkhead donated a fraction of the money (Anna Nicole Smith did not have a lot of money not even a million- fyi) but the baby has the possibility of inheriting money from the lawsuit that has been going on for what, 10 years now so what money is he supposed to use to raise his daughter?

    Exploiting them??? I seriously doubt when the child is in therapy they will say, “I felt so exploited at 1 month old”. Jamie Spears, far less talented than Britney, who knows if she will have a career in the future… people were so glued to her having a kid at such a young age that tabloids paps are going to do anything to get that “money shot”. Do you have any clue what paps make on a good money shot? Most all celebs take the photos to defuse the paps. Why should the paps make millions on your child? At least if you take the money you can use it to secure your own child’s future – college money. FYI – we ALL exploit the child more simply by blogging about them and buying the mags that fund the paps. It’s celebs trying to take a little control over the situation in an uncontrolled environment.

  15. Christina says

    Steven Spielberg adopted a black child – anyone yelling at him for not bringing another black child into the home for “self identity” reasons? George Lucas, 3 adopted kids. Sharon Stone, 3. Rosie, Sheryl Crow, Meg Ryan, the list goes on and on… is anyone targeting them? AJ and Madonna have been targeted, why? Because they are always in the spotlight and are considered “controversial”. Did anyone give Cruise and Kidman crap when they adopted – other than Tom must be gay hence why they adopted. What if Jennifer A adopts? Can you imagine the tabloid twist on that one???

    Here we have a family – forget who they are – a family that is worth approx. 300 million – not only adopting but also setting up foundations, developments in each country that their children come from for their children to oversee in their future. They are developing their purpose in life early, giving them ample possibilities and teaching them accountability and developing their capacity of compassion – making a difference – securing an element of their future – making sure that as adults they have some sort of foundation to keep them grounded as well. Look at what’s going on in the media today with young celebs and children of celebs… who could blame them for putting stuff in place now for their kids and hope they choose a better path than the celebrity kids of this generation.

  16. Christina says

    EVERYONE has an identity crisis at one point in their lives… some longer than others but we all go thru it. I think adoption is GREAT for everyone and such an amazing gift to those who are not capable of having children. I strongly believe that if you have the money and are capable of bringing adopted children into your home (honest to yourself that you have the capacity to love the child as though he/she is your own) then do it. BOTH AJ and B have stated that they also feel it’s THEIR moral obligation. That’s not “ego” – that’s their belief. Those whom get offended by it, get offended because their ego is challenged “what, you’re saying I don’t have morals because I don’t feel obligated”… how boring would life be if we all thought the same? How boring would blogging be??? The trick is not to take things so personally. FYI – the adoption rate has gone up and I’m not saying they had anything to do with that but they definitely make adopting a more “in the spotlight choice”. ALL the celebs whom have adopted have. The only difference is simple, AJ and B are simply in the spotlight more.

  17. Christina says

    Z: braiding. Here’s an interesting fact. Braiding coarse hair on young children can actually cause hair growth damage. Hence why so many women of color complain that their hair stops growing as they get older. TIGHT braids can cause damage to coarse hair, especially in the development growth stages. It has something to do w/the molecules and make-up of that type of hair. (ironically, the white blood cells). I think for any mom with little girls w/coarse hair shouldn’t do tight braids: wash it, comb it when it’s wet, leave a little conditioner on it and let it dry naturally. At least till the child’s hair develops it’s growth pattern (the parent can determine this).

  18. JEANI hURLEY says

    I have so much respect for Angliina Jolie and Brad Pitt, but why not adopt a child from Tibet. Not China!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Arianna's Mummy says


    She is sick because she wants a large family and will adopt children that would have no opportunities if left where they were? Wow, I didn’t realize that made someone sick!!!

  20. kal says

    I think it is true because she is crazy wacko woman. She adopted Pax and started adoption process when she was preggers with Shi. She is sick sick sick and china would never give her a child.

  21. Arianna's Mummy says

    I seriously doubt this is true, first of all British tab! Second China does not allow anyone to adopt if there are more than 5 children in the home under the age of 5, and the youngest must be at least 12 months, so there goes the Jolie-Pitts, unless 1. they make major bribes, but when they can adopt from other countries I don’t see why they would, or 2. China makes exception because of the orphans of the earthquake, but somehow I doubt that would happen.

    I don’t doubt however that they will have more children, and I say go for it if they can handle it! I know I couldn’t handle that many, but if that is what they want, and I especially like that they are adopting to make their family that large, then good luck to them!

  22. neil says

    For some parents one child is too much. I watch the show Jon and Kate plus 8 and they manage better than many parents with only one child.

  23. Fly On The Wall says

    26. Angie | August 7th, 2008 at 4:37 pm

    The laws have changed in China since this year. These are the new regulations:

    Only married couples may adopt.
    Single applicants are no longer accepted. No exceptions.
    Couples must be in a stable marriage for at least two years.
    Couples must be married at least five years if previouslyi married.
    Couples cannot have more than three children in the family, but this rule may be waived if they are applying to adopt a special-needs (i.e. handicapped) child.

    In any event… this rumor came from a British tabloid?! They’re even worse than American tabloids, if that is possible. They fabricate lies about everything. Brad and Angelina have enough on their plate right now. They aren’t even thinking about adopting again at this point. But if they decide to expand their family again, I think that in another year — probably two — they will adopt one more child from Africa, and call it quits at seven.

  24. belicoso says

    I hope that Angelina and Brad DO adopt another child and I hope that they sell the first pictures for millions and keep donating the money to worthy causes. Their selflessness in terms of charity work is really great to see from such big stars. Lesser known parents selling pictures of their children should really straighten up and follow their lead. Parents like Larry Birkhead and Jamie Lynn Spears and Nicole Richie should stop exploiting their children and start giving back.

  25. Angie says

    Hey Gracie,
    Are you sure about that Chinese adoption law? Didn’t Meg Ryan adopt a daughter from China while being single?

  26. Eli says

    Correct me if I am wrong, but Mia Farrow never received this negative press when she was adopting.

  27. laila says

    please stop the personal attacks it’s just childish. If you don’t like what someone says just scroll past it and stop the petty bickering.

  28. laila says

    That is a really sweet picture of Angie and maddox. She just had twins , I doubt they are contemplating adopting now. She mentioned in her interview her next UN visit would be to Asia ,but no mention of that trip having anything to do with adopting. It’s just speculation and guess work by the tabloids again. Can’t take anything they say seriously.

  29. SbK says

    My mum had 7 children, does that make her a freak too?? I think that some of the people should think before offending others. I think that it is wonderful to have a large family, I wouldnt change my family for the world and if i could, I would have a large family too, i think it is great that she has adopted children and had biological, who can seriously say that adopting an orphan and giving that child love and a home is wrong and ‘freakish’?

  30. oriana says

    Just another made up rumor! She just had two babies and is still recovering physically! People, please, stop believing all the trash magazines!

  31. Hmmm says

    It really isn’t our place to say how many children someone should have. I have 3 children of my own and we’re discussing #4. We’ve already agreed that *IF* we could afford it, we would have more than 4. Since we cannot, we will be stopping there. At times I think it’s wild when someone has 6+ children and other times I think it’s cool.
    (And no, we’re not Christian Fundamentalist freaks either….or freaks of any kind!!)

  32. Kay says

    I have no doubt that they will adopt more children but I think they will wait until their babies are a little older.

  33. Gracie says

    “This is not a game guys, 6 children are enough, they need attention, care, love and kids bring lots of responsabilities…”

    It’s really none of your business, or anyone else’s, how many children is enough for this family. They are the only ones who are qualified to decide whether they have enough attention, care and love to give to more children.

    And I realize that family sizes have been shrinking over the last few decades, but there are still some people want (and are able to take care of) a large family, so I am constantly amazed by comments made about this family in which people imply that there is something mentally or psychologically wrong with people who want a big family. Wanting a big family is not a mental illness, it is merely a preference that some people have and others do not. How would you like to be told the number of children you have is the wrong number?

  34. says

    Why does Zahara need a black brother or sister? You might look at color lines like that, but babies and kids don’t.

    yeah, that is true but when they get older and start looking around them and seeing the world for what it is…then she will feel like she is misunderstood and I don’t care what u say..she will it is no one around her that can Identify with her and the way she feels about her skin color

  35. Naomi says

    Excuse me, Patti, but being ABLE to have children is not a good reason to have them. A 13-year-old girl has the ability to concieve a child, but that doesn’t mean she SHOULD. I think adopting or fostering older kids is important. There are many, many kids out there who need loving homes.

  36. Patti says

    Enough of this the next time they have kids they should have their own. I can understand adoption but if you can have your own kids have them some of us are not that lucky

  37. Jill says

    Why does Zahara need a black brother or sister? You might look at color lines like that, but babies and kids don’t.

  38. chloe says

    No difference. The Pitt/Jolie clan is just an example of Hollywood freaks. And the Duggars are just examples of Christian Fundamentalist freaks. But both are freaks. Hope that clears it up.

  39. Pfff says

    So, if they are wrong for wanting more children, then what about the Duggar family who are expecting #18 I believe it is?? Or is that different?!?

  40. Yamile says

    Its crazyyyyyyyyyyy, OMG!!! this people need a siquiatra urgently! how come they want more kids? This is not a game guys, 6 children are enough, they need attention, care, love and kids bring lots of responsabilities… Its nice addopt and give to kids a safe place for living but as well demand attention which is the most important. So for me they are NOT thinking correctly.

  41. Dnice says

    I agree with SugarWalls – I think if they did adopt again that they would adopt a child that looked like Zahara. Angie expressed that before that it is important to her that Maddox and Z both had familiar faces in the family that they could identify with. That is part of the reason they adopted Pax. I know the rag mags are full of it, but why is it hard to believe they would adopt again? They have had half a dozen children in the course of 3 -4 years.

  42. mslewis says

    I wish people would stop paying attention to these stupid rags. The Star is one of the worse at making things up.

    When Angelina and Brad decide they would like to adopt another child(ren), I have an idea they will let everybody know. No need to rely on the tabloids!!

    That is a cute picture of Mad and his Mama!!!

  43. edna says

    They are such a BEAUTIFUL Family
    inside & out that they look perfect! 🙂

    Embracing children no matter what races and very charitable too that’s why
    I like them unlike some of the other spoiled hollywood stars who can’t be bothered sharing their money.

  44. says

    what about from AFRICA

    zahara, needs another brother or sister that is her color! And I wish that they would get someone to professionally braid her hair! PLEASE

  45. Gracie says

    Here we go again. There seems to be about 5 or 6 adoption rumors per year about the Jolie-Pitts.

    There’s no way this rumor can even be true because China does not allow people who are unmarried to adopt, and from what I understand China is one of the countries that is the least likely to bend the rules for celebrities.

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