Katie Price & Princess Tiáamii In UK Edition Of OK! Magazine

This week’s UK edition of OK! magazine features Katie Price, 30, and daughter Princess Tiáamii as they celebrate her first birthday. (Princess Tiáamii turned one on June 29th.)

Katie (also known as Jordan) revealed in the magazine that Princess Tiáamii has four wardrobes and a hundred pairs of shoes!



  1. BG says

    She looks like a little Kewpie doll, very cute.

    No idea who this Katie Price person is but the statement about the wardrobes and hundred pairs of shoes forcibly brings to my mind those heartrending images of barefoot children in rags with flies swarming over their faces & their bellies distended by malnutrition.

    I’d find her of interest if she donated 4 wardrobes and a hundred pairs of shoes to children in desperate need.

  2. Jellybean says

    I wish Princess had kate’s nose insead of peter’s she would be much prettier wish a smaller nose.
    but she is very cute the way she is i LOVE her eyes.

  3. claudiazz says

    Celeb or not, if your toddler has that many shoes, you need to begin to focus on the world around you and all of the children who could use just one pair of shoes. You also need to consider why YOU would need to have that many shoes for a small child. The toddler certainly wouldn’t know the difference if he had 2 pair or 100!!

  4. oriana says

    As fast as kids grow, why would anyone waste money on that many pairs of shoes for them for? It is stupid! Donate those shoes to a shelter for unwed mothers or to charities, ever heard of the Katrina victims anyone?

  5. violetsky says

    She is one of those babies, that whilst not at all attractive, will be stunning when she grows up.

  6. Catu says

    I think she still looks extremely odd, the only pretty thing are her eyes. However, she might start to look a lot better when she grows up.

  7. Dnice says

    Princess is such a unique looking baby. I used to think she looked odd, but I think I may retract that. I think she’s beautiful.

  8. Kat says

    Sugar walls it’s princess birthday Harvey and Junior was on there own on there birthday’s cover she is not favoring her at all. they all get the same trement!

  9. Jess says

    My little girl has lot’s of shoes too! over 80 i would say and kayla has three wardrobes also but don’t all girls?, i love princess big blue eyes she’s so cute!
    and i really like katie’s hair black.


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