Christie Brinkley Enjoying The Sun & Surf With Her Children This Summer

Christie Brinkley and son Jack, 13, were snapped relaxing at the “Float Festival 08” at Shelter Island, near Long Island, New York on Christie’s boat “Sweet Freedom.”

The ageless Christie, 54, has been easing stress this summer by hitting Montauk’s ocean beaches with her board and her kids.

“Yes. I’ve dusted off my surfboard,” Christie said Sunday at a Hamptons benefit for Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.

“When I was 13, I was a surfer girl in Malibu, putting my phonograph needle over and over on the old Beach Boy songs.”

She said she headed back to the water to cool down and tame stress – much of which is likely tied to her ugly divorce showdown with cheating husband Peter Cook.

“My kids and I love it out on the water. We get away from the crowds by kayaking out to explore the inlets and coves, and we’ve tried the new rage of standup paddling on the surfboard.

“This summer I want to just slow everything down.”

Asked if she was dating anyone, she shrugged.

“I’m not going to get into that. I’ve learned my lesson with that,” said Christie.

She said another stress-buster is her charity work. “The other thing that really helps me is giving back,” she said.

Christie was the hostess of the Wild, Wild West Carnival benefit on Sunday which raises money for the Children’s Evaluation and Rehabilitation Center at Einstein, which serves 8,000 kids and is seeking a cure for autism and other developmental disorders.

“This opportunity is my most cherished possession, and I do it for things I care about, like helping children,” said Christie, a mother of three. “I feel for any mother going through an illness, or a disability with her child.”

Christie said her life right now is “about enjoying time each day with my kids, and about always looking for the bright side and being grateful for what I have.”



  1. Samsmom says

    I think Jack looks just like his dad. I think is name is Ricky Taubman? Anyway, Jack is so cute.

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