An Expectant Gwen Stefani Out Running Errands In Beverly Hills

An expectant Gwen Stefani, 38, was snapped running errands in Beverly Hills on Monday.

I realize that it is just perception, but it seems like Gwen has been pregnant FOREVER! It is great to see a pic of her as everyone has been asking about how she is doing! She is due any day now!



  1. Julie says

    Yeah! Maybe twins! Wouldn’t that be neat! #12, I guess I’m out of the loop, but what the hell are you ranting about? Here’s a little tidbit for you, history buff…Pompei was destroyed by a massive vulcanic eruption.

  2. Lauren says

    I agree, it does seem that she has been pregnant forever! She looks so uncomfortable. Here’s to a speedy delivery!

  3. 3boysmomma says

    Who knows, maybe she is going to be the next mother of twins!!! (JLO, Lisa Marie, Angelina, etc.) Seems to be a trend!!! I remember being in the end of pregnancy and just the waiting game is torture!!! LOL

  4. phnxgirl says

    She is HUGE! I wonder how much weight she gained. My goodness. She still looks adorable though.

  5. Dewey says

    F*ck you Nell from Frell. Excuse my language the great ladies of Babyrazzi. But that is just plain Bull Roar!!!! I agree, ( And no webmistress I am not kissing your beautiful probaly toned butt.) but Gwen has got to drop the bomb. I mean I am like Pompei or something like that that they bombed. Ok? I mean Who is with me. WHO HAS GOT THE BALLS TO AGREE WITH ME. No I’m just playing. But I’m, Whoa, my so called hubby just spit on me. I think you know what i called him. Any who, But I’m serious, This is freaky. Like Supernatural serious. Do any of you lovley people watch that show. I was so scared when Dean almost died. I cried. Any way I should not get ahead of my own game. I feel like I am just blabbering and no one is listening. It’s okay peps don’t be afraid to tell me. I will leave you with this.


  6. says

    She might’ve had blonder hair before because maybe she can’t dye it because she’s pregnant! Duh!

    Anyways, I was thinking the same thing, WM, it seems like she’s been pregnant forever!!

  7. littlemisscaliope says

    Ouch, it’s uncomfortable to even look at her. Those last couple of weeks are horrible!

  8. jennifer1son says

    are u sure that is her ? I thought her hair was more blonde than that and had her hair pulled back all the time … I maybe ditzy 2day but to me that dont look like her? but wish her luck anyways! she is another musician that is doing a great job raising her son and her unborn child…

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