The First Photos Of Brad & Angelina's Twins & Interview With Brad & Angelina!

Click here for the gorgeous images of the newly expanded Brangelina bunch in Hola magazine!

Brad and Angelina share how their four older children, Maddox, 7, Pax, 4, Zahara, 3, and two-year-old Shiloh, are finding life since the twins’ arrival.

“It is chaos,” laughs Angelina on life at the sprawling Chateau Miraval in Provence, “but we are managing it and having a wonderful time.”

Adds Brad: “(It’s) still a cuckoo’s nest.”

Fortunately, they already have some household helpers. “[Shiloh] and Z pick out [the twins’] clothes and help change and hold them,” says Angelina. “It’s sweet – they are little mommies.”

Doting dad Brad, meanwhile, confides: “Viv is proving to resemble Ange in spirit, attitude and physicality… And Knox, he’s a bit of me.”

Once you’ve seen the beautiful photo, join us back here to share your thoughts!

Strangely, People didn’t have the pic up on time, but Hola and Hello did!

UPDATE: Below are more quotes from Hello magazine:

How do you manage feed times with two babies?
Angelina: They are on the same schedule. They eat every three hours and I’m getting better at holding them both for breast-feeding at the same time, so that helps. Usually the other kids come in and hold them when they finish. They help with the baths and the changing.
Brad: We try to get them to eat simultaneously for the sake of management, but it gets a little crowded at the bar!

What was your reaction when you found out you were having twins?
Angelina: We were in shock and could not stop laughing.
Brad: We bust into hysterics. My sister had made a joke about twins literally the night before, because my grandparents and sis both had twins. Angie was on the table during the sonogram, and we were in hysterics.
We didn’t see this one coming.

Where did the name Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline come from?
Brad: The name Vivienne came to us early, as if she named herself. She has always been Viv. And Marcheline is to honour Angie’s late mother. Knox is a family name – my grandfather’s – and Leon is a classic French name.

Can you tell us about their personalities and any similarities to each of you?
Brad: I dare to say that Viv is proving to resemble Angie in spirit, attitude and physicality. She is quite elegant like her mother. And Knox, he’s a bit of me. He likes music like his dad. When he was born he looked like Putin!

What is Maddox like as a big brother?
Brad: This is Mad’s fourth and fifth time at becoming an older bro. He’s asking us when we can have more!

Has Shiloh embraced being a big sister?
Angelina: Shiloh calls them her babies. She and Zahara pick out their clothes, help change and hold them. It’s sweet, they are like little mommies.

Angelina, you spent the last two weeks of your pregnancy on bedrest in the hospital. How did you pass time?
Angelina: Brad and the kids came a few nights each week and spent the night. So we never went too long without seeing eachother. I also watched The War by Kevin Burns. I figured it would be the only chance I had to watch a 15-hour documentary!

Angelina, did you have any food cravings?
Angelina: My only craving was cheese and milk. Still is.

How is your recovery after sugery going?
Angelina: The first few days were a little difficult but we had a great team of doctors and they helped me feel better quickly.
Brad: She’s over-achieving.

Do you have any charity trips planned as part of your work with the Jolie-Pitt foundation?
Angelina: The next trip for our Foundation will most likely be Asia to follow up on the situation in Burma and our work in Cambodia. The boys have been asking to go so we will take them when Knox and Viv are a little older.

What are your next projects?
Angelina: We will be building TB/AIDS clinic in Ethiopia. One we plan for Zahara to take over when she is older.

Angelina also denied reports she had undergone fertility treatment to ‘speed up’ becoming pregnant.

She said: ‘If they had been conceived through IVF we would have been happy to discuss it.’

And Brad admitted that he was in awe of Angelina during the pregnancy and subsequent arrival of the twins via caesarean section.

He said: ‘I find the process absolutely heroic.’

And at the bottom of one spread it says:
Despite the fatigue, doting hands-on dad Brad is full of fun as he confesses that one thing he has learned from being a parent is that “using the phrase ‘because I said so’ is extremely satisfying”!

Definitely pick up this issue of People (or “Hello” for you UK-ers) as soon as you get the chance.


  1. shelly says

    I just wanna say that Brad and Angie rock! I admire you both in your devotion to (your) children. You have the financial capability and the heart capacity to love more then yourselves as movie stars. Your family is beautiful and I know these kids have one of the best parents in the world. Your babies are ALL gorgeous and how blessed the ones taken from ravaged countries are to be a part of your family. Your bio kids are angelic…little shiloh is a princess and the twins are so sweet..especially the one where one of the newborns seems to be laughing…as if he/she knows what a beautiful life they have entered. I wish them all a wonderful and fabulous life as ONE BIG HAPPY FAMILY!

  2. Beth says

    My gosh enough with all the negativity about Brad and Angie’s beautiful babies! They are gorgeous, as is all of the other chidren they have. So what is they want a big family! I think it is wonderful, I have twins myself, and if I could have more I would. I applaud Brad and Angie, for all of the charity work they do, and the love and commitment they give all of their children! There are alot of stars ou there that don’t do anything with their money, other than spen it on themselves, drugs, or booze! Congrats Brad and Angie! Enjoy those gorgeous babies!

  3. connie says

    beautiful babies too bad their mother and father put a price tag on them like they were merchandise-doesn’t make them look like such good parents to me-you should stay in france you make usa embarassed by your lack of care and love for those innocent children.

  4. hannah says

    A pretty and gorgeous baby vivienne and knox..congratulations! they was so cute but for angelina and brad,i think they should give an attention first to their 4 kids before take an adopted kids again.Worry that brangelina cannot handle if it too much kids..well congratulations to brangelina..i luv you

  5. Ishita Arora says

    Dear Mam,
    Thanks a lots and I am really sorry. I’ve no words for you and you are most most and most beautiful person of this world thats it Mam I love you.
    Bye and Take Care you and your family.

  6. CJK says

    I think this family has been blessed. They are the right people, at the right time and with the right kids! There is a reason that these people came together!

  7. traveler says

    Priscilla P:

    What are you talking about? All the children are featured in the photo gallery. There is a photo of everyone together, one of just the twins, one of Angie, Brad, and the twins, one of Pax and Knox, one of Maddox, Pax, Brad, and the twins, one of Brad, Zahara, and the twins, one of Brad, Angie, Zahara, Pax, and the twins, one of Shiloh and Vivienne, and one of Shiloh, Angie and the twins. I think that includes everyone. You need to learn how to count.

  8. nikki says


  9. Fly On The Wall says

    83. francie | August 5th, 2008 at 1:54 pm
    People like us leave comments hoping to enlighten people like you FLY on the Wall.

    People like who? You mean haters like you? I can’t believe the sight of two happy parents and six beautiful children has your panties in such a wad. But I’m relishing your pain. I hope it’s long, relentless and excruciating. The rest of us can celebrate the arrival of two more precious babies into the world while you scream inside your head.

  10. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora.como estas espero que bien.
    sabes valio la pena esperar por estas fotos tan hermosas y naturales,sabes la que mas me fascinaron fueron la de los hermanitos con los recien nacido,y donde esta zee,sonriendole a angie,esa chiquilla tiene una sonrisa hermosa y una picardia total


  11. oriana says

    I don’t understand why magazines like US magazine when the front cover said, IN VITRO WAS USED, can’t be sued for false allegations like that? I am sure it sold a lot of copies from that front page alone and it was false, if I was Angie I would sue in a heartbeat and have my lawyers on it!

    Oops, there I go again spreading my hate around! Analise will be sueing me next!!!! Ha!

  12. says

    I wish the people attacking this family constantly would knock it off. I usually go to Celebrity Baby Blog but all they do is knock thatfamily there too.

    Isn’t there a place I can post where people aren’t mean and insulting to this family! I’m so sick of the attacks and judgemental people!

  13. oriana says

    I do agree with Fly on the Wall, they are what a happy family looks like 100%. These babies will be loved and cared for, prob traveling all over the world like the rest have been but I don’t see them having money wasted on them like J-Lo has done. Who needs chandeliers hanging in a nursery anyway? That is silly to me.

    Deeds, I think in Brad’s mind he is married and I wouldn’t doubt if Angie didn’t buy him that ring. Hope you are having a good day my friend!!!

  14. Fly On The Wall says

    Glad I copied those photos to my hard drive while they were up because j-j-b removed them again citing copyright infringement. But I was able to get a copy of People magazine yesterday. The photos are absolutely gorgeous. No photoshopped pictures of dressed-up parents, no over-decorated nursery with crystal chandeliers — just two very tired but radiant parents and their six beautiful children sharing so much joy and love. You have to see them.

  15. says

    1 Angie and Brad donated their money to charity.

    2 For all of the people saying that PEOPLE have no life because we like to leave a comment or two about Angie and Brad..

    WHY are you leaving comments?
    WHY are you worried about what people think about someone else?
    ARE you jealous because NO one cares about u?

  16. Not so much says

    It looks like “Viv” has teeth!

    These kids are still in the human larva stage, they wont be cute until they get a personality and they grow a little.

  17. Very sad fans says

    It’s sickening how many obsessed fans pretend they are a part of the JoliePitts lives.

    Honestly, some of these fools with the comment on how these are the most beautiful babies ever created. Do they think they are even more beautiful than their own kids?? Grow up.

  18. TO post #6 says

    Hey #6, they DO look like everyday babies. All newborns pretty much look alike. What makes the Jolie babies so special that they look special compared to other babies.

    Honestly, get over it. I hope you didn’t make your kids feel bad with your drolling if you ahve them.

  19. Gen says

    More beautiful children, CONGRATULATIONS! We have adopted and had biological, they are ALL miracles! 🙂

  20. francie says

    Does anyone on this site have a life ? I can’t believe all of you people are so obssessed with these people who have children only to EXPLOIT them!

  21. says

    awllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ♥

    This cover is even more prettier than the first one! They appear so genuine..I love this cover! Brad is the man and Angie is the Woman…MAN..I would love to be one of their children..H#ll..I even would have one or two of her children..If she didn’t want to do it anymore…I would give Zee and Mixed sister or brother

    I think that they need to adopt another black that Zee don’t feel left out! Because, she is out numbered

  22. Jaime says

    45. Just me | August 4th, 2008 at 11:27 am
    Hahahaha …. Did Angelina watch The War by KEN BURNS, not Kevin?

    Uhhhh, I wouldn’t completely count that as being a direct quote from Angelina. For my countless interviews with the press, they can not EVER quote anybody right. Don’t read too much in to that. I am willing to bet it’s either.. an error by the reporter or, gasp, an exhausted new mother to twins who probably has baby brain?

  23. Jaime says

    Ok, to Esmee (? sic), 5 pound preemies are no longer required to stay in the NICU. As long as their o2 sats are fine, can maintain their body temperature and they are healthy and eating, they can go home. The old fashioned idea of keeping them in the Nicu until 5 lbs is something of the 80s. Keeping them in the hospital longer then necessary is detrimental to their health. What are hospitals full of? Sick people. I know, I have been a pediatrician for 12 years, with my first 5 years spent in the NICUs, PEDS, PICUs and so forth.

    I think it’s great that they are giving back to the world. There are way too many people out there with such hatred and obviously this family is full of love. I would rather a family like this to have 15 well loved, and financially taken care of children then a family with one child who abuses and starves their children.

    Congrats to your new additions!

  24. Gracie says

    “They also look a bit raw and thin–I wondered why 5 pound premies went home instead of to neonatal”

    Esmee: Four pounds is the standard weight that babies have to be in order to leave the NICU. That’s the weight at which babies are able to maintain their body temperature.

  25. Fly On The Wall says

    The scanned photos back up at j-j-b. I can’t post the link because the WB will block the post. You’ll have to search around for them but they’re all up there, scanned from People and from Hello. I copied them all to my hard drive in case they disappear again.

  26. Fly On The Wall says

    The scanned photos are up at jjb. I can’t post the link because the WB will block the post. You’ll have to search around for them but they’re all up there, scanned from People and from Hello. I copied them all to my hard drive in case they disappear again.

  27. MrsTaylor says

    It is really sad that anyone could find mean things to say about this precious family..All I can see is a beautiful family that love their children. If you do not have anything nice to say, then please stop being so jealious of them and HUSH…Be happy for them..I love Angie and Brad ..I watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith over and over..I love them and hope they make another movie soon..Congradulations.

  28. Darlene says

    I am at lost for words here, but strange as it sounds,t I pray that this family stays together forever…Angelina and Brad may have beauty and fame, but they have above all what matters the most a Wonderful Family seemly built on Love for each other!! God Bless Them All!

  29. oriana says

    All of the pictures are very sweet, Pax needs a haircut! I think both babies have her lips, and I think Viv looks like Brad, Knox favors Shiloh more to me but will wait till they get about 3 months old, then the features will be more pronounced. Both babies are beautiful to me. I liked the picture with Zahara the best (surprise) but she does have a beautiful smile and she looks happy with the babies so guess she isn’t jealous like she was with Shiloh. Very happy for them all! Congrats!!!!

  30. Fly On The Wall says

    The link to the scan no longer works. The magazine must have complained about unauthorized pics being posted, because the photos are gone from the web site.

  31. Fly On The Wall says

    The link to the scan no longer works. Hello mag must have complained about unauthorized pics from their magazine being posted because the photos are gone from jjb.

  32. Sydney says

    Has anyone else noticed that all of the boys have names ending in X? MaddoX, PaX, KnoX. Weird coincidence?

  33. Fly On The Wall says

    ROFL at Brad saying Knox looked like Putin when he was born. That’s probably the nicest thing anybody ever said about Putin in his life. He should write Brad a thank-you note for that one.

  34. momma says

    I find Angi and Brad to be remarkable people with all they do around the world. And their children both natural and adopted will surly bennifit from having them as parents.
    their family is wonderfull and i wish them all the love and happiness in the world.


  35. accalia says

    Awwww! I love this family. They are my favourite. The pics are soooo cute. What an absolutely beautiful family. I think AJ is a wonderful woman and she seems to be a great mother. I love BP as well. They have done a great job 🙂 They twins are adorable. They look like normal newborns and the parents look really tired but happy and that is all that matters. They are both precious but Knox is a tad bit cuter, to me. Maddox and Pax look very protective of their new siblings and I do love their haircuts. Zahara is gorgeous and I love her smile. She looks really happy especially in the pic where she is watching her mom. Shiloh is too cute and she looks as though she just received presents! LOL I love the pic with the entire family where Shiloh is lying on top of Maddox and you cant see their faces. That’s a really sweet pic. Love all of their children but Mad is my favourite. Best Wishes to Brangelina and their beautiful family 🙂

  36. Fly On The Wall says

    47. bj’s mom | August 4th, 2008 at 12:41 pm
    did anyone ever say whether the twins were identical or not? just wondering…

    LOL of course they’re not! Identical twins come from one egg that split in two. That’s why identical twins look exactly alike. It’s biologically impossible for twins of different sexes to be identical. Fraternal twins come from two eggs. All boy/girl twins are fraternal.

  37. Fly On The Wall says

    38. cocoa | August 4th, 2008 at 8:46 am

    Get over yourself, cocoa. They couldn’t care less if you never see one of their movies. They have a wonderful family and they have each other. All you’ve got is a lot of bitterness and spite. I feel sorry for you.

  38. bj's mom says

    absolutely gorgeous family! and i also love the fact that they look so natural and not all made-up for the cameras. each child has such a personality of their own. they are all so cute. did anyone ever say whether the twins were identical or not? just wondering…

  39. MommaE says

    What a great photo shoot!! I love that they look just exausted….just like any other set of new parents would! They all look so very happy and I think it’s wonderful they are able to have such a large family. For all those posting negative comments-grow up!!!! if u really didn’t care then why are you even posting??? It’s babies for gods sake…would you want someone to say that about your children…..I’m sure it would be different if the roles were reversed….that’s just awful that you could have such spiteful things to say!

    Congrats to the Jolie-Pitt family…..

  40. Fly On The Wall says

    OMG those scans from Hello are gorgeous! Z is absolutely beautiful. She has the most radiant smile I’ve ever seen. Love the pics of the boys holding the babies. And check out Madd rockin’ that blue Mohawk!

    Great to see some real photos of two tired but very happy parents.

  41. minoo says

    im happy for them.yes im agree with Deborah (I love the pic where Shiloh is holding her little sister)&hollywood pap
    (Vivian looks just like Angie even the lips! and Knox looks just like Brad)
    GOD bles them

  42. Jess says

    I agree with Vic, cocoa get over your self i think you need to take a step back from your computer and take your meds and calm down.

  43. Vic says

    cocoa……You sound like a right bundle of laughs!! If you don’t care for them, then why are you on here posting. GET OVER IT!!!
    I think the pics are really nice and natural, they look like a great family. I hope Ange can continue with the breastfeeding, I know from experience how tough it is bf’ing twins, even if you have done it before. She’ll really have to be consuming a TONNE of calories…but I’m sure she’ll have a lovely chef who can rustle food up for her any time she wants.

  44. Lillie says

    i was a little disapointed .. i expected better pictures franctly. they are beautiful babies, but i think they could of done better with the pictures.

  45. cocoa says

    They can have as many babies as they want and I don’t care. As far as I’m concerned, they are both adulterers and liars. It’s nice, though, that they can reel in the millions because of their “Hollywood” status and donate it to charity as a great distraction from what they really are. Not to mention having children out of wedlock which sets a really great example for others. I guess they are so “rich and famous” that they can set their own rules and that makes it okay. I will never spend any money to see either one regardless of the movies they make.

  46. Could it be says

    I love that Angelina is photographed in what looks to be a nightgown on the cover. That is definitely a dose of reality! I love that she is trying to breastfeed twins too. Good for them- they seem like great parents!

  47. jamie wooster says

    Brad and Angie you both have such a beautiful family.I was so happy for you when I heard that you were having twins.I admire the two of you for all the work you are doing to help people all over the world.It breaks my heart to see so many people suffering out in this world,but it really takes special people like to two of you to do something about it.And with the two of you in this world our world will hopefully become a better place.God Bless The Both Of You.
    jamie wooster

  48. mominpa says

    After Reading some of these posts about the twins I Don’t understand some people & their negativity! If Angie & Brad Have the means to be able to afford to have 20 kids then why not! I Think its great! to see them adopting children and giving them a good life! as well as being able to give their own biological children a good life. Its nice to see two loving parents providing a good life for their children and not to mention all! the good they do for charities around the world helping soo many other causes and other children! My hats go off to them!! If only there were more selfless giving celebrities as these two! Keep up the good work Angie!! & Brad!! Viv & Knox are Lucky Little babies to have parents like you! as well as Mad,Pax,Z & Shiloh!

  49. hollywood pap says

    Wow! Vivian looks just like Angie even the lips! and Knox looks just like Brad. Cutie pies! I’m Happy for them !

  50. Momof5 says

    Who are Gwen and Gavin?! I don’t know how you can look at a picture of those babies or any babies for that matter and say there are EVER too many babies. To quote Mother Theresa–that’s like saying there are too many flowers. I think it’s wonderful that in materialistic me centered Hollywood, this couple has chosen to give of themselves in this way. Each child will get plenty of attention, and they will get attention from each other as well. No worries here–all of their beautiful children will do just fine….

  51. Jess says

    They are not all that! am sorry they are cute but they are not the most beautiful babies i have ever seen i thought i would be most exited about these babies but i think jlo’s got me more exited!

  52. Sarah says

    What I’d like to know is when Gwen & Gavin’s baby is coming. I’m really excited about that. Brangelina as a couple is starting to seem remenescent of a crazy old lady with too many cats. Children are wonderful, but I don’t know how they can possibly give each of them the daily attention a child so desperately needs.

  53. Deborah says

    Beautiful babies! I love the pic where Shiloh is holding her little sister! What a wonderful and beautiful family! Congrats to all of them!

  54. francie says

    these people really need to get over themselves. The world is falling apart, and I can’t believe that people are waiting eagerly to see pictures of these two infants.

  55. Chatty says

    Double awwe for these two cuties.
    The pic with Shiloh holding her new baby sister is adorable too. Funny..I remember when Shilohs first pic was shown allot of people said the same. She is an infant and on till she has some time to grow you really cant tell who she looks like or even some said they all look the same . Well we can see by these two twins they dont all look the same or people would be questioning the fact that they are identical rather then fraternal. Those famous lips of Angies are some strong genes b/c already you can see both have them. When they are 3 mos old you will see a big difference than from newborn looks.
    Congrats to the Jolie Pitt Family !

  56. Angela says

    Beautiful babies, as expected. But 15 million for PICTURES! PLEASE! That is just obscene when there is so much suffering in the world and so many people that can’t afford to feed their children.

    At least they (reportedly) gave it to charity.

  57. Esmee says

    Hate to say it, but Vivienne got too much of Jane Pitt’s nose with those awful, flaring nostrils. Knox, from what can be seen, looks more like Shiloh. They also look a bit raw and thin–I wondered why 5 pound premies went home instead of to neonatal, but I guess movie stars can afford their own neonatal unit at home.

  58. Blair says

    They look cute from what you can see, but its not a very clear shot of them. The LIPS, oh the lips! That is indeed the first thing I noticed! It’s obnoxious though, that people magazine only features Shiloh and the twins, and their parents on the cover. Shhhh! Let’s pretend the adopted ones don’t exist! Only those biologically related! Sheesh.

  59. naidelyn says

    Vivienne has the same lips as Angelina and looks like her…but i can’t see much of Knox….but i’m sure they will both be very cute :)….i’m happy for Angelina and Brad

  60. mel says

    they are so cuteeeeeee….they look both of them…i love to see more pics of them….CONGRATULATION!!!!


  61. Priya says


  62. MommaE says

    Love the People magazine shot much better! they are such beautiful babies-they look just look like every other new family…congrats!

  63. ellen says

    If you go to celebrity-babies there you will see a full size picture from PEOPLE magazine.

    Very adorable! I love the one of Shi and Viv.

  64. Emily says

    They are precious, of course, and look at those lips! What lucky babies. I would assume Viv is on our left and Knox on Brad’s side, but I’m not sure!

  65. Second says

    I feel sorry for anyone who has ill words to share about these beautiful babies. Anyone can see that they do not look like “any other babies.” You can clearly see that Viv looks just like Angelina and Knox looks just like Brad. This is a fun and happy story, so quit with the attitude.

  66. MommaE says

    Cute shot, they maybe could have come up with something a little different……it’s pretty much the same as the Shiloh one!!

  67. CG says

    I couldn’t wait to see the twin’s! They are as beautiful as expected. Viv resembles Ange and Knox looks like Brad. Thank you for sharing the pic’s online. Milw. WI

  68. First says

    Its not a very good pic, but as expected they look like any other newborn babies, nothing special

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