See First Photo Of Knox Leon & Vivienne Marcheline Tonight At 7 PM!

UPDATE: OMG! 7:00 has come and gone and no picture! Also, People has removed the banner that has been up reminding everyone that the photo would debut at 7:00! Hmmm…. I wonder what happened!

The first photo of Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline debuts tonight (August 3rd) at 7 pm EDT here!

The first photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s newborn twins sold to People magazine for a whopping $14 million, a person involved in the negotiations confirmed to The Associated Press. Brad and Angelina will be giving the money to charity.

The People magazine issue featuring Vivienne Marcheline and Knox Leon will hit newsstands Monday. And rumor has it that the issue of People closed with a 30-page spread of Brad, Angelina, the twins AND Maddox, Zahara, Pax and Shiloh! Wow!

Below is a hilarious excerpt from DListed about tonight’s momentous occasion:

If you have plans this Sunday, cancel them all! If you’re getting married, cancel it! If you’re having a baby, cancel it! If you’re dying that day, cancel it! Even if you’re planning on going to church, cancel that. Actually, God may have already sent out a memo saying that church is closed this Sunday. What’s the reason? It’s only the most important day in all of our lives. People Magazine will unveil the first photo of the twin messiahs. The picture will make its debut on their website at 7pm EST. Set your alarm!

You must spend the day in your darkened bedroom with your eyes shut tight. You must prepare them for the sheer brilliance of the golden twins. I expect millions of people will temporarily be blinded by their magnificent beauty. Optometrists and ambulances will be standing by. You might want to wear a heart monitor too, just in case.



  1. Mary Tran says

    Thank you Babyrazzi very much for showed us their beautiful pictures . I am always exciting to see the picuters of their beautiful twin babies , What a warmly family ! I wish they have a good health & happiness without the end ! Thanks to JoliePitt for bring up my little vietnamese boy Pax . They are really wonderful parents of the kids . I love them so much although they don’ t know who am I . God always bless them .

  2. francie says

    Oh Lil, you poor thing! Actually, I can’t stand Anniston, and fyi I’ve dontated more than $10, $11 to be exact. Get a life!

  3. Lil says

    Ah Francie. Another person in love with thinking the worst of people. Your probably a big Anniston fan, and haven’t given a donation over $10 in your life. And if I’m wrong it must be sad to think that people just sit around thinking the worst about other. The way I’m probably misreading you. And yes I’m using both sarcasm and ironyl.

  4. francie says

    AH Kathy– one more person that believes the stupidity of that this couple is charity-driven. With their millions, my friend, they need to give to charity otherwise our lovely republican run government will tax them into poverty. And, so, every child is beautiful, and every child is entitled to his or her privacy, not to their mother and father selling them. Secondly, they may be hunted, but they sure don’t make the hunt difficult. Plenty of celebrities are “hunted” and plenty protect the privacy of their children.

  5. kathy says

    francie- 1st- As for your comment “everybody here needs to get a life go vegeterian” I am wondering why you are here.
    As for myself, I know why I am here. I had a car accident and i am bored. Oh, What does going vegetarian have to do with anything??????
    Now as for the other comment you made as far as the donations are concerned. This couple is the most photographed and hunted couple in the world today (well that may be a little extreme) Photographers will use any scum bag method you can think of to get to them. Everyone is after that “exclusive shot”. I thought the photos were beautiful i don’t feel they are hurting these children in any way. These photos are a good thing in my opinion. They are gonna be photographed anyway. They all sure looked happy to me!!!

  6. amy says

    Maybe Brad and Angelina got pissed off at people because they have the most diverse family in the spotlight, and People published all the white members of the family on the cover, but no Zahara, Pax, or Maddox (Maddox has been in her life longer than Brad). That would piss me off enough to stop the publication.

  7. kathy says

    Congratulations to the Pitts on the birth on their beautiful twins. This is one amazing down to earth couple. Yes I know, millions of dollars for photos–however they do donate. Who else in Hollywood is as generous? These two do realize how lucky they are. I can’t think of another couple that does as much as these two. And alot of what they do we never even hear about. I wish them health and happiness in the years to come.

  8. Peach says

    Hello, HELLO!…yeah the babies are beautiful (what else would you expect from these pretty parents), but, my eye drifted to the, what LOOKS like a shiny gold ‘wedding band’ of sorts, on Brad the Dad’s right hand!…you know I think I’ve read that in Europe, people wear wedding bands on their right hands. Could it be?…did they wed as an adde ‘bonus’ to this blessed event…hasen’t Mad been asking Mommy and Dad, “why aren’t you married like my friends’ parents?”…maybe the moment has happened…another thing to hold our interest…can’t wait to hear the buzz on that.

  9. Peach says

    WELL…I was all set…and the babes have yet to show on the site…Hola…is another matter, yes, the spanish language mag did indeed show a sweet foto of Angie, Brad and two sweet angels…BUT, not much of a ‘closeup’…I’m most anxious to see ALL the (30) pages of this special family, but I’m certain it’s a ‘money thing’…paying $14 Mil, no doubt means they want to SELL COPIES…not give ‘freebie’ looks, no doubt the televised media will be ALL over this thing, and I’m waiting with the rest of the world.

  10. Beth says

    People lied to us!!!! There are no pictures of the twins. Hello has them and both babies look like Angelina (her mouth) and definitely they look like Shiloh

  11. Mary says

    You have to go under “news”. Then “hot topics-Angelina Jolie” and then there is a “related photos” section with Angelina and her brood and there you will find the link to the photos. Super Cute!!!

  12. chRISTIE says

    I also just saw the cover of hello….better photo of the twins…they definitely have angelina’s lips!

  13. tiff says

    they have the first pic up at hello magazine’s website right now. the babies look like shiloh did i think., it’s an ok cover.

  14. Laura says

    You said there would be a 30 page spread with Brad, Angelina, Maddox, Pax, & Shiloh. What about Zahara? Did you forget her?

    Looking forward to seeing the babes-I’m sure they’re as beautiful as the rest of their family. Kudos to the parents for using their fame to help others (by giving the money to charity)!

  15. Julie says

    I can’t wait! So excited! And that was an excerpt from Dlisted, not commentary from the webmistress herself, so let’s be nice, ladies!

  16. Mars says

    It will be interesting to see the photos.
    Oh, don’t forget Zahara–her name wasn’t with the other kids’ names listed in the article. 🙂

  17. Jess says

    Set your alarm!

    You must spend the day in your darkened bedroom with your eyes shut tight. You must prepare them for the sheer brilliance of the golden twins. I expect millions of people will temporarily be blinded by their magnificent beauty. Optometrists and ambulances will be standing by. You might want to wear a heart monitor too, just in

    sorry wm but you are just being a little stupid now they are just celeb babies not your own!
    your just going a bit ott!!!!!!!!!

  18. ann says

    I can’t wait to see twins picture. it is a great news the twins picture come soon, I will buy the magazine.

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