1. Instant Replay says


    My three babies were all healthy and chubby just like this little one. Now they are all tall and slim- and like Blair said, this baby is perfect!

  2. Blair says

    Festy…the only thing insane around here is you…she is chubby, but a perfectly normal size for a child her age. Go away.

  3. Festy says

    Those legs are insane. They put the morbid in obesity. Stop whipping your oversized boobs out every five seconds for the kid, Salma!

  4. Sassy says

    Val is getting so cute, I love the fact that she’s so chubby.
    I haven’t really seen a chubby celebrity baby.
    Love it…..

  5. sharrie says

    Valentina is such a pretty baby. I am happy for Salma and wish her the best…Enjoy that precious baby!

  6. Blair says

    AWWWWWWW! i think Valentina’s cuter than Shiloh, Suri, Violet….all of them combined! She is such a sweetie! They are all cute, but, wow…she’s adorable and I love how Salma dresses her, so girly! And that first pictures great, Salma looks to be so in love with her as I’m sure she is.

  7. Bobby's girl says

    Aww. She’s wearing a bracelet on her chubby little wrist in the first picture. How precious she is.

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