Kate Hudson & Ryder

Kate Hudson was snapped out for lunch with Ryder at The Grey Dog’s Coffee restaurant in the West Village, NYC on August 1st. Kate recently broke up with boyfriend Lance Armstrong.

Her dress is so pretty!


  1. oriana says

    Nope, but I was hoping they would stay together, I liked them as a couple and they are good with their kids. I don’t think she is a bad mom at all, I think she is a very devoted mother, I just don’t think neither one is that cute and that is just an opinion, nothing meant mean spirited towards them at all.

  2. Livingfornow says

    Some people in this world are pale, it’s because of their skin pigment. Plus Ryder is not scrawny, would you like him to be fat and obese? Most children that age are thin. Sure his hair is longer than most boys his age, but at least it is CLEAN. And in my opinion, RYDER IS CUTE.

  3. Cindy says

    For awhile I thought I was alone in my opinion…I have always though Kate a neglectful, mother. He does always look sad, pale and scrawny. I stopped liking her when she had Ryder. Poor little guy…

  4. oriana says

    The hair looks thin and stringy and he is not a cute little boy at all. Never has been. He looks like his father, and actually, Kate isn’t that cute herself. He always has a solemn look about him to me.

  5. Sarah says

    Ryder’s tattoo made me smile. When my son turned to and it as time to potty train, the only reward that worked was temporary tattoos, he was so proud to show them off. Kate is beautiful, but Ryder oks a bit like a bum. I’m sure it’s chic, but I think it’s ridiculous that her son looks like she stole his clothes out of a lost and found bin and she never bothered combing his hair.

  6. Deborah says

    They look like a regular mother and son to me. I would not be smiling if I had a million cameras pointed at my face when I’m out to lunch with my kid! So…no….I don’t think they look sad!

  7. Blair says

    He doesn’t look sad in the first photo…He appears to be curiously checking out a plane or a bird or something. Who knows? Cute tho, just could benefit from a haircut and maybe a real pair of pants.

  8. purple haze says

    Julie do you really think Kate cares what your think? Get over it already its so tedious reading comments like yours EVERY time there is a picture of Ryder

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