An Expectant Rebecca Romijn's Cravings For Ice Cream

An expectant (with twins!) Rebecca Romijn has been experiencing pregnancy cravings.

“A lot of ice cream!” her husband Jerry O’Connell shared with Access Hollywood. “And not any one particular brand … a lot of the different ones at Ben and Jerry’s, but also other crazy brands.

“That’s all you can really do as the man … go out and get food,” Jerry added. “I’m not really carrying anything, I’m not really putting on any extra weight, I’m just sorta trying to help out as much as possible.”

He said expecting two is “very exciting.”

“My father’s side, there [are] actually two sets of twins over there, back in the motherland of Ireland,” he said. “[Having children] is something we really worked hard at, and it’s just happened. We’re blessed.”

The babies are due this winter.



  1. oriana says

    Well, I for one like this couple and I say eat all the ice cream you want!!!!! Congrats to you!

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